Mid-Week Silliness

Might you need a boost right now?

Wednesday, which is spelled and pronounced a bit awkwardly, was formerly known for a pre-pasta era noun, beans for the government and camel day. When buying a car, a generation or so ago, you prayed your car was “built” on a Wednesday not just before or right after the weekend.

Try saying the following silly stuff five times real fast. Practice in a room by yourself, in front of a mirror the way you were taught to practice public speaking, or if you are so brave, courageous and bold (like Wyatt Earp’s theme song, who’s he, Google or YouTube it) say them in front of family, friends, co-workers, etc and let the silliness make your day a success in addition to your daily accomplishments.

Here’s the list of a few difficult things to pronounce, especially in the fast lane. Remember five times real fast. See if you can get to five flawlessly, like riding a bull for eight seconds. Eventually you will succeed but until them have some fun.

*Your World

*Unique New York

*Toy Boat

*Irish Wrist Watch

*Truly Rural

*Literally Literary

*Three Free Throws

Now for my favorite:

Say the following ten lines as fast as you can. Don’t give up. Enjoy the silliness then get serious about completing this task. And have some fun with it as well. Offer it to others at lunch. Use it as an ice-breaker during the awkward social settings we find ourselves uncomfortably in after work at Not-So-Happy Hours of over indulging in reflux causing snacks, treats and goodies for all you foodies. Add to the quiet times when nobody can think of something to say especially at family gatherings. Do I really want to be here. You know what I mean. Family is great. Family is the foundation, backbone, support and strength of  societies, cultures and countries. However, there are occassions, though, when you need a bit of distance, space and time.

Ready – Set – Go as fast (even though I preach a slow it down lifestyle, hypocrite that I may be) as you can or want.

Try reading the following line by line to give you a visual focus. Be a rebel and do it from memory.

I apologize for the line-up. I tried to “left justify”, or is it signify, but I am mystified that I could not get all ten lines neatly and properly stacked. I must have clicked the “TAB”  (not the beverage) button and don’t know how to “un-TAB.

  1. One Smart Fella, He Felt Smart

2. Two Smart Fellas, They Felt Smart

3. Three Smart Fellas, They Felt Smart

4. Four Smart Fellas, They Felt Smart

5. Five Smart Fellas, They Felt Smart

6. Six Smart Fellas, They Felt Smart

7. Seven Smart Fellas, They Felt Smart

8. Eight Smart Fellas, They Felt Smart

9. Nine Smart Fellas, They Felt Smart

10. Ten Smart Fellas, They Felt Smart

Easy. Right? Perhaps not at first. If it were easy then everyone would do it from 1-10 on  their first attempt. Did you go from one to ten without any mistakes? How far did you get?

A few may make it all the way from 1-10 with no mistakes but like most things in life, if it were that easy then everyone would be doing it (didn’t I just write that?) and we all know that is not the case with this silliness and the more serious side of our world.

Keep It Simple – Keep It Real





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