Why Didn’t I Think of This? I Did!!!

An overlooked demographic for employment is the “Senior Citizen” market.

In addition to being prompt, professional, courteous, respectful, thorough, wise, intelligent, knowledgeable, team players, role models, conscientious, flexible, organized, communicative and otherwise nice to have around Senior Citizens of age to receive the earned privileged to which they contributed during the income earning years, relieve a huge economic and financial burden to corporations, businesses and agencies by not requiring health insurance since they, the Senior Citizens, usually receive their Healthcare Insurance form the Medicare System which, by the way, is very good.

This is a double winner for the hiring organization since they benefit from the value added Senior Citizen employee and they, the hiring organzaition, do not have to pay the high costs for Healthcare Insurance for their corps of Senior Citizens who also add value by being ready, willing and able to mentor the younger generations offering life skills and lessons learned and earned during their previous employment careers.




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