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Welcome to yet another Post for my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary BLOG

What has often been written, spoken and worth repeating here at my BLOG Command Center.

I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.

The difficult takes some time, the impossible takes a little longer.

In order to get there first you must leave.

What we do good nobody remembers, what we do bad nobody forgets.

I never forget anything I remember and I never remember anything I forget.

Folks like the simple things in life which is why they get along with me.


College Tuition aka DEBT:

DEBT: The worst of the worst “four letter words”.

Why does any kid have to pay for college.

Let’s have an Senior Investigative Reporter or a Junior Investigative Reporter or better yet a novice who can find their way through the myriad of distractions to investigate colleges and their ENDOWMENTS. All that is needed is full disclosure (right!!!) and a following of the money trail. There must be more than enough money to relieve the burden of kids attending college, learning and working beyond the classroom and incurring DEBT for those who pay the bills.

Where does all that donated money go?

Who is living off the expense account? Not spending my money, spending OPM. I’d never do that if I had to pay for it. _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Speaking of Colleges and Universities, why are some schools known as University of______________ while other schools are known as ____________ University?


Colleges / Universities are great places to retire. Being around young folks keeps you vibrant, engaged, aware, involved, active, as well as, young in mind, body, spirt and soul. Dynamic rather static. You don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing.

Think about it: Colleges and Universities offer Art, Theater, Music, Concerts, Sports, Classes, Travel, Street Fairs, Lectures, Gym, Community, Festivals, Libraries, Connection to Causes, Events and more, as well as, perhaps shuffleboard, water aerobics, bingo, book clubs, cards and dinner at 4 PM


If you think about it we have been negatively conditioned since youth, maybe birth. A brief sample list includes the following and much more I am not thinking of right now but I am sure you can add to my DON’T List.

DON’T go outside with wet hair, DON’T swim after eating (must wait an hour), DON’T talk with your mouth full, DON’T sit like that, DON”T crack your knuckles, DON’T wear THAT!!!, DON’T drink from the hose, use filtered water like we have in the house since we DON’T know what is in the tap water nor do we know what is in the bottled and /or filtered water though we must TRUST somebody.

A rebellious, I’ll show you, I’m doing it my way not yours and Watch Me or is it the Look At Me, Look At Me, Look At Me generation taking all the DON’TS and making them DO’S. That’s just nature at least in our civilized society and culture.


There is my way, your way, his way, her way, their way and ways coming at you from many sources and of course there is the RIGHT WAY which you create by using YOUR Power of Definition

When you read the internet, whether truth lurks, you will find you are doing soooooooooooooo many things WRONG such as:

*Raising Kids*Managing or is it mismanaging money*Laundry *Folding Clothes *Holding a drink*Eating a Cupcake*Storing Peanut Butter*Eating Pizza*Eating most everything else*Cleaning*Baking Potatoes*Ironing*Slicing Food*Sleeping*Cooking especially your thanksgiving turkey which for some reason still offers an 800 number to call for cooking instructions or maybe that has been replaced by internet info. I can’t remember so I’ll just wait until November*Storing Stuff (just throw it in the drawer)*Pumping Gas*Getting Dressed (do you out on your shoes then your pants?*Shaving*Exercising: one trainer says this way another says that way* PLACING THE TOILET PAPER????

Usually whichever way you do something is fine until you meet and worse live with someone who corrects you having it their way just like a burger. Regardless of how you do things there will always be someone suggesting you do it their way. For Peace, be a little flexible even to the point of anticipating their moves which is why learning the game of chess is so vital. Perhaps leaders should play chess instead of playing with our stuff even though we know sharing is satisfying, gratifying and just plain good.


Keep It Simple Keep It Real





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