No Title: Just More Good Stuff

Welcome to my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary Blog where today there area few items to enhance, enrich, enlighten, empower, educate and empower your world. Oh yeah, there may be an opportunity for you to raise your awareness, think and even chuckle at what you read, at least this is my goal.

LEADERSHIP: Is it do as I say (I’m the Boss) (or else) (because I said so) and not as I do?  I have been in situations like that and probably you have too. It’s not fun. Rather it is poisonous, venomous and in today’s vernacular Toxic. For most of us there is not much we can do except tolerate, withstand and hope for a change either for ourselves or of the leader (lower case small “l” among other small things) who is not really a leader (lower case small “l” among other small things) but more of a prime example of a bully. With leaders who are bully’s: Time Heals all Wounds and Time Wounds all Heels. Eventually, they become known and move on and out leaving behind those who need to rebuild, recover, reconnect with life as they like it. Whew!!! Finally!!! I can breathe again!!!


Have you ever noticed how Great – Wonderful – Exciting – Thrilling – Exceptional – Significant- Spectacular – Extraordinary – Marvelous – Superb – Fantastic – Glorious – Magnificent – Impressive – Splendid – Awesome and any superlatives you know that I have left out things are: UNTIL THEY ARE NOT!!!

The novelty of “new-ness” is short lived and wears off like a kid with a new toy that is played with for about five minutes and then replaced by a different  / newer one that provides the kid some comfort. Please don’t do this with your kids. Okay, you can and will do it one time but from that experience you will learn a valuable life lesson about being in charge, you’re the boss so be firm, consistent and accepting of the tears. Better yet, take the kid outside and let PLAY become their toy

For many, especially those who rarely if ever PLAYED, this attitude goes with them throughout life making them miserable, unfulfilled, dis-satisfied and probably constipated which itself is enough to alter attitudes, values and behaviors. I’ll show you. I’m gonna hold on for ever or until I explode or implode as may happen.


Achievement is fine, happens all the time. Perhaps you have an abundance of achievements like youth sports trophies, ribbons and medals you were given for showing up rather earning the trophy, ribbon and medal through hard work, enhancing your skills and being a decent person. This can lead to an unhealthy future since one day you will find out that you are not as good at something as you’ve always been told: Good Job. God Job. Good Job. Making mistakes and errors is part of the learning process. If you do not fail at something and your life is filled with all good “stuff” then what happens when its Prom time and you get some pimples.

When you Achieve it is usually a goal that was pursued with a plan, direction, structure and reward. Let’s say a diploma, certificate, degree, etc.

Overcoming is Better.

When you overcome you Feel Good About Yourself, mostly because you did something you and those in your world thought you could or would not be able to do. I will be the Example here: What I know about Art would echo in a thimble. Yet, I created Art and received an affirmation from a well known non-Art organzition. No fame, glory, money, notoriety, trophy or goodie-bag, just the word “awesome” that was sent my way. Yes, I did feel good about myself which makes me want to do more.

When you Overcome you have, perhaps, been knocked down (not physically but in other sprint depleting, pride deflating and energy sapping ways such as being bullied) and somewhere and somehow  you gather yourself to find the strength and courage to Get Up Get Out and Get Going only to meet with the same situations causing you grief and needing to once again Overcome which You Shall.


Do you know folks who complain about not having any money as they are sipping their four dollar morning hot beverage, talking on the newest model of cell phone making reservations at the newest, latest hottest (expensive) restaurant while driving a fully loaded vehicle, wearing brand name clothing with all the “right” labels affixed for everyone to see, notice and say ooh-ahh.

Take a look around, even in the mirror. Be Aware. Be Alive. Be YOURSELF. I know that is one more “be” than t(w)o be or not t(w)o be, however, this is more of a statement and not a question found in literature.


Does a Big Wheel Roll?

Does a Deer with Antlers need a Hat Rack?

Does the right the bare arms mean I can go about my day wearing short sleeve shirts?

Now this is just silly, some may say juvenile while others might call it ridiculous. Hey, it’s my Blog and for here in this moment I have the power of definition which is where absolute power lives (before, during and after it corrupts), in the power of definition.

If you have named a pet, boat or baby you have the power of definition. Feels good, doesn’t it? Think how those who create rules, laws and policies ( leaders, again the lower case small “l” among other small things) feel when they use their power, not just for personal gain, but for the good of us or so we are told, persuaded, convinced and mandated.


Be well my friends.









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