Weight Loss Management and Control

Want to beat your battle with the bulge?

Want to feel good about yourself with pride and dignity?

No pills, potions, powders, videos, memberships or anything else advertised as THE solution to an epidemic.

First get a physical examination from your doctor as well as your doctors approval for using a weight loss management and control plan. Tell your doctor about this weight loss management and control plan. Above all listen to your doctor’s advice.

First, after you receive approval from your doctor to pursue this weight loss management and control plan and your goal, go to the store and buy a comfortable well fitting pair of sneakers, walking shoes or similar footwear product you choose. Next, buy some comfortable shirts, shorts, sweats or whatever “work-out” clothes you prefer and comfortable fitting socks.

Second, is to go for a walk in a safe, secure location in your neighborhood, at your local high school if they have a track which most high schools have, a park on a trail or paved surface or a location of your choosing, remembering safety first which includes the weather so be aware of the forecasts. Take a bottle of water, some tissues to wipe your brow and a watch of some kind to keep check the time. Take a thirty minute walk to begin with and increase / decrease your walking time as you decide along with your doctors advice. Leave your electronics at home and enjoy peace, exercise, serenity and nature. Look at the sky, observe the birds, smell the flowers, look at the ground (maybe you’ll find  penny or two), nod your head, smile and say hello to fellow walkers and enjoy the experience. Keep an extra bottle of water in your car for the ride home or better yet, get to your walking destination by walking.

Third, is to eat smart and eat healthy. Manage and control your portions. Reduce or eliminate the two most dangerous white powdery substances: Salt and Sugar. I know, I know they are so good and I like them, but just know that they may not like you as much. Also, lose the alcohol, tobacco and other unhealthy stuff to ingest.

Eat the foods you enjoy and a variety of them. Create your own menu. Use the internet to find healthy recipes and sources for the foods you like to eat. Hey, guess what, please please please do not deprive yourself of some goodies once in a while such as a scoop of ice cream not a half gallon, a couple of cookies not the entire sleeve or a sliver of pie or cake rather than a slice or slab.

Here’s the simplified and somewhat over simplified secret:

Eat breakfast like a king, loading up for the day, lunch like a queen, refilling for the day and early evening and dinner like a pauper running on almost empty.  Fresh fruits and veggies for snacks. That’s it. Plain and simple just like me. Go to bed hungry and wake up hungry. Let the math do the work. It is a simple equation: Reduce the amount of your food and beverage intake and increase your expenditure of energy which is your walking exercise. Throw away the scales, tape measures and charts. You know it is working when your clothes become loose on your body eventfully sagging and falling down by themselves requiring you to go “new clothes shopping “yeah!!!”, which for many is just as beneficial, desirable and maybe, just a little therapeutic. Also, go to the stores for your purchases which gets you up, out and going instead of clicking through the stores.  By getting out of your home your going to a destination where guess what, you will walk some more!!!

Most important is to stay hydrated which is the current cliche meaning drink lots of water. So what if it interrupts your sleep causing you to go to the bathroom at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. Stay hydrated. Water works best as we all have been told by the experts.

Time: We eat, sleep, work and use the bathroom everyday, well hopefully everyday if you know what I mean. Perhaps by regularly exercising and eating good stuff your regularity will return. So why not exercise everyday. I know it is impossible to do so with everyone’s over scheduled schedule but get out there as often as you can and make it happen for YOU!!! The difficult takes some time, the impossible takes a little longer.

I do this for myself, especially the regularity part, but there are no guarantees it will work for you. All of this sounds and reads easy, which it will be for you once you surrender to success and make it happen for yourself. However, if it were easy then everyone would be doing it and we all know that is not the case. You become the exception, a leader of yourself rather than a follower. You become empowered rather than enabled. You succeed rather than continue to not.

So there you have it: Keep It Simple – Keep It Real.

Empowerment. Feel Good About Yourself. Succeed.














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