Yes, Then What and Other Random Thoughts!!!

Welcome to my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary where you will read, think, grow, laugh, prosper and perhaps raise your awareness about life, your life, in general.

By the way, I hope you can get past my speling and gramar misstakes.


Yes!!! Yes !!! Yes!!!

No this not about biological and physiological fulfillment. It is about events that occur when you get a “YES”.

EXAMPLE: I want to preface this POST by informing readers that although I am using generic gender references I am including all identities.

There is a young man who wants to go to a movie. He asks a girl who tells him, “No I can’t go because it is my Grandparents anniversary which I will be attending. Okay. Fine. He asks a second girl and is told that she and her girl friends are having a “Girls Night Out”. Okay. Fine. He asks a third girl who says, ” yes, I will go out with you, thanks for asking”. See, what guys still don’t know, especially with all the social movements that have occurred the past 50 years and more,  is that girls still, even in modern times, like to be asked. It makes one feel important, noticed, worthy and a whole bunch more including just being thought about. I know what you are thinking. Yeah, why wasn’t the third girl asked first. Well (Ronald Regan) stop second guessing everything. Take life as it comes by making good things happen for yourself and others as well.

Now the “fun” begins. It is decision making time, The following are encumbrances, perhaps impediments, that must be overcome so the time together can be simple, enjoyable and fun.

What movie do want to see? There are three I like. What about your choices? Here again there are too many choices which affects the decision making similar to deciding which ice cream to order, what to watch among the 900 channels and which pair of shoes to choose.

What time do you want to see the movie? I like the 7 PM show but if you want to see the 10 PM show I am okay with that.

Which movie theater? I like the one with those comfy reclining seats, unobstructed views and clean bathrooms. Yes, everyone cares about clean bathrooms except at outdoor events where the portable toilets overflow with folks walking in puddles for relief.

Do you want to eat before or after the movie? I prefer before since eating late at night keeps me awake. What kind of food do you prefer? I’m open to anything? It’s your call.

Shall I pick you up at your home? Do you want to meet at the movie? Depending on what time and where we choose I can do either except that if we choose the movie across town from where I work then it is best if we meet at the movie theater. What do you think?

What to wear? Nuff said!!!

You get the idea. When you get a “No”it’s over. Nothing more to say, think and do. But when you get a “Yes”, oh my, the things that must happen to make it happen.

The same scenario occurs during the job search, buying a car, the college journey, finding a place to live and of course everyone’s all time favorite: “What’s for dinner”

We get rejected more than we get accepted. We “lose” more than we win”. Learning and growing from a loss is actually a WIN!!! Success comes so infrequently we don’t know how to handle it. There are those who run from and deny themselves success. By the way, denial is the longest river in the world, I think. I should fact check with a search engine or listening device. Too much to handle including stress, tension and anxiety. I’ll settle in my comfort zone of mediocrity. Why risk more rejection? We make excuses for failure instead of providing REASONS for SUCCESS. What are your REASONS?


Oops!!! I forget my lunch, keys, papers, raincoat, etc. etc. etc.

With all the conveniences of reminders we have such as daily – weekly – monthly planners, alarms, notices, calendars (manual and electronic), post it notes magnetically attached to the fridge, white boards with color coded markers for the names of those who need to do whatever (I’m the blue, no I’m the blue and thus the day begins), next to the front door, notes on torn pieces paper left on the kitchen counter-top or whatever other methods you use, to remind yourself, to have everything in place to start your day or leave home for an outing we still FORGET Stuff. I never remember anything I forget and I never forget anything I remember.

Maybe, just maybe, we have too much stuff to remember (no, I am not going to write that we have too much on our plates. Oops I just did. Oh those nasty cliches). This happens using only about 10% percent of our cranium capacity according to the experts. Same is true for computer usage or so we are told. Ten percent. We can do better. Let’s challenge ourselves. Go for 11%. Double numbers are known to be lucky but I can’t remember who wrote and said that and worse I can’t remember where and when I first learned this tidbit of useless information of which there are many to choose. Yet another decision!!! Yet another need for reminders!!! Yet more time sent on remembering and reminding that actually DOING!!!


‘Tis the season. Not the holiday season though if you check your calendars you will find that every month has a day for recognition, observation, celebration, no school /work and 50% off at the stores. Except August which is reserved for summer vacations with no need to be around to buy flowers, gifts and sit in restaurants for hours at long tables which are socially weak since you cannot listen and often see those at the other end. Round tables are better. Maybe the Knights were Right to keep everyone in Sight which can cause a Fright especially at Night even in areas away from Blight when it should be a Delight with no need to Fight.

The warm weather season gives us freedom from the bundles and layers of clothes needed to keep warm, outdoors time since we have been existing indoors in the warmth of our homes except for the unfortunate street folks who we dismiss. It’s their choice. They don’t want help. REALLY. Maybe it’s our choice not to help. Too busy trying to remember all the stuff I forgot.

It is time for the rude, crude and socially unacceptable to spread their wings and fly into our space with their loud music coming from their vehicles, late night on the back deck over imbibing and indulging and just plain thoughtless selfish attitudes and behaviors not caring about those around them focusing on their own belly buttons. It’s all about me. What other guy? Does anyone exist but me? Look at Me!!! Look at Me!!! Look at Me!!!

Have you ever had someone, over the phone, yell, scream, holler, accuse, curse, harass and badger you about an issue they believe is larger than life? If you are one of those people who does this please refrain. It is ugly, nasty and without cause. Please do not disrespect those wanting to provide help. Please do not shed your miserable existence on us by causing misery. Please do not bully someone in an attempt to make you feel good about yourself and to elevate your position from the bottom step or lower on a ladder. One of the words in the opening of this POST is Civil. Can you be that?


Whenever someone tells you, “it’s easy anyone can do it” be prepared to keep asking for help until you finally get it and then find yourself telling someone,” it’s easy anyone can do it”. This is similar to following directions. I listen understand and comprehend. Yet I still seek help to get to the destination.



In the 1960’s our country was in recovery from World War II. Prosperity was in vogue and folks were enhancing their positions at work and at home. Residential and commercial suburban development and sprawl was in fashion and offered an option (choice) from bulging cities.

Television was gaining momentum and with it conditioning of habit forming behaviors was upon us. Subliminal messages are not so subliminal or are they?

There are three things that occur to indicate society is in jeopardy (without Alex and Contestants).

First, language is disrespected. We just don’t care what we say. Example provided below.

Second, the gap beteween the haves and have-nots is greater. Take a look around.

Third, no TRUST in leadership. Listen to the NEWS. Observe at work. Look in your backyard.

EXAMPLE: On prime time network, pre-cable television, Hell and Damn were delivered to a nation of viewers. The country was infuriated. Boycotts of sponsors happened. The fall was inevitable. A country in moral crisis.

Today with all the outlets available hell and damn are the least of concerns. Kids are exposed to not only language usage flaws but images of violence, crime, disaster, human behaviors and much more all indicating that these are normal, acceptable and proper values. Adults are exposed to the same stuff only it is called NEWS.

When we hear and see the same images and events over and over we become DESENSITIZED which is why language and the timeliness of inappropriate usage abounds. We seem not to care what we say and to whom we say it. When you hear Lenny and Georges words repeatedly those words become un-empowering since after all they are just words and why not use them for emphasis, affect and shock. Like most things in life there is a time and place for them as well. Maybe in a more selected forum and arena. Strength and power come when you have an opportunity to do something and choose not to. I hope you have enough money to buy a luxury car and then choose to buy a less luxurious car while satisfying and rewarding yourself for your achievements without the need for others to Look at Me!!! Look at Me!!! Look at Me!!!

DESENSITIZED: The word was used this mourning (no need for spell check here) on the  morning news when the reporter was reporting on another mass shooting. Does this word need to be added to my list of Cliches. Let us all think and believe otherwise.

Keep It Simple – Keep It Real












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