Give Me Some Butter, I’m on a Roll!!!

Welcome to my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary Blog where today it’s time to get a little Silly while, in the process of laughing to yourself and not “LOL”, you might be thinking, yeah, that’s’ me or I’ve seen that or you may just decide to click the exit button.

EXAMPLE: Add the following to my previously Posted list of the differences between men and women.

At a rather formal event where proper attire is required the big room which is decorated like a museum complete with funeral amounts of flowers, or those so called reality television shows, (perfect – perfect- perfect when perfect does not exist, except in bowling, read at the bottom, only in the minds of the imperfect) where the colors are coordinated from the entrance throughout the building including the bathrooms and where cloth napkins are folded and refolded and refolded every time someone looks at the cloth napkin, two women enter wearing the same expensive, custom made, name brand designer, one of a kind ensemble, dress, shoes, bag and all. Eye contact is made. Guests begin to murmur and mumble covering their mouths not for pandemic protection but to hide from lip-readers and the embarrassment, shame and torment felt by the two ladies in the same gear.

The two women retreat, perhaps beyond the exit to the car and leave. On a few occasions there might be a confrontation nay, altercation, verbal and physical, however nothing can be done to correct the situation until the women return to the store of purchase demanding an explanation and of course their money back, as well as, compensation for pain and suffering. This is how beauty is reduced to the behaviors of the less sophisticated, haughty and you know THOSE people.

A hundred men attend the same event wearing a black tuxedo, white shirt, cummerbund, black highly shined and polished (or fake) shoes, bow tie and they are told, “my, you have good taste”.


Signs of the Weak by the Weak for much much much longer than a week since it happens everyday.

When someone repeatedly, ad nauseam, has to tell you how great they are, they are NOT.

This is similar to a salesperson telling a prospective customer all the negatives about the competition.

Rather than state the benefits, qualities and virtues of their products and services it becomes reduced to putting down, knocking, criticizing and bad-mouthing the competition causing some, millions in today’s world, to believe the fabricated stories about others. It follows the flow of, the more you hear something the more believable it becomes. Truth does not matter, enter or play a part in the process. Manipulation, control with a heavy, very heavy does of manure. Add in smiles, personality, guilt, imagery and rehearsed speech and you have the recipe found on the electronic screens convincing you to switch funds from your accounts to theirs.


Nature provides and beautifies the world with a colorful and “scentful” (don’t know if Webster has included this word but maybe next year it will) array of fruits, vegetables and flowers.

When displayed they cause the salivary glands to work overtime, as we anticipate their taste, textures and flavors.

After consumption, digestion and preparation for elimination where, in the end, everything turns brown except for corn on the cob which is eaten, chewed and most often removed from the body in the form of an in tact full kernel retaining its original color

Play-doh is similar with color changes. All those beautiful, fun and attractive colors, when mixed together, turn brown or is it grey.  Of course I could be and am probably wrong since what I know about art would echo in a thimble and since our home has been cleared of kids stuff I don’t have materials with which to experiment, I defer to the experts out there to provide their information, knowledge and wisdom for correction purposes. Please, hold the criticism.


There’s a new form of counting and identifying money:

We have millions, billions, trillions, quadrillions, quin-trillions and perhaps many more the more educated folks can provide.

At the top of any list will always be:



Friends: Look and listen closely. The word friends is used before family especially in marketing, advertising and promotions: Tell your friends and family……….. Seems a bit out if order but like many things the more you hear and see something the more likely you will become a repeating, trained and conditioned follower. I know that is NOT who you are so pay attention and go with your heart.

Friends, not a television show, nothing to do with religion though there are those who will argue their case and certainly an overused, somewhat cliche and what has been reduced to a emptiness in meaning, purpose and most of all definition. Remember, the power of definition from previous posts.

The cry is often, “I have 500 friends on social media (which is actually A-social media) and nobody with whom to talk or maybe have lunch. They’re known as “Frein-gers” not because they are strange (unusual – different- weird and so forth) but because we just don’t know who they are and with the exception of their place of birth, birth date, schools and work we know absolutely nothing about these folks and you know what, this may be good, since the truth and value of a friend is work, time consuming, often draining, yet often fun and pleasurable if just for companionship and we just can’t handle much more than perhaps, 2-3 “friends”.

A-Social media is a numbers game as folks search for those with some common ground to develop a remote distant relationship often leaving an emptiness, after you click send / post and especially when you do not get an instant immediate response and the waiting game begins like girls waiting for guys to call again. Similar to screen meetings instead of in-person with human to human contact. Throw enough mud against a wall and some will stick. Same with A-social media and “Friends”

EXAMPLE: Friend Definition

So, it’s three in the morning. You’re driving around lost, oh excuse me, misplaced which is akin to someone denying they are lying more of they mis-spoke, you have one bar on your flip-phone or 3% percent charge of your modern phone, it’s raining and foggy, the yellow/ amber light indicating low fuel is illuminated, you threw up from over indulging, you had an argument with your “SO”and you didn’t click send at 11:59 PM to submit your work for the midnight deadline.

What do you do? More importantly who do you call before the ghost busts?

Your first call finds you asking for help only to be told “dude I gotta go to work in five hours. Down to 2%.

Your second call finds you asking for help only to be told, “dude, I just got in from partying. Down to 1%.

Your third call finds you explaining the details when you are interrupted with,”dude (can’t get enough dude. by now it may be rude and a bit crude and overused) dude, where are you I’ll track and find you with my phone adding a bit of suspense like the movies, get in your car, lock the doors and in the famous words of Power Rangers Jason and Tommy, you hear, “I’m on my way”.

No need to elaborate about who is your friend. You will do the same for them. Most of those in our lives are acquaintances. Folks we don’t socialize with except in a gathering, small setting or at an event like a concert. Certainly not folks with whom we feel comfortable and confident in telling our stories though women do these things while men still watch the games or give the gaming “controller” a good workout.

Your friend will call the next day, like doctors once did and some still do, to follow-up and check in on your well being.

See how I used “three” examples. Three must have mystical, spiritual and magical powers, oops meaning, thus definition. See how so many things are woven, connected and aligned. Grammatically this is a series of three but with two commas used, which I think the learned, scholarly, certified and credentialed experts have changed adding a third comma before the word “and”.

Get three bids is the cry in the business world, perhaps for homeowners as well.

Good things happen in threes.

Not so good things happen in threes.

Three strikes and your out.

300 is a perfect score when bowling. This might just be the only place where perfect can be accomplished.

Trifecta at the race track.

Match any three and win the scratch off lottery prize.

Three outs in a baseball inning.

Hockey’s Hat Trick.

Enough already, don’t you think?

Like what I write and you read? I hope and expect you to feel good about yourself after reading each post. Like kids are taught or should be taught at home, school or by watching Barney the Dinosaur if it is still on the television though it can be found, I am most certain, on YouTube. Sharing is good and makes you feel good doing something for someone else. Is it not what a Friend would do? So do me, and you a sharing favor and let those in your world, Friends and acquaintances, enter my world as described in the opening statement.

Question: If Pete and Repeat were sitting on a fence and Pete fell off who’d be left?

Ponder for a few seconds.

I know you said Repeat whihc is what I would do if telling you this in person or even of the various screens with fake in person capabilities.

Believe it or not I have used this rather juvenile “joke” with some folks who actually said “repeat” 3-4 times before they got it.
















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