Hint for today’s BLOG: Change-Thank You

Good Thursday Morning and welcome to another edition, or is it addition of, or is it, to my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary brought to you by, paid for and sponsored by me.

Today’s Post is brief  which is a change from previous Posts. More about change as you read.

SYK which means So You Know instead of the more familiar FYI. See I Changed something. You will know when it is time to change because your world my be filled with contents of a diaper that needs to be changed. There is no better place for change than there unless of course you have never done this loving task for babies and those in the more advanced years in need of assistance in the most personal situation. I think it is called LOVE even if your hire someone to do it for your loved ones.

By the way, I have known guys who bragged that they never did or would they ever change their babies diapers. “That’s why I have a wife” was their cry. Same guys never leave a Tip at a restaurant, golf course or for those who provide services such as delivering the mail, collecting the garbage, protecting the public and way back paperboys like me and my brother. Oh, we got tips from about 95% of our customers but there were always a few who never tipped and demanded more and more services which of course we provided knowing that we just cannot please those who live miserable existences complaining all the time. Oh yeah, the tips were always given to us using change (coins) and we were happy to receive the tips.

Speaking of change. You just don’t find much, if any, change (coins) on the ground anymore. REASON: Credit Cards. No need for cash resulting in change (coins).

The goal of this Post, like all my Posts, is for readers to raise their awareness, open their eyes, minds, hearts and thoughts while taking notice of the ever changing world in which we exist.

When did we begin referring to folks as their title Chef, Doctor, Nurse, Coach, Officer followed by their first name. It must be the warm fuzzies all grown up.

Example: Nurse Gwen – Coach Don, Doctor Chris, Chef Pierre, Officer Dave, etc.

I was introduced to my parents friends, aka, Mr. Davis, Mrs. Walker, etc. When I became an adult (though many question this transition) I met these folks it was still Mr. Davis, Mrs. Walker and so forth. I have heard kids refer to their parents using their parents first name. Like the world of creativity, art and music I just can’t get there.

Example: Watch for it. Listen to it. Decide to become part of it. It is your choice.

Please take notice of the almost, but not yet though it is circulating throughout the world of all forms of communications, ever present in opening remarks by a speaker, guest, host and facilitators of most every panel, discussion and presentation.

It is becoming custom, ritual and will be a tradition (unless of course change takes over) to have the opening remarks and commentary begin with “Thank You” and if you stay until the end you will hear the obligatory Thank You’s repeated.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you taking your time from your, I know, your very busy schedule.

Thank you for being here.

Thank you for having me on your show / program.

Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for thanking me /us.

Often the Thank You is followed by an explanation, purpose and cause to attend whatever it is folks are attending or in which they are participating.

I know none of this is new or even worthy of thought or discussion but I just want folks to take notice of one small part of their world that is changing forever or at least until the next time change is upon us.

Change is, of course, the one constant that is always changing. To what, we won’t know until it is part of our culture. We will wait and see if it is worthy of change because, as we have been told by the certified, credentialed, educated and worldly experts, the more things change the more things change. I’ll bet you were anticipating the more cliche of cliches which I will not put here.

Does anyone write Thank You notes / letters? Nah, maybe send a Thank You using text, e-mail, emoji or other impersonal method to extend your thanks. Or do we let our  Thank You’s go the way of our Dreams.

Finally, for those who do, Thank You for reading my BLOG Posts!!!

Keep it Simple – Keep it Real





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