Beat BOREDOM, The Enemy Of Us All

I’m soooooooooooo BORED. Nothing to do. Same stuff, different day. Everyone is doing something but me. Oh, whoa is me.

Ever say any of that. Sure you have. We all have. Question is, what are doing about it?

First thing you do is shut off, put away and avoid all your electronics. I have 500 Social Media “Friends” and nobody to talk with since we have become an “a-social” society by relying and depending on Social Media. That is why “Communications” is a college degree program (which results in a new word:Debt, sometimes hundreds of thousands which is a terrible way to begin adult life, in debt that is, but we keep pushing kids into college instead of taking a year or two away from school to work, volunteer and learn life lessons which they could have learned on the field of play as kids but were too BORED.) where kids learn all about communications without having conversation, writing skills, face to face contact and other old fashioned more traditional methods of commuication which is actually talking sometimes in complete sentences. Oh what’s that. You must still have a Flip Phone. Sorry, actually I am not, for the rant. I hope I did not hurt anyone’s feelings.

Do you know the word “Phubbing”? Soon Websters will include Phubbing in their list of new words. So you are actually talking with someone face to face engaged in a conversation when the buzzer goes off indicating your cell phone has or is receiving a message. You look at your phone instead of maintaining focus and eye contact (Oh I forgot to take my meds to help me focus) with a real live in-person person while still distantly engaging in your conversation. Hold up. I gotta take this. It ‘s important (and you my friend are not). Yeah Okay. Got it. Meet you there in five. Sorry gotta go. Meeting my best friend for coffee. Wanna come. No. Okay. See ya. Whew, what just happened. Phubbing is snubbing your “friend” with your phone. Phone-Snub. Get it? Again sorry for the tangent rant though it is related somehow to the topic which I forgot. Oh yeah BOREDOM. That’s the world. Quick. Microwave. Abbreviated. I think some have stopped reading this BLOG. Prove me wrong, please

When we were kids we just went out and played even let our imaginations, remember imaginations, create something different not necessarily new. One time a new kid moved into the neighborhood and brought a game. We never knew of this game, but after its introduction, played it all the time. The game involved a round rubber ball and a broom stick which we got by unscrewing it from the bristles,. We called it stick ball. From there we went to wire ball, curb ball, step ball, wall ball, punch ball and half ball (when the ball was ripped or torn) all using the same ball.

What happens as we age. We become consumed with existing rather than living, and forget about what gave us pleasure which of course was play. Not all of us but many have forgotten their youth and the importance of play which now we think and talk about but unfortunately rarely do. Forget trying to figure out the excuses (failures) why we do this and focus on the reasons (successes) we can, should and eventually do something, anything positive, healthy and let’s not the forget the most important part of play which is FUN!!!

Examples are the best explanations so just look around and you will find folks riding bikes which has morphed from a kids play activity to a humongous worldwide business as well. Don’t you just love the weekend riders in their “gear” and sleek, stylish and expensive bikes. If that makes you feel good about yourself then Get Up!!! Get Out!!! Get Going!!! Stop being a cynical bystander, criticizing, and finding fault in others. Instead go your way and do something for yourself.

Many are members of a “club” which is a form of group which offers socialization, interaction, conversation, structure, camaraderie, support, involvement, activity, exercise and fun. Sounds therapeutic to me. I’ll bet most rider folks look forward with great anticipation, excitement, energy, enthusiasm and expectations all week at work and home anxiously, a healthy anxious, awaiting for their time with like kind folks, meeting new enthusiasts, sharing common ground and having some fun. I’ll also say that most watch the weather forecast well in advance of their weekend ride. Uh-oh washed out. How to fill the void. That is why it is good to have back-up plans just in case nature interferes with your fun. Time to take our play indoors.

So bikes are not you but something is. Here is yet another teenie-tiny partial list of Things To Do To Beat BOREDOM, The Enemy Of Us All. Remember none of this or anything else includes and involves your electronic stuff. Each category below has sub-categories which are way too many to mention here. Let me know if you need help finding Things To Do To Beat BOREDOM, The Enemy Of Us All. I will simply ask what did you do as a kid for fun and play.

General Categories: Sports, Museums, Art, Music, Dance, Chorus, Quilting, Volunteering, Home Repairs (stop putting it off), Arts and Crafts, trace your family history, night school and much much more, too much for here. By the way, we once had hobbies, what happened.

Keep It Simple – Keep -It Real





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