I Think, Therefore???

Listen – Listen – Listen PLEASE LISTEN!!!

When listening to your favorite talk radio / television, podcast, news program or just about anyone who talks or is a guest offering their expertise write down the number of times you hear the words “I Think” spoken by an individual, panel, host, guest or even the delivery person with today’s take out meal eliminating the need to shop, prepare, cook and oh yuck: Clean-up.

Status symbols once were displayed by the bag containing your purchases at well known and soon to be obsolete brick and mortar stores. Status is now derived from the food facility bag displaying from where you bought your meal or better yet from where the delivery originated.

Everyone is saying “I Think” because they just don’t know. If the knew they would say “I Know” or “I Know for a Fact”. But be careful when listening to someone say “let me be perfectly honest with you” which means everything they said prior to making this exclamation is subject to being untrue, dishonest or a blatant lie. What is said and meant is to keep talking to seek agreement, affirmation and confirmation of convincingly spoken words thought to be accurate, perhaps true, yet doubt is cast among us since trust is nowhere to be found.

I suppose if we hear stuff often enough we tend to believe it whether it is true or not. I Think it is true but I Just Don’t know.

The truth may be out there, but where? Actually truth is and begins with you, me, us we, them, they, he, she, I and everyone else I overlooked. The most difficult thing to face – head on – is the truth, Our Truth which is painful, damaging and suppressed leading to all sorts of unhealthy conditions that can be reduced and eliminated if we could just face and conquer our own truth. Who can look in the mirror while washing your face or brushing your teeth? Can you look into your eyes and like who and what you see and what you have become? I Think you can, I Know you will someday soon!!!




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