Illegitimi Non Carborundum

This my take on a crisis in the workplace. I know it is negative which I prefer to avoid. My goal is to turn this into a positive, healthy, awareness raising, exposing the ugliness and actually doing something good for those struggling with this unwanted affliction. It all comes from the top. When the top is strong, successful, healthy and productive everyone  feels the strength, support and trust. When the top is in bully mode most everyone feels the wrath except, of course those still existing “yes” folks who agree (you doubt my leader and your leader as well? you doubt therefore you are? regardless of personal beliefs often contrary to the leaders but I must agree or else I will be out as well as all the other good folks) and who bow to the bully.

Nobody is to be treated this way. But we all know that is not the case. Like the truth The bully’s are out there. We do not always know where the truth is but we do know where the bully is and that is the truth.

Here is yet another LIST.

I am polling everyone to determine who has been in a workplace environment, or you know someone in this situation, where the below LIST, and many more synonymous words, can be used to describe a draining, intimidating and overall negative place to spend your day living in fear of the continuous threats, attacks and assaults made on your performance and most importantly on everything about YOU.

Earlier this week I read about a “leader” abusing the office, position and status for personal gain. Pick-up my laundry. Have my car washed. Make my personal, not business, travel arrangements. Pick-up my kids at their private school that your kids cannot afford to go to nor do you have the “right” connections to gain admission for your kids. Sound familiar? ETHICS???

Ha. Ha. Look at me. How did this person get that job? What gives this person the right to have subordinates live in fear of losing their jobs if they do not comply and follow the leaders lead doing whatever is asked? If asked, these “leaders” will, like some athletes, spread their territorial arms, shrug their shoulders, wear a facial expression of dis-belief and ask: What? What’d I do? You’re crazy.

Examples: Too many to mention here. Most are in high ranking positions of “leadership” with power, control and influence over those who are unfortunate to work for one of these entitled leaders who often complain about entitlements and do what they can to reduce entitlements for those who actually need help the most. Ah, the gall. The unmitigated gall of people who take advantage of their “good fortune” (emphasis on the word fortune which is how they made their fortunes), when they should be doing the direct opposite which is the hallmark of Leadership. Leaders lead by example. Healthy or not their power is felt trickling down the line to the newest member of the dangerous world of unbridled leadership. When will we get it. Just because they’re rich, powerful and almighty they think they know. They don’t. What they do know is how to play the game of get mine and move on to the next place where they will repeat the process of destruction of human performance, value and self worth all in the name of me (look at me, look at me, look at me) and what I can and will do TO you to make your life and world as miserable as possible but not as miserable as my own meager existence. I am the BULLY. No, not me, but you know to whom I am referring. If you are one of “these” bullies then shame on you.

As you see from the following alphabetical list I spent some time asking my good friend Webster, the dictionary not the television show character, for help. I don’t know much, if anything at all, but sometimes I know where to get the answers (not as efficiently as a Reference Librarian) I am seeking with and without internet help.





































Do some or all of these words describe your workplace environment? You can add other similar words to my list based on your experiences.

If you so choose you can let me know, anonymously of course, your tale of woe at your workplace. Be as detailed as you like. Be accurate, open and honest with your story. If I get enough stories and with everyone’s permission I can include them in a future BLOG Post or better yet we can create a book, have it published or ideally go on the speaking circuit with our stories. A REAL reality show!!! Remember everything is anonymous. It may be helpful and therapeutic for you to get it all out, vent in a safe place and let others know they are not alone in their horrific world of BULLYING at work.

My story occurred after college graduation working for a “leader” who verbally assaulted, tortured, abused, harassed, badgered (again, like those parents doing these behaviors at their kids sports games) and almost destroyed my spirt, passion and energy. Illegitimi Non Carborundum. It was under this leadership that I began my personal well being program of exercise, meditation and nutrition wanting to avoid the relentless pursuit of personal destruction. Illegitimi Non Carborundum.

In addition to me, this “leader’ made other staff, often referred to as ‘my staff’ suffer the assaults spread throughout the workplace. People walked on egg shells, shards of glass and lived on the edge and verge of defeat. Illegitimi Non Carborundum.

After a couple of years of this daily battle to survive the top leaders took the initiative and sent this leader on their way out the door. Some had a meeting with the top leader who listened to their stories and was shocked to hear the tales of despair. All the top leader said was I’m sorry”. Not good enough. Where were you when all this was happening and word about this sub -human behavior was known throughout the office. Where were you oh great leader. On the golf course? Schmoozing? Making deals for yourself? Oblivious, non-caring and apathetic to those who made your organization a highly efficient, well regarded, reputable, trusted and sought after group of experts in their various fields of expertise? Illegitimi Non Carborundum.

It’s not always Silly. Today Serious is the message. Tomorrow, well “ya nevuh no”!!!

Keep It Simple – Keep It Real.











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