Give Me Some Butter, I’m on a Roll!!!

Welcome to my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary Blog where today it’s time to get a little Silly while, in the process of laughing to yourself and not “LOL”, you might be thinking, yeah, that’s’ me or I’ve seen that or you may just decide to click the exit button.

EXAMPLE: Add the following to my previously Posted list of the differences between men and women.

At a rather formal event where proper attire is required the big room which is decorated like a museum complete with funeral amounts of flowers, or those so called reality television shows, (perfect – perfect- perfect when perfect does not exist, except in bowling, read at the bottom, only in the minds of the imperfect) where the colors are coordinated from the entrance throughout the building including the bathrooms and where cloth napkins are folded and refolded and refolded every time someone looks at the cloth napkin, two women enter wearing the same expensive, custom made, name brand designer, one of a kind ensemble, dress, shoes, bag and all. Eye contact is made. Guests begin to murmur and mumble covering their mouths not for pandemic protection but to hide from lip-readers and the embarrassment, shame and torment felt by the two ladies in the same gear.

The two women retreat, perhaps beyond the exit to the car and leave. On a few occasions there might be a confrontation nay, altercation, verbal and physical, however nothing can be done to correct the situation until the women return to the store of purchase demanding an explanation and of course their money back, as well as, compensation for pain and suffering. This is how beauty is reduced to the behaviors of the less sophisticated, haughty and you know THOSE people.

A hundred men attend the same event wearing a black tuxedo, white shirt, cummerbund, black highly shined and polished (or fake) shoes, bow tie and they are told, “my, you have good taste”.


Signs of the Weak by the Weak for much much much longer than a week since it happens everyday.

When someone repeatedly, ad nauseam, has to tell you how great they are, they are NOT.

This is similar to a salesperson telling a prospective customer all the negatives about the competition.

Rather than state the benefits, qualities and virtues of their products and services it becomes reduced to putting down, knocking, criticizing and bad-mouthing the competition causing some, millions in today’s world, to believe the fabricated stories about others. It follows the flow of, the more you hear something the more believable it becomes. Truth does not matter, enter or play a part in the process. Manipulation, control with a heavy, very heavy does of manure. Add in smiles, personality, guilt, imagery and rehearsed speech and you have the recipe found on the electronic screens convincing you to switch funds from your accounts to theirs.


Nature provides and beautifies the world with a colorful and “scentful” (don’t know if Webster has included this word but maybe next year it will) array of fruits, vegetables and flowers.

When displayed they cause the salivary glands to work overtime, as we anticipate their taste, textures and flavors.

After consumption, digestion and preparation for elimination where, in the end, everything turns brown except for corn on the cob which is eaten, chewed and most often removed from the body in the form of an in tact full kernel retaining its original color

Play-doh is similar with color changes. All those beautiful, fun and attractive colors, when mixed together, turn brown or is it grey.  Of course I could be and am probably wrong since what I know about art would echo in a thimble and since our home has been cleared of kids stuff I don’t have materials with which to experiment, I defer to the experts out there to provide their information, knowledge and wisdom for correction purposes. Please, hold the criticism.


There’s a new form of counting and identifying money:

We have millions, billions, trillions, quadrillions, quin-trillions and perhaps many more the more educated folks can provide.

At the top of any list will always be:



Friends: Look and listen closely. The word friends is used before family especially in marketing, advertising and promotions: Tell your friends and family……….. Seems a bit out if order but like many things the more you hear and see something the more likely you will become a repeating, trained and conditioned follower. I know that is NOT who you are so pay attention and go with your heart.

Friends, not a television show, nothing to do with religion though there are those who will argue their case and certainly an overused, somewhat cliche and what has been reduced to a emptiness in meaning, purpose and most of all definition. Remember, the power of definition from previous posts.

The cry is often, “I have 500 friends on social media (which is actually A-social media) and nobody with whom to talk or maybe have lunch. They’re known as “Frein-gers” not because they are strange (unusual – different- weird and so forth) but because we just don’t know who they are and with the exception of their place of birth, birth date, schools and work we know absolutely nothing about these folks and you know what, this may be good, since the truth and value of a friend is work, time consuming, often draining, yet often fun and pleasurable if just for companionship and we just can’t handle much more than perhaps, 2-3 “friends”.

A-Social media is a numbers game as folks search for those with some common ground to develop a remote distant relationship often leaving an emptiness, after you click send / post and especially when you do not get an instant immediate response and the waiting game begins like girls waiting for guys to call again. Similar to screen meetings instead of in-person with human to human contact. Throw enough mud against a wall and some will stick. Same with A-social media and “Friends”

EXAMPLE: Friend Definition

So, it’s three in the morning. You’re driving around lost, oh excuse me, misplaced which is akin to someone denying they are lying more of they mis-spoke, you have one bar on your flip-phone or 3% percent charge of your modern phone, it’s raining and foggy, the yellow/ amber light indicating low fuel is illuminated, you threw up from over indulging, you had an argument with your “SO”and you didn’t click send at 11:59 PM to submit your work for the midnight deadline.

What do you do? More importantly who do you call before the ghost busts?

Your first call finds you asking for help only to be told “dude I gotta go to work in five hours. Down to 2%.

Your second call finds you asking for help only to be told, “dude, I just got in from partying. Down to 1%.

Your third call finds you explaining the details when you are interrupted with,”dude (can’t get enough dude. by now it may be rude and a bit crude and overused) dude, where are you I’ll track and find you with my phone adding a bit of suspense like the movies, get in your car, lock the doors and in the famous words of Power Rangers Jason and Tommy, you hear, “I’m on my way”.

No need to elaborate about who is your friend. You will do the same for them. Most of those in our lives are acquaintances. Folks we don’t socialize with except in a gathering, small setting or at an event like a concert. Certainly not folks with whom we feel comfortable and confident in telling our stories though women do these things while men still watch the games or give the gaming “controller” a good workout.

Your friend will call the next day, like doctors once did and some still do, to follow-up and check in on your well being.

See how I used “three” examples. Three must have mystical, spiritual and magical powers, oops meaning, thus definition. See how so many things are woven, connected and aligned. Grammatically this is a series of three but with two commas used, which I think the learned, scholarly, certified and credentialed experts have changed adding a third comma before the word “and”.

Get three bids is the cry in the business world, perhaps for homeowners as well.

Good things happen in threes.

Not so good things happen in threes.

Three strikes and your out.

300 is a perfect score when bowling. This might just be the only place where perfect can be accomplished.

Trifecta at the race track.

Match any three and win the scratch off lottery prize.

Three outs in a baseball inning.

Hockey’s Hat Trick.

Enough already, don’t you think?

Like what I write and you read? I hope and expect you to feel good about yourself after reading each post. Like kids are taught or should be taught at home, school or by watching Barney the Dinosaur if it is still on the television though it can be found, I am most certain, on YouTube. Sharing is good and makes you feel good doing something for someone else. Is it not what a Friend would do? So do me, and you a sharing favor and let those in your world, Friends and acquaintances, enter my world as described in the opening statement.

Question: If Pete and Repeat were sitting on a fence and Pete fell off who’d be left?

Ponder for a few seconds.

I know you said Repeat whihc is what I would do if telling you this in person or even of the various screens with fake in person capabilities.

Believe it or not I have used this rather juvenile “joke” with some folks who actually said “repeat” 3-4 times before they got it.
















No Title: Just More Good Stuff

Welcome to my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary Blog where today there area few items to enhance, enrich, enlighten, empower, educate and empower your world. Oh yeah, there may be an opportunity for you to raise your awareness, think and even chuckle at what you read, at least this is my goal.

LEADERSHIP: Is it do as I say (I’m the Boss) (or else) (because I said so) and not as I do?  I have been in situations like that and probably you have too. It’s not fun. Rather it is poisonous, venomous and in today’s vernacular Toxic. For most of us there is not much we can do except tolerate, withstand and hope for a change either for ourselves or of the leader (lower case small “l” among other small things) who is not really a leader (lower case small “l” among other small things) but more of a prime example of a bully. With leaders who are bully’s: Time Heals all Wounds and Time Wounds all Heels. Eventually, they become known and move on and out leaving behind those who need to rebuild, recover, reconnect with life as they like it. Whew!!! Finally!!! I can breathe again!!!


Have you ever noticed how Great – Wonderful – Exciting – Thrilling – Exceptional – Significant- Spectacular – Extraordinary – Marvelous – Superb – Fantastic – Glorious – Magnificent – Impressive – Splendid – Awesome and any superlatives you know that I have left out things are: UNTIL THEY ARE NOT!!!

The novelty of “new-ness” is short lived and wears off like a kid with a new toy that is played with for about five minutes and then replaced by a different  / newer one that provides the kid some comfort. Please don’t do this with your kids. Okay, you can and will do it one time but from that experience you will learn a valuable life lesson about being in charge, you’re the boss so be firm, consistent and accepting of the tears. Better yet, take the kid outside and let PLAY become their toy

For many, especially those who rarely if ever PLAYED, this attitude goes with them throughout life making them miserable, unfulfilled, dis-satisfied and probably constipated which itself is enough to alter attitudes, values and behaviors. I’ll show you. I’m gonna hold on for ever or until I explode or implode as may happen.


Achievement is fine, happens all the time. Perhaps you have an abundance of achievements like youth sports trophies, ribbons and medals you were given for showing up rather earning the trophy, ribbon and medal through hard work, enhancing your skills and being a decent person. This can lead to an unhealthy future since one day you will find out that you are not as good at something as you’ve always been told: Good Job. God Job. Good Job. Making mistakes and errors is part of the learning process. If you do not fail at something and your life is filled with all good “stuff” then what happens when its Prom time and you get some pimples.

When you Achieve it is usually a goal that was pursued with a plan, direction, structure and reward. Let’s say a diploma, certificate, degree, etc.

Overcoming is Better.

When you overcome you Feel Good About Yourself, mostly because you did something you and those in your world thought you could or would not be able to do. I will be the Example here: What I know about Art would echo in a thimble. Yet, I created Art and received an affirmation from a well known non-Art organzition. No fame, glory, money, notoriety, trophy or goodie-bag, just the word “awesome” that was sent my way. Yes, I did feel good about myself which makes me want to do more.

When you Overcome you have, perhaps, been knocked down (not physically but in other sprint depleting, pride deflating and energy sapping ways such as being bullied) and somewhere and somehow  you gather yourself to find the strength and courage to Get Up Get Out and Get Going only to meet with the same situations causing you grief and needing to once again Overcome which You Shall.


Do you know folks who complain about not having any money as they are sipping their four dollar morning hot beverage, talking on the newest model of cell phone making reservations at the newest, latest hottest (expensive) restaurant while driving a fully loaded vehicle, wearing brand name clothing with all the “right” labels affixed for everyone to see, notice and say ooh-ahh.

Take a look around, even in the mirror. Be Aware. Be Alive. Be YOURSELF. I know that is one more “be” than t(w)o be or not t(w)o be, however, this is more of a statement and not a question found in literature.


Does a Big Wheel Roll?

Does a Deer with Antlers need a Hat Rack?

Does the right the bare arms mean I can go about my day wearing short sleeve shirts?

Now this is just silly, some may say juvenile while others might call it ridiculous. Hey, it’s my Blog and for here in this moment I have the power of definition which is where absolute power lives (before, during and after it corrupts), in the power of definition.

If you have named a pet, boat or baby you have the power of definition. Feels good, doesn’t it? Think how those who create rules, laws and policies ( leaders, again the lower case small “l” among other small things) feel when they use their power, not just for personal gain, but for the good of us or so we are told, persuaded, convinced and mandated.


Be well my friends.









Time For a TIME-OUT

Welcome to my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary Blog where today TIME is of the Essence, TIME has Come Today, as said by the Chambers Brothers and TIME is your Friend.

The TIME is upon us to start doing rather than reacting with ignorance, arrogance, hate, anger and violence.

The TIME is upon us to learn, grow and prosper.

The TIME is upon us to be open, welcoming and understanding. I’m so understanding I cannot understand anyone not understanding me. (Lenny Bruce version is better and paraphrased here).

The TIME is upon us to obtain, retain and maintain CONTROL.

The TIME has come to leave division for math class.

The TIME is NOW and here’s HOW.

EXAMPLE: I grew up in a city of neighborhoods each with its own culture, music, traditions, customs, religion, folklore, language, history, art, dance, clothing and FOOD. Oh the FOOD!!!

During he day folks assimilated as they rode the bus, train and subways to work and back home at work days end.

People worked together, ate lunch together which was delightful when a person of one culture brought food of their heritage for everyone to taste. More, more, more was the cry.

At home, after work, people would eat their foods, listen to their music, tell their stories especially elders to kids who learned about life in the old country from those who were there and gotten out for whatever reason such as fear (sound familiar) survival and opportunity.

Lives were enhanced when people from one culture were invited to a family wedding or other customary ceremony, celebration and observation, of people from a different culture who were given the opportunity to participate, spectate, learn and see how things are done other than they way they do it. Quite an education for most especially for those with an open mind. Of course the great neutralizer was the FOOD as it always is.

Was it squeaky clean. Nope. People are people who like to talk about, actually gossip, about other people. Nothing has changed. Now it is more out in the open. Nobody cares about tact, timelines and temperament. Just say stuff and if offensive to others simply retreat (which means you lost but it will never be admitted) go with the standard, customary and traditional, I’m sorry. Why, yes, you are sorry which is a character reference if nothing else supported by careless, reckless and just plain stupid words that pollute the air.

EXAMPLE: During Military Service one of the country’s I lived in was The Philippines. The workplace was a combination of several of us young GI’s who supported the dozens of local nationals who actually did the majority of work and knew the mission and responsibilities of the unit. Each of us GI”s were assigned a “mentor” who showed us how things were done.

We worked together, learned from each other and ate meals together. Each day at lunchtime one of the mentors brought native and customary foods from his family’s restaurant. Each day was an epicurean’s treat with rice, vegetables and meat blended with local spices creating flavors and tastes all of us Americans had never experienced.

I brought items from the stores on base that were difficult to buy downtown or in towns away from the military base. Things like candy, perfumes and cigarettes were popular with the locals.

We, also, played cards after lunch. One day I was told that Filipino people eat dog. No, not your pet, but more of a “wild dog” species. About four months later while playing cards I was asked how lunch was today. I replied, “great as it is everyday”. I was asked, “what did we eat”. I said,” the usual rice, vegetables and chicken.” He said, “No it was not chicken”. “Okay then pork”., “No”. “Beef”. “No”. “Turkey”. “No”. “Okay, I give up”. He said, “woof-woof-woof”. My first thought was to wash my mouth but that would have been insulting. Besides with a little gravy that accompanied each meal it was hard to determine what was what. We all had a good laugh. I won three dollars that day playing cards. I somehow think the others let me win so that I would feel good about myself. Even way back then feeling good about yourself was valuable and built confidence without having to schedule an appointment with a licensed, educated, certified and credentialed expert whose time slots will be filled beyond capacity as the country deals with the current crisis, which is only the beginning of the crisis in waiting, for the millions who will need their services from kids to elders.

EXAMPLE: TIME needs to filled. One way to fill TIME, yes it includes screen TIME but it can controlled by using 3-4 minutes per segment to educate yourself.

Using your electronic device, gee I sound like a TV game show host, visit the popular and well known website that offers video clips and search for clips that feature music from various cultures around the world. Not only will you listen to exciting, thrilling, captivating, inspirational, and educational music you will see people having fun, perhaps playing an instrument you have not seen before, dressed in traditional cultural clothing, enjoying, no LOVING what they are doing as they share their world spreading joy, pleasure and SMILES.

Flash-mobs area good place to start. From there you will be offered other clips of  similar content but if you are bit imaginative and inquisitive you will find a variety of entertaining and educational EXAMPLES of Race – Culture- Diversity and all the other things I previously mentioned at the beginning of this post.

When you feel inspired to expand your international world search, find and listen to music with emphasis of the pulse, heartbeat and soul of all societies which, of course, is The DRUMS. When the big drum sounds your left foot is coming down. I have my favorite DRUM clips but I do not want to influence your selections. Go explore, research and find your place in this vast space, it’s no disgrace to have a smile on your face, your shoes can be Velcro or lace as you open your mind to others not of your culture, religion and Race.

Keep it Simple – Keep it Real.








Mish – Mosh

Welcome to my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of   Common Commentary Blog where today you will find a “mish-mosh” of items that blend into an incoherent combination of  “stuff”. However, just like my “mish-mosh” soup, there is taste, flavor, spice, texture and substance in the individual and collective ingredients.

And I’m Off, which is true depending on who, or is it whom, you ask!!!

Word on the street is that leaders will be urging schools to open for the upcoming school year.

Where do these leaders send their kids to school? If they lead by example, the hallmark of leadership, they will send their kids to the same schools they, the leaders, are requiring everyone to send their kids such as public, private, charter, religious and all other kind of schools.

This will test the overused and hyped cliche that circulates throughout the country, are we really in this together?


I was taught and firmly believe that leaders lead by example. Leaders don’t ask others to do things they would not do themselves. Leaders are open, honest, accessible, polite, respectful, available, responsible, trustworthy, reliable, dependable, listen, truthful, have an open mind and provide solutions rather than point fingers and blame others. By the way, when you point your finger at someone you are actually pointing back at yourself. Reasons define success while excuses try to explain failure.



e.e. cummings had it right. lets get rid of upper case letters especially when typing on a tablet or lap top. at the same time let’s modify spell check to be less sensitive inserting erroneous words and letters conditioning and brainwashing us to proofread even a one sentence correspondence.


In six months or so will it be very difficult to get an appointment with any kind of eye doctor based on the increased screen time that work from home folks are doing.

PTSD. The “P” in PTSD means Post when in fact it means “Present”. Appointments for “therapy” will be filled as fast as the eye doctors appointments.

The lines to get to see a professional will be longer than the lines to buy the newest phone.


Has “just go to the website” replaced the response to a question?


The same folks, while at a restaurant, who drool when selecting their live lobster for dinner from the tank, run, shriek, hide and scream, for someone to get, when sighted, “that cockroach out of their house and call the exterminator”.


Nice to see that at the slightest suggestion of re-opening folks are retreating to some old driving habits such as tailgating, speeding, cutting in and out and horn honking while the traffic lights are red impatiently waiting for the green light.


The most sophisticated, worldly, educated, credentialed, international traveler, epicurean, who speak multiple languages, knows which fork to use, can quote anything from any source and a renaissance person morphs into a kid when given bubble wrap to occupy their time. Perhaps the world could use some bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is fun, entertaining, therapeutic and much more. For the tightly wound constipated folks bubble wrap is somewhat annoying most likely for those void of humor, fun, laughter and play.


With all the “look at me, look at me” and “thank you for your service” moments I am reminded of what Pop told my brother and I which was: There is no limit to the good one can do as long they are not concerned about receiving credit. It is called “Heart”. You play with talent and win with Heart.


It takes a lifetime of hard work, dedication, commitment, concern, responsibility, accountability, determination, laughter, compassion, involvement, knowledge, sacrifice, empathy and much more to build a dependable, reliable, trustworthy, trusting and consistent REPUTATION. It takes about five minutes or less to ruin / lose it.


Time heals all wounds. Time wounds all heels.


It’s happening now. Time to shift into reverse.

Language is in the septic tanks and where the those Youthful Mutant Aggressive Turtles inhabit. We just don’t care what comes out of our mouths which, of course, is poor role modeling for kids.

The gap between the “have’s” and have not’s is expanding exponentially specifically Economics and Education.



Where are all the camera folks located for the filming or picture taking of animals, ocean residents and all of natures creations in remote, isolated and somewhat desolate locations around the world?

How long is the wait until the subject is found and doing the things that the photographers / camera folks want to capture as it happens such as the birth of next generation, feeding times, mating rituals, showing colors and fighting for turf?


Never have I ever (yet):

Here’s two, though there are countless others like stars in the sky or grains of sand at the beach.

What does everyone leave behind when exiting the beach?

Been able to throw a curve-ball in baseball.

Been able to roll a curve right into the “pocket” while bowling.

Been original.


Find and play the following on YouTube. Listen and learn the words:

Smiling Faces: The Undisputed Truth

War: Edwin Starr

Money Machine: James Taylor


What does everyone leave behind when exiting the beach?

Wanna wait until my next Blog Post or is an immediate answer necessary.  I know the answer.

I’ll give in: FOOTPRINTS



Keep it Simple – Keep it Real









Mental Health and Overall Well Being *Serious* and somewhat Lengthy!!!

As customary and worth mentioning again there are spelling, grammar and language skills errors of all kinds. Results outweigh methods.

Welcome to my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary Blog where today you will find  very little silliness and mostly the Serious by nature of the topic.

It is a topic that is avoided like the multiple pandemics, kept hidden, discreetly or not, and stuffed inside our souls where is does no good and does not belong. It belongs out in the open offering folks faith, hope, time and love.

The economy is not the only thing that is depressed. In time and the economic cycles not related to economics but to emotions and control, the economy will eventually rebound and recover. This is somewhat predictable especially by those certified, educated, credentialed, experienced, licensed, scholarly, published experts who appear on television being it Zoom or SKYPE interviewed in their homes where the bookshelves are filled with books further indicating their credibility though the polls have been proven to be inaccurate.

Mental and Overall Health and Well Being is a delicate, sensitive and personal topic. If it is not now, soon it will be in the forefront of the worlds attention. The “P” in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) will no longer be refereed to as “Post”. It will morph into “P” for “PRESENT”. The here and now.

Fear is REAL. Uncertainty is told to us everyday all over the screens. Doubt, Worry, Trepidation, Anxiety, Stress, Nervousness, Crying, Frustration, Economics, Tension, Itching, Sleeplessness, Anger combined or individually are the Tsunami of emotions and are REAL as well. As you know the name of my Blog is keepitsimple-keepitReal. There is nothing more REAL than the Human Condition and nothing more challenging than to obtain, retain and maintain control of our lives.

Contributing to the current conditions will be the on-set of the upcoming school year. Do the schools open or not. Who will want to go to a building with 15-20 people in one room circulating throughout the building for 6-7 hours per day? Please note, that July has begun and the advertisements, promotions and marketing for school supplies has not yet arrived. Christmas is easier to sell. This is just pre-school, nursery and grades 1-12. College is in a different arena with similarities. Can kids and adults actually be expected to maintain social distancing, wear face masks all day and NOT:

Sneeze into the air
Sneeze into their hands

Cough into the air

Spit into the trash can

Blow their noses, wipe their hands on their shirts and throw the tissues into the trash can

Touch everything around them without sanitizing their hands

Don’t always use hand sanitizer

Use the bathroom, not sure how many wash their hands

Pick at their noses in an unsanitary way

Usually get close to each other especially when working on a calls group project

SHARE: Supplies: you never know where the supplies have been especially chewed pencils. Food: Can I have a bite? Beverages: Can I have a sip? Taste this, isn’t it good?
Now for the UN”s: Uncertainty, Unknown, Unreliable, Unpredictable, Unnecessary, Unsure, Unclear, Unexpected, Unfortunate, Unprecedented, Unforgettable and the UNIVERSAL Response, used more often than the word ammmmazzzzing, ” I don’t know, We don’t Know, Can’t say, Not sure and other non-committal type responses, not answers which we so desperately need. We are not accustomed to not having answers.
Teachers, staff, parents and kids may not want to go to the school for a variety of reasons all legitimate. How does leadership accommodate and satisfy each unique situation that will arise? Here again, there are no answers, as of the Present, which is the key word here as mentioned before in PTSD, where the “P” means “Present”
Just as there are multiple and plentiful supportive resources available to help with coping, they are only as good as what is put into them. To whom do you put your TRUST. From where will you receive what is needed to maintain your focus, concentration, stability, balance, motivation, inspiration and YOU. Here again, “Don’t know is part of the response but it doesn’t have to be as you will read below.
What follows is my rather extensive narrative about Mental Health and Overall Well being. It accompanied an artwork I developed and the two, when blended, offer a refreshing, motivating and inspiring account of this most sensitive and personal topic. The more the topic is openly discussed, interpreted and acted upon the more success will be experienced by those who, heretofore, perhaps had no idea of the condition, though it affects us all.
SYK (which is”So You Know” instead of FYI). Hey, many things are changing, why not this. My artwork and narrative have been submitted to an international art prize event. The event award has been extended to the first quarter of 2021 but that could change like most everything else. I am confident, not so much about winning though I am a competitive spirit, it would be more of an affirmation of my work. I believe my submission will be the only one with the theme of Mental Health and Well Being.

“I am Nobody, Who Are YOU?

Are YOU Nobody Too?”

The Pandemic of Pain. YOUR Pain.

Mental Health Pain does not stand alone. It is part of the whole YOU and includes YOUR physical, emotional physiological, and spiritual self.

It’s worldwide, global, universal and in your backyard. Everyone is subject to this PAIN. The wise, and lucky folks know this for themselves. They have had someone trustworthy tell THEM to seek help whether from a hair dresser, cab driver or friend. Additionally they will tell YOU to seek a certified and experienced professional for YOU.

The first step is the most difficult. In order to get there, first you must leave. It is YOU who will make the determination that yes, I need help. That’s more than half the battle. You’ll be surprised how many are willing to provide, and more significantly, how many are walking in your shoes as you reach out. COLOR.

MOTIVATION: My motivation comes from an experience in high school art class where I was told by the teacher that I was the first student in her 20 years of teaching Art that could not draw a straight line between two points using a ruler. She was a wise woman and set a course and path for me to succeed.  With permission from school officials and my parents, she gave me a small knife and the old fashioned bar of Ivory Soap. My assignment was to create. No instructions, no guidance nor plan to fulfill. Just carve and create; which is what I did. I carved, carved and carved some more. It was akin to “whittling” as the country folks might say. I created dozens of pieces, all unique and all of which were displayed on the classroom window sills. I earned a “B” grade for the class and had the cleanest hands in the school. While my classmates drew, sculpted and painted I carved.

Fifty-five years later I am carving again only this time with a new meaning, purpose and definition. I am doing it as my way of letting you know that I feel your pain at this time in life.

There is a darkness which becomes overwhelming but can be conquered by the LIGHT. Look at, around and eventually through each piece of cleansing soap and you will find that the smallest ray of LIGHT can grow and mature into a new YOU, filled with Hope, Faith and Love, turning all the negatives in YOUR world into success, achievement and victory. There’s a well known song asking you to Accentuate the Positive and Eliminate the Negative, allowing you to accomplish more than you ever thought possible.  Free yourself of distractions, of pain and thank God that YOU are Free at Last.



They are strong words that go beyond their definition based on our YOUR experiences and feelings. Proportionately the negatives far outweigh and outnumber the positive and healthy ways to manage and control our situations. YOU know this since YOU have applied for scores of jobs, receiving many negative or no responses. This is soon forgotten when the ONE YES response comes YOUR way, which it will, when YOUR attitude is positive, healthy and aware.

YOU need to give yourself TIME to listen YOURSELF. Deep down YOU have the answers and solutions; YOU just need permission and confirmation that YOU are doing what is right and proper for yourself instead of what others are doing. When everyone is turning right, please turn to the left. The fact that you applied to a job shows that you have HOPE.  That YOU believe you can do the job shows that you have FAITH.

The time will soon be upon us when the number of folks struggling with issues brought on and exacerbated by the current global health crisis will far outnumber those who are not in this position, YET.

Soon the world will be aware that everyone is fighting their personal battle with the invisible evil that lurks among us, not in the form of a global virus but in the unique self-condition that invades our personal world, often impeding and preventing OUR growth, progress and eventual success. The darkness will appear to be overwhelming but there is strength to be found in character, determination, awareness and most important, in PREPARATION to offset, and manage the invasion of self-doubt.  Preparation takes TIME – that most precious of gifts. YOU have the power to succeed through and past struggles, overcoming obstacles and conquering concerns given HOPE, FAITH and LOVE.

YOU are EMPOWERED by preparing YOURSELF to enjoy the journey to YOUR success.

There is LIGHT in the form of opportunity and accomplishment. It will take WORK – focused, centered and concentrated on YOU. And YOU will need COLOR from support, assistance, guidance, inspiration and direction since YOU CANNOT DO IT ALONE!!!

YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  Loneliness is everything it is cracked up to be to.

PROOF: A One Person Show is never only one person.  It is singers, dancers, musicians, bus drivers, roadies, publicists, marketing, agents, promotions, lighting, staging, carpenters, food service, medical staff, coordinators, lawyers, accountants, administrators and scores of other professionals working in harmony, with their own personal and career issues, that makes the One Person Show happen.

The LIGHT and COLOR are always there, visible and illuminated. Both must be seen and made known to YOU that it, the LIGHT and COLOR, are in fact attainable, available and AT THE READY to welcome YOU when the time is right.

Admitting to YOURSELF that you need HELP opens the way and leads YOU to your goals. Having HOPE, FAITH, and TIME on your side provides the vehicle to power your energy.

The greatest gift YOU can give YOURSELF is TIME.

TIME to Understand YOU.















This is NOT about me, this is about and for YOU!!!

There is Color and Light. It is there. Find YOURS.


Reference and Tribute to Emily Dickinson, Voltaire and Martin Luther King, Jr.



Keep it Simple – Keep it Real.



Leadership, Is It? + Stuff to Think About

Welcome to my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary Blog where you can learn, laugh, think, ponder and wonder, where does he get this stuff? Truth: Much of it arrives late at night when I scramble to find pen and paper because I will never remember any of the late night / over night thoughts.

My goal is just to make your day a teenie bit better.

I was taught and firmly believe that leaders lead by example. Leaders don’t ask others to do things they would not do themselves. Leaders are open, honest, accessible, polite, respectful, available, accountable, responsible, responsive, communicators, trustworthy, reliable, dependable, listeners, truthful, have an open mind and provide solutions rather than point fingers and blame others. By the way, when you point your finger at someone you are actually pointing three fingers back at yourself. Reasons define success while excuses try to explain failure which is what excuses do, they fail.

EXAMPLE: Does a baseball manger / coach ask a home run hitter “swing for the fences” type player to “bunt” which is more than likely a skill not well practiced for by the big hitters. Most certainly, when asked to do so the big swing type hitter will not be successful in the attempt to bunt thereby sacrificing his turn at bat, literally taking the bat out of his hands and most significantly causing the player to think about what was asked of him when he may be thinking “just one swing, I’ll hit it out of sight”. What an experienced manager / coach, who knows his players, will do is “pinch-hit” for the big swing hitter and have a skilled, experienced  and efficient bat control hitter who has proven over time he can “bunt”. Sacrifice: Key part of Leadership.

Assets of a Leader include, but are not limited to, their knowledge of people, the ability to recognize strengths and weaknesses, the ability to make those around the Leader better than they were before in terms of their Leadership, performance and their ability to surround themselves with trustworthy, flexible, personable, knowledgeable and skilled staff to whom a Leader will listen, comprehend, understand and act on their professional expertise, advice and suggestions instead of dismissing those qualities and the people who offered them.

Leaders create a warm, welcoming, inviting, pleasant, productive, structured, disciplined, respectful, rewarding, opportunistic workplace environment void of the pandemic type toxins, poison and venom found in places with high turnover, higher anxiety, FEAR, stress, frustration, threatening, intimidation and retaliation.

Laws of Leadership: (Mentioned in a previous Blog but worth repeating here).

*On a Mission with Purpose

*Paid Well

The Leader / manager / coach knows his players. Their likes. Their dislikes. Their skills. Their character. Their preferences, professionally speaking. Their ego. Their tolerances. Their comfort zone. Their Leadership.

EXAMPLE: Who or what is in the LEAD here.

After many unsuccessful attempts to become “on the family way”, you seek and get advice from medical professionals who have been down this road many times before.

Here’s the plan.

Female: Regularly checks her biological indicators to determine the “right time”.

Female: calls Male and says, “we have a two hour opportunity beginning in one hour. Please come home”

Male: Either it is “I’m on my way” which is the same response the Power Rangers gave when the were called, on their communicators, to get to the scene NOW. Because of this we now have immediate response and gratification on steroids. Microwaves, next day delivery, same day delivery, etc. OR the Male says “I can’t get away from my current responsibilities”. Sorry, let’s try next month.

FEMALE: I am YOUR responsibility. Frustrated, FEMALE returns to her responsibilities after a good cry or maybe not so good but at least she let it out not like Males who hold feelings and emotions inside their suppressed soul unless, of course, they are requested (actually commanded) to show their baby making skills. In any other situation for pollination the Male is seemingly always at the ready.

This scene or similar scenario may go on for a few months when finally:


MALE: Oh my GOD. I have to get home. Beginning right now the Male Mind thinks, “How am I going to do this”? “Yeah, I can get home but how am I going to perform”.  All those fabricated and embellished MALE tales of conquests are of no use here. This is game on, showtime, Prepare, Produce, Perform time. You got game?

The mind is the most powerful organ. It controls everything including causing performance impediments due to lack of morphing Herm the One Eyed Worm a small, shrunken, hiding, reclusive bald headed critter into a vehicle that can drive home the delivery.

FEMALE: Good Your Home. Let’s Go

MALE: Oh the pressure. It’s not working. Can’t rise to the occasion let alone gain comfortable entry to close the deal. A variety of stimulus enhancements don’t work. What the body wants and needs in the next hour or so the mind will not permit until finally enough of a push is obtained through the miracle of nature. Imagine that completing the mission with a less than complete tool of a one tool tool box, yet the end result was enough to seal the deal. Only ONE is needed.

FEMALE Okay, you can go now. I’ll just lay here with my legs up so noting escapes the entry. We can cuddle tonight or wait for the results come in. (no pun intended with these two words).

Now the wait begins. If the target was hit we won’t have to go through this ordeal again, until the next time we want to build our family. Best of all we can resume our passionate pleasures (which ill ebb and flow) but not for long. Nine months is can seem forever until that wonderful time when your cultivated garden, that has taken root has grown into  your next generation.

MALES: Be in the delivery room. Cut the cord if asked and allowed by the hospital. Change diapers willingly. The reward is the bond you form with your kid and the smiles on their faces when the are “cleaned”. You’ll never know the differences in the four types of bay cries (feed me, hold me, change my diaper, put me in my crib for a nap) so listen when asked to respond. You can watch the game on demand. Do the laundry, clean the toilets, offer “space” for shopping (not groceries but personal indulgences to feel good about yourself shopping), lunch with Mom, talks with friends, HAIR and NAILS, time together often just looking at your kids. Make time for yourself: your guys, playing some ball, watching your teams, showering everyday!!!

A simple, beautiful, loving gesture on both parts, reduced by time restrictions and performance obstacles mostly caused by our brain the LEADER


Are Eminem, aka Marshall Bruce Mathers and “The Beaver”, aka  Jerry Mathers somehow related?


Which do you use:


Thanks a Lot

Thanks a Whole Lot

Thanks a Bunch

Thank You Very Much

Thanks, but no Thanks.

Thank You, No

Thanks So Much

Thank You So Much

Thank You Soooooooooooooooooo Much


Hey, thanks for reading this part.


It’s nice to be important but more important to be nice.


Smart Phones

Smart Homes

Smart Televisions

Smart Cars

Smart most any and everything.


How does the same cup know how to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot?

If so many things are Smart and getting Smarter why are we so stupid? Nothing personal. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and I apologize if I did.


When is it time and how is it scientifically calculated for medicine to be released if taken in one pill, capsule or gel cap?


The only way to be creative is to invent language. The “Smart” thing we can do is use language to clearly communicate our messages not be heard as much as to be understood.


Keep it Simple – Keep It Real






Throw Mud Against a Wall, Some Will Stick

Welcome to my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary Blog intended for you to raise awareness, elevate critical thinking and perhaps, just perhaps, cause a smile, laugh or chuckle to come your way with ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION of Hurting Anyone’s Feelings.

SYN, which means So You Know rather than FYI, my Blog Posts contain errors of all kinds. My brain moves faster than my fingers and one can only do so much editing for accuracy. In the past I would offer apologizes. For here and now pleases accept me as Popeye said, “I am what I am and that’s all that I am”.


Is the word pronounced Gala or Gayla. Perhaps an event planner can provide definition. Tomato – ToMAHto, Potatoe- PoTAHtoe!!!


Who said these? Perhaps, someone you know. Certainly not me. To be creative language must first be invented. Things said and written today were made known in the past. It’s called History which, if more of us were aware, there would not be the constant repeating of History’s mistakes, However, we keep doing the same things expecting different results. What’s that called. I am sure you know.

It’s not who you know, but who knows you.

In order to get there, first you have to leave.

I’m so slow I have to speed up to stop.

I never remember anything I forget and I never forget any thing I remember.

It is not good to eat or drink on an empty stomach.

I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.

What we do good nobody remembers, what we do bad nobody forgets.

The difficult takes some time, while the impossible takes a little longer.

Everything is great and wonderful, until it is not.

Everyone is great and wonderful, until they are not.


I don’t know what all the fuss is about Social Distancing. I have had Social Distancing as part of my everyday life since my youth. Folks naturally stay back, away or avoid my presence. Perhaps, I offend their olfactories, appall by appearance or disgust by design. Who knows but  being aware of the three former “distances” could help folks understand the need to be more diligent with their distancing. It is not a new phenomena. We have been doing it “for-ev as described below:

Social Space: Three feet or so apart. Close but not too close. You may have just been introduced to someone and want to keep apart, folding your arms, clutching your belongings and not making much eye contact.

Personal Space: Three feet and closer depending on your comfort level, trust, confidence and knowledge of the person.

Intimate Space: Reserved for those in your world you can reach out and hug, embrace, kiss, perform any of the multiple hand contacts such as Old Fashioned Handshake, Modern Day Handshake using all kinds of creative, unique movements, High Five, Tap, Dap, Pound, Fist Pump, Finger-Interlocking Maneuvers, Chest Pump and other forms of human contact upon which you and your Intimate Space “friends” agree.

Perhaps you have been made to feel uncomfortable or you made someone feel uncomfortable by using a “space” you thought was acceptable when it was not. Don’t feel rejected. Learn about the people in your life and what works with each one. Knowing a little about Body Language can remove awkwardness. Where are all the Body Language experts today when need the most to tells us about and interpret the Body Language (non-verbal communication for those from the 60’s) of those in positions of power, influence and leadership? They may expose Truth. Cant’ have that now or can we?

Suppose you are attending a lecture, seminar or group instruction (classroom setting). The facilitator walks around the room lecturing and is getting closer to you. You don’t know each other outside the room and you may feel awkward, anxious and uncomfortable as the facilitator gets closer to your “space”. It is more than likely not intentional on the part of the facilitator who may be releasing nervous energy walking around the room unaware of how their behavior could be perceived or interpreted. There are those, most certainly if you follow the “news”, who do things like this deliberately because they actually believe their position gives them leverage and permission to act and behave inappropriately, that will cause your defense to be heightened. These types are bully’s and will eventually “mis-step” in their own minute world exposing their true selves and be escorted from the field.

Put  yourself in a library setting, alone at the head of the table studying, reading or checking your phone. A stranger comes to the table. Your first thought is, “I hope they don’t sit next to me”. Perhaps they will sit at then other end of the table at the other head of the table seat. When they do, you focus on your work to avoid eye contact.

If a person comes to your table and you know each other you two can sit adjacent to each other on the diagonal or opt to sit part to maintain focus on your work rather than be tempted by distractions.

There are many more choices here. Things like seating available, location of the available seating, gender, time of day and familiarity. I have provided a start which you can further pursue or not.

Watch people behave in public places such at bus stops, train stations and waiting in line three days, in 90 degree temperatures with no Port-A-Potty available, for concert tickets, the newest Phone or 80% off at the big box stores. All kinds of stuff happening here. Observe. Think. Learn.

When I came from Military Service I flew in the “red-eye” airplane, took a taxi, subway and bus to my destination. In the airplane everyone slept or read. In the taxi, the driver silently drove to my requested destination. In the subway and bus all the passengers covered their faces with their newspapers to avoid contact of any kind especially a Military Veteran coming home in 1973. I maintained my standing space carrying my duffle bag, overnight bag, garment bag and medium size suit case that was a bit wounded from the international return flight home to The USA. No regrets.


What is the Caucasian Obsession of basting at the beach, tanning indoors and outdoors, applying creams, salves, ointments and spray products to their skin so they can get darker?


Changes are happening everyday all day. Social, Personal, Work, Play, Racial, Entertainment, Educational, Business, Dining Out, Shopping and whatever else is a “victim” of modern times.

Perhaps science can cure, heal and provide relief.

Perhaps science can also develop “Seedless Cherries”. Science has given us Seedless, Grapes, Seedless Watermelon, Apples that won’t turn brown after you take a bite, leave it on the counter and come back later to finish eating your apple and scores of other food altering products. If it comes from Nature it is usually good for us but not everything. Be careful when hiking. Learn to recognize poison ivy. Although Nature has provided goats that have been used to eat poison ivy, without the same affect poison ivy has on humans,  in public places where folks once gathered and hopefully soon be able to return to parks and playgrounds to enjoy Natures greatness. Don’t mess with Nature, nature wins all the time, eventually.

Proof: Go the ocean with a broom. Try to sweep away an ocean wave. Better yet, read Maggie, Millie, Molly and May by e. e. cummings. It will make you feel good about yourself, being a kid, having fun, playing and energizing your spirit and soul. Also, “being” at the beach is the best form of “Exfoliation”. No need to buy all the expensive skin care products. Just go some form of beach, bathe in the breeze, play in the sand, swim in the water and let Nature Exfoliate.

Cherry Pits can be the PITS especially for us older folks whose teeth are a bit more brittle and susceptible to chipping, cracking and breaking.

By the way, what does everyone leave behind when exiting the beach or any sandy area? Yes, I know garbage, trash, soiled diapers, etc. But that’s not everyone. We all leave our footprints behind!!! Ha-Ha. Maybe here is where you chuckle or shake your head in disbelief or disgust.


Why is it soooooooooooo difficult, cumbersome, corrupt, scandalous, and challenging to VOTE. Is this not yet another example of “You can’t win, unless you cheat” to be added to education, business, politics, sports?

If “States Rights” of using their own Voting Methods and systems is not efficient  why not change the process to a National Voting operation so all the states can use the same voting machines and processes to accomplish the goal and reduce, lessen and maybe even eliminate fraud, cheating, scandal, costly and time consuming investigations that produce little if anything except jobs and work for a select few, bribery and all the tactics used to suppress citizens votes even though mass marketing and advertising encourages folks to register, turn out and vote even in the rain which shrinks the voting numbers.

Is WAM (walking around money still used?) Will “polling places” continues to be closed conveniently on election day? Will the deceased still Vote?

As mentioned above changes are happening all around us. Why not change the way Votes are cast and counted. One Vote. One System. Success. Change is good. Do a little research and you will find a well known former leader of our country was against the legalization of marijuana about 10 years ago. Now he sits on the Board of Directors of a huge marijuana company. If he can change so can everything else. Only we, more than likely, will not financially benefit from our changes but we will sleep good.


When someone says to you, “let me honest (or perfectly honest)” with you, please be aware that this can interpreted as everything they told you prior to their “honest proclamation” is not quite true.

And be careful how you dole out forgiveness since that can be interpreted as you giving them permission to do it again.

I many cases, kindness can mistaken for weakness which as you hopefully know from reading through my Blog, is the Modus Operandi” of the bully.


Have you ever seen a school, amateur and professional athlete NOT complain or argue with the authority who has called a foul or other form of infraction of said athlete. Nobody ever does or did anything wrong. Nobody breaks the rules, Granted the authorizes sometimes get things wrong but technology has proved them correct most of the time.

The negative reactions to authority decisions of, foul or no foul, influences the behavior and attitudes of young athletes who model, idolize and worship their hero athletes.

Hey kids, your family who supports, you, feeds you, teaches, you, provides you, fills out all the forms, sacrifices for you, drives you, washes your uniforms and all your clothes, coordinates all you “activities”, enables you rather than empowers you in most cases, tells you “Good Job” all the time even when it is not true, pays for your phone and internet, waits up for you late at night, leaves a light on for you and worry’s about you all the time, those are your heroes. An athlete or anyone else about whom you know nothing except their team , position and uniform number is not your hero. You can aspire to their achievements even exceeding their results but until and unless you know them as a person stick with those who love you, unconditionally. How do they teat people? What do they give back to the communities? What is their family life like? You can tell what kind of a person is by the way the act, behave and function on the field of play. Beyond that, there is little you can know unless you have personal contact and connections to you hero.

TIDBIT of USELESS INFORMATION: Lastly about this, a hero like a sub, hoagie, Cuban, grinder, torpedo, zeppelin and poor boy is a sandwich with its origins in sandwich shops many years ago when the Mom and Pop store owner used the “ends” of deli meats and cheesees added lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, onions, oregano, mayo and put it together on a long roll creating the sandwich which has grown to six feet in length.


Have any disappointments?

Here’s mine.

While engaged in conversation with a person of “Personal Space’ status, we approach the dessert table carefully eyeing the goodies.

Without losing focus, concentration and spatial contact with each other I reach for the tray of what I am most certain are Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Taking a cookie without directly looking at the selection I raise it to my mouth, take a bite and think to myself: Oatmeal Raisin which is confirmed upon ocular examination.





Triple Header Day

In keeping with current societal norms, ritual and cliche: First, I want to thank you for taking your time to read my Posts. Second: There are errors, mostly language use errors, throughout my BLOG. For this I apologize not seeking forgiveness since when forgiveness is given it often gives permission to do it again. Third, I appreciate your understanding, patience and consideration.

FIRST: FOOD: Even More Powerful Than We Think.

The following may be considered an oversimplification, however SIMPLE works best. I know this because most folks like the SIMPLE things in life which is why they get along with me.


My most recent Post is about TIME and it certainly has been too long a TIME since then.

With multiple PANDEMICS my focus, concentration, energy and purpose have been delayed much like everything else around the world.

PANDEMIC SOLUTION: Have you ever watched the television show on The Food Network: Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives? Perhaps you have and if not then perhaps you should watch at least five episodes because Guy Fieri GETS IT. He and / or the people he surrounds himself with GET IT. My gut is it is he, Guy Fieri, who GETS IT based on his history, success and longevity doing the difficult task of pleasing peoples pallets.

What exactly should you be looking for when you watch Diners Drive-ins and Dives. guess what NOT the FOOD, yet. First, make a list if you are so inclined, and write down the RACE AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY of Triple D as the show is often affectionately referred.

Notice from where the chefs originate, skin color, languages, gender, size, clothing, menus items and so forth. Look a little closer and write, in your notes, that the folks about whom I am referring are from all over the world, settling in The USA and making a huge difference in our lives by, many times, bringing the FOODS of their lands.

That’s it. The secret is not an individual ingredient but the finished PRODUCT. Feel the texture. Inhale the scents. Taste the flavors, perhaps heretofore, never experienced. Meet the CHEF, in many cases, the owner. Note the ambiance, usually small neighborhood type restaurants where folks gather to eat while they enhance, enrich and empower their own lives from the ambiance, colors, decorations, music and the common ground of delicious, tasty, gratifying FOODS that are, perhaps, often attempted  at home but never so well expressed as in the company of the creator.

Your overall healthy and well being are enriched by indulging and consuming FOODS unique unto themselves as are the people in front of and behind the scenes.

Are you waiting for my point and purpose? Here goes. Be patient and keep an open mind.

FOOD is not only the ANSWER. FOOD WILL become THE SOLUTION!!!

FOOD: The Great Neutralizer.

People travel to experience the sights, sounds, smells, music, culture, art, museums, landscape, history, language, history, folklore, traditions, customs, observations but what does the traveler remember the most, the one thing that is universal in travel, the topic of their many discussions when asked, “So how as the trip”. ITS THE FOOD!!! IT’S THE FOOD, man!!! Each time you speak about it, THE FOOD, you taste it. IT’S THE FOOD!!! As with most stories it gets better with TIME. You look for THE FOOD at home but can’t find THE FOOD which is why you need to watch Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Eventually you will find YOUR FOOD.

Safe to say, you have traveled somewhere, domestically, and discovered a whole new world of flavors and tastes. Maybe you grew-up eating Hoagies. As you traveled and grew as a person you found, accepted and ate: Subs, Zeppelins, Poor Boys, Cubans. Torpedoes, Grinders all basically the same meal but with a different twist depending on geographic location and chef. When you travel outside of your own zone, even it is just a different part of town, you give yourself the chance to learn, grow and prosper.

Every time a protest is organized, or not, have the local restaurants whose names are not known all over the globe, but the local merchants who live and work in the community prepare their specialties. To be FREE to the protesters the FOOD will be FREE to the professionals who prepare the meals. TIME is their gift and investment. Since many things are given for FREE when needed then, here too, the required provisions for the experts to make their meals is to be FREE as well. The money can be found if the right people look and make it happen for the good of the neighbors, locals, shop-keepers, as well as, for the overall safety, healthy, security and well being of one community and one neighborhood at a time.

Have those folks prepare the magic meals and offer, for FREE, an open invitation to partake in the goodies. On a full belly, tasting and experiencing delicacies, unbeknownst to the attendees, behavior, understanding, compassion, anger, frustration, stress, energy and healing just may be directed towards the positive rather than the opposite results we have seen. Invest in the people and the dividends will follow.

Many have experienced the above such as when they go to a neighbor’s, relatives, co-workers, social event where FOODS are offered and eaten that raise awareness, spark conversation and have folks wanting more of the same.

Think about the times, hopefully, you were invited as a guest to a wedding, religious ceremony and other like kind situation where you may not have been aware of the cultural, religious and ethnic rituals that await. You may feel like an outsider but a little  research can ease your comfort level and by consuming the “goodies” that await make you a richer person which you can someday reciprocate.

The Pandemics can be managed, controlled and overcome when you believe, understand and respect that:

The difficult takes some time, while the impossible takes a little longer.

Time for lunch and, also, what to defrost for dinner.


SECOND: Communications: Clear, Heard and Understood? Needs Work.

I don’t get it.


With all the communication experts, authors, lecturers, commentators, professors and leaders why is there STILL an overwhelming abundance of miscommunications.

A young man, Eminem, wiser than his years, and certainly wiser and more informed than me and maybe you as well, upon his emergence as a spokesperson, influencer and poet wrote:

“Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they have something to say but nothing comes out when they move their lips just but a bunch of gibberish and the MF’ers act like they forgot about Dre.”

Another example comes from the Legendary Comedian Rudy Ray Moore:

“I see your lips quiver unk but I don’t hear a *********ing word your saying.

One More from Harry Nilsson, Midnight Cowboy movie

“Everybody’s taking at me but I don’t hear a word their saying only the echoes of my mind”.

Most certainly there are more EXAMPLES (by the way EXAMPLES are the best Explanations which is from a previous Post somewhere below this Post) but hopefully I have Communicated my message clearly, precisely and succinctly.

You Cannot NOT Communicate whether you know this or NOT.


THIRD: Safety First, maybe NOT in this case.

With all the attention given to safety and security, especially when it comes to our kids, why is it that when driving around several neighborhoods I have seen Pictures with First and Last Names printed on a sign, placed on the front lawn indicating this home is where a graduating student lives.

Schools have locked doors, police on site, sign-in sign our registers, name tag badges with pictures, cameras, teachers on “hall duty”, outdoor supervision during play time, bus loading and off loading staff, fingerprinting, drug screen testing, background checks, work history reference checks and probably many more filters to be filtered all for protection and hopefully to find the “bad guys” before they become part of the school community.

Parents are told not to have their kids names appear on backpacks, gym bags and outerwear. Nothing is to be visible that can identify a kid yet there they are. Pictures with names on the front lawns of where the kids live.

Too frightening to mention, though we all know it is out there on social (actually “a social”) media filled with pictures, names and schools of the ones whose information should not be so public.

Limit your pictures to your pets dressed in costume, your lunch meal, snakes in your yard, flowers, find the “A” puzzles, proms from the 1960’s, old stuff, aka, antiques /  vintage and which of the six candy bars or sodas you prefer, etc. etc. etc.

Learn from the past. Live in the present. Prepare for the FUTURE.


















***Among other things I am flawed so be patient and understanding rather than critical when you come upon mistakes in my Blog posts**.

Here’s a good way to begin your day and more importantly your weekend.

It’s about TIME which, according to the Chambers Brothers, has come today.

Read along with my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary Blog that follows. Take / Make some TIME to read about TIME. It won’t take a long TIME only about the same amount of TIME used to locate saved files, e-mails and documents that are suppose to save us TIME.

TIME: I don’t have the TIME. I can’t afford the TIME. TIME, like land, is a wasting asset.

I wish I had more TIME. you’ll appreciate and understand this as you progress in life.

I don’t know many, if any, who would say. “Ya know I wish I had spent more TIME at work”.

If you think one second of TIME has no power, impact and influence and cannot make a difference in your life then please watch the video of Iron Bowl Football Game of November 30, 2013 between Auburn and Alabama. In one second history was created, lives were alerted for both teams and the money folks who thought they had cash in hand were now reduced to a lost payoff.

TIME: Hey you gotta, a sec?

TIME: Yo, you got a minute?

TIME: Listen, this will only take a minute or two.

It is similar to when someone tells you:

Let me be honest with you which implies that everything previously uttered is subject to not being true. The warning signal and check language light should illuminate in your cranium. Same for TIME.

TIME: We just don’t have any. But how come? We have all the gadgets, excuse me DEVISES that save time such as electronics, calendars, planners, schedules, recipes, procedures, scripts, smart phones, smart cars, smart houses (not homes), smart appliances, smart furniture, smart watches and just about anything can be made to help us Get Smart who is actually Agent 86. All this Smart TIME Saving Stuff used by many, especially me, who are less than Smart.

With all the Smart Stuff at our disposal, about which we only use, at the most, 10% of the collective capabilities, we revert to doing something which has become lost in our society. We ask someone, a human, for help even though that human will refer to a smart device to solve our issue, claiming “see it’s easy”.

TIME: Make TIME your friend (from a previous post somewhere on my Blog) and you WIN which is a good thing. Please don’t deny yourself the pleasure, joy and comfort of WINNING. It’s a good thing that will EMPOWER you to feel good about yourself, if you so choose to experience those feelings.


TIME brings change. I see that in my loss of and graying of my hair.

There was TIME when subliminal messages flashed across the movie theater screen resulting in most of the audience getting up, walking / stumbling in the dark, opening the exit / entrance door flashing light into the dark movie theater, so we could buy more popcorn, soda, food and candy. oh those Goobers!!! Brainwashing 101. George has his Brain Droppings which are much more entertaining, enlightening and educational than my meager attempts to be and show intelligence and awareness.

The way to sell. Create a product: Cigarettes. Place attractive ladies dressed appropriately yet inviting. Give the ladies a container loaded with four pack samples of cigarettes with an attached belt which goes around the neck and shoulders to support the container freeing her arms to distribute, unlimited, those four pack samples of cigarettes. Place her on street corners on the big cites during rush hours in the morning and evening when folks are scurrying to work and on their way home. By the way the same cigarette containers were used by ice cream vendors on the beaches during the summer months when people are there. TIME or is it TIMING.

She works for a few weeks doing this. Then she is nowhere to be found sought out not for her, but by those who have become accustomed to free stuff and more significantly “hooked”, “dependent” uh oh and oh no, “addicted” on whatever is in cigarettes which back then was tobacco, unlike modern times, where the Periodic Table from science class can identify the ingredients. TIME in this case and most cases is MONEY. In TIME, we’re gonna getcha ya’s one way or the other similar to Blondie’s (not Dagwood Bumstead’s wife for you old timers) lyrics.

Who loves free stuff. All of us. Go to your mailbox and see what comes your way in the form of Samples and Coupons starting with, around the same TIME as the cigarette give-a-ways, the mailman (this is well before the generic term Postal Worker was in introduced along with all the other neutral terms and phrases in our present day lexicon) delivered our bills, bank statements and samples of cereal, toothpaste, shampoo, detergent and most of the consumer products avaible at the grocery store. Try it. You’ll like it. Just ask the cereal kid Mikey. Car dealers let us “Test Drive” to sample the cars capabilities and features. People live together to sample the goods and to see how long it takes before they can’t stand to be together. Those who make it together have a 50-50 chance of success and longevity.

Every town has a house or building that has been for sale FOREVER. However, in TIME, eventually, everything sells.

TIME will tell Grannies, Moms and Teachers often said, usually ad nauseum.

Now it is TIME get back to work and focus on making the most, highest and best use of the precious TIME we have to do what we do best and a little bit more. Tonight we can Binge Watch our favorite shows as we say “I just don’t have the TIME to workout, go shopping (yeah delivery services, boo all the extra, extra extra (like paperboys once said) charges, call my Mother, hand write a Thank You letter to those who gave me a present, volunteer anywhere or do something good for someone which is actually, not selfishly doing something good for ourselves, so say the experts.

TIME to close.


Keep It Simple Keep It Real.









Race: Rudy Ray Moore. Who? Read On.

Time for a dive into my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary Blog Posts.

Welcome to yet another in an irregular schedule of Blog Posts intended to inform, enlighten, entertain, educate, empower and make you THINK, LAUGH and SMILE.

This post is about Race (not the track and field kind of race but Race with a capital “R” which circulates and permeates throughout our world mostly in a destructive unhealthy way which can be FIXED even CURED if only folks would listen and have and keep an open mind). I have provided a previous post on Race, which I invite you read or re-read, and want to enhance my position on the issue by proving an EXAMPLE.

Off to the Race or is it races. You make the call since I at the Post. And I’m off!!!

Rudy Ray Moore

This is my true story which occurred in the mid 1970’s. This one is about my meeting the Legendary Comedian Rudy Ray Moore. I just watched Eddie Murphy play Rudy Ray Moore as Dolemite and was thrilled to re-live memories from decades past.

After Military Service, and throughout college at Temple University in North Philadelphia, which was the same Philly neighborhood where my Dad, his parents and brothers grew-up and lived, I worked for a flooring contractor who was a skilled craftsman but needed the boost I provided to build his business mostly focusing on customer service.

I knew some local folks and during conversations I mentioned the business. Several asked if we would work in their North Philly neighborhood. I asked, “aren’t there some local contractors”? I was told no. They don’t live and work in this neighborhood. And they certainly don’t want to come “down here”. I developed relationships and within a month or so we were in North Philly every week doing 1-3 flooring jobs. One customer gave us a “tip” which was a cassette recording of Rudy Ray Moore’s comedy.

We listened to the cassette of Dolemite everyday for months. We recited each “bit” as we drove from job to job. One day while eating lunch I read in the newspaper that Rudy Ray Moore was coming to Philly for the premier of his Dolemite Movie.

We looked at each other and said”We’re going”!!!

We had two weeks until the premier so we went about our business carefully scheduling work that would not interfere with our going to see Rudy as Dolemite in the movie.

Finally it was show day and time. We finished worked early enough to get home, shower, change, eat and get to the movie theater in Downtown Philly around 6PM. The movie was scheduled to start at 8:00 PM.

We were the first to arrive. The ticket office was not open. By 6:30 PM the crowds began to arrive all standing around in front of the theater waiting for Rudy’s arrival.

We stood in our spot to be first in line to buy movie tickets. The crowds pinched towards the curb when the big white stretch limo arrived inching its way to the front of the theater. The limo stopped and didn’t move for an eternal few minutes. That is when the passenger side front door opened and out came one of Rudy’s crew. He went to the rear of the limo and opened the curbside door where Rudy’s posse, ladies and the man himself, Rudy Ray Moore, emerged all dressed to the nines with Rudy wearing a white suit, white fur coat, wide rim brim and feathered boa.

The crowd went wild cheering, screaming Rudy’s name and making room for Rudy and crew to move towards the theater entrance. We were still in our spot. As he got closer Rudy’s eyes and my eyes met. He had a look of doubt on his smiling face. He came right to me and my my boss, looked around and said, “what are you two doing here”. Without hesitation we replied, “Rudy we love you. We listen to you everyday and recite along with you”. And with that we began to recite:, “The twelfth of May was one hell of a day……………… Rudy smiled with delight and said, “you two come with me”. Rudy escorted us into the theater saying, “you two are my guests I got this for you” meaning we did not pay for our seats. Rudy went to the middle of the center section of the movie theater, looked around, told his crew to sit and relax but to leave two seats next to Rudy for his two light skinned fans.

Rudy sat down. An elderly lady sitting right behind Rudy asked Rudy if was going to wear his Brim throughout the movie. Rudy replied. “No ma’am. Momma raised me be better than that”. The lady thanked Rudy, praised his Mom for raising a fine son and replied “I know she did” with a Huh-Um for emphasis.

We all loved the movie. People applauded at the end. Rudy stood, smiled and waved at everybody.

Out on the street the crowd stayed seeking one last glimpse, maybe a picture or autograph from Rudy. He was most accommodating and obliged everyone who came his way. We did not have a camera only wonderful, unique to us, memories we shared everyday for years after our meeting the Great Rudy Ray Moore, comedian, actor, entertainer and gentleman.

Eddie Murphy was spectacular in his role of Rudy Ray Moore but it wasn’t until the end of the movie when the man himself, Rudy Ray Moore, appeared which for me, and those who knew or met Rudy, was a time to, once again, be part of a time when laughter, humor and silliness were included and welcomed in our society and culture.

I ask everyone to watch the Eddie Murphy movie about Dolemite and Rudy Ray Moore the man who brought Dolemite for us to enjoy, learn and grow.

Eddie, in his way, brought Rudy to Life and Rudy, in his way, gave us Dolemite, a character to admire, respect and see in ourselves much like any created character that speaks to us all.

Fast froward to the 1990’s. I worked for a small business owner who first asked if I would work in inner city urban communities. I said, of course, why wouldn’t I? He told me some of his staff won’t go “down there”. I said, “I will” and that sealed the deal. Several of my first assignments were “down there”. The word spread among the locals. Within a month I was “down there” every week providing my services, making money and earning TIPS. By the way, the word TIPS is an acronym which means “To Insure Proper Service”. The better the service the better the TIP. I think I received TIPS not only because I was good at what I was doing but more significantly I arrived on time, went the extra mile and came to their “down there” neighborhood. Incidentally, all the work I did “down there” came from referrals which we all know is the best form of advertising and is very cost effective as well.

SYK (So You Know instead of FYI), “Down There” are neighborhoods most folks avoid unless they are on a specific mission and neighborhoods that are featured on the nightly news especially when life struggles are in the forefront. That is keeping it real!!!

Have and Keep an Open Mind.

Keep It Simple – Keep It Real, just like Rudy, Eddie too.