You Try It!!!

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I am most certain there are spelling and grammar mistakes but life is not perfect since perfect does not exist. This is probably the least of my imperfections.

I have been unable to post a blog due to technical issues resolved by the fine folks at Word Press. I must have clicked too many of the wrong buttons to mess up a fine running system. The Word Press folks must be scratching their collective heads in utter fear whenever they receive an e-mail for help from me.

You ‘Bout Ready? I am. So here goes.

Remember Mikey not Mickey but Mikey who “likes it” from the cereal commercial way back?

Time for you to try it.

Try what?

Walk in the shoes of a teacher. Better yet, sit in on a class and watch performance art in motion and action controlling and managing not only the academics but the behavior, questions, personalities, parents, state and local inspectors, supervisors, superintendents, principals, administrators, official observers and everyone else stepping in the business of a teacher.

The performance art only lasts about 45-55 minutes not a long time unless, of course, you are the one on center stage, 5-7 times per day everyday, circulating throughout the classroom monitoring, assisting, questioning and responding to every need imaginable and then some more that appear.

In college, again way back, we were told that for every hour class is in session it will require three hours of out of class studying, researching, reading, writing and preparing for whatever is on the syllabus.

Ask any teacher how much time they spend preparing just one lesson for one class. Before school, after school, during school, nights, shopping, spending their own money not reimbursed, weekends and most all other “free time ” a teacher has is spent on gathering and preparing for the next several weeks of lessons all of which must be tailored to meet the common core curriculum requirements.

Take a look around the classroom. Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff. Not many textbooks. Why. Kids walk around all day with own computers which are kept in the room for overnight charging.

TIME MANAGEMENT: Come in, put your stuff down, get out your notes and notebook, sharpen your pencils, go to the bathroom,  go to the nurse, have a snack, get a drink, use a tissue (throw it in the trashcan please), turn on your computers, access the website, complete the assignment. This has a clock of about 1-2 minutes.

Now begin your work. You have 4 minutes to complete the three tasks and be sure to stay on task. Okay two minutes to go. Now switch to your folders and take out your homework for me to check and sign. While I am checking your homework begin working on the first page on the packet I have placed on your desk. Please pick up the packets that are on the floor. Wait, quiet. Listen to the announcement. Okay everybody got that announcement. No chicken nuggets for lunch. Just fruit, yogurt, veggies and mac and cheese. I feel your disappointing pain.

You now should be on page two of the packet. Wait for my instructions. Lets go. Lets go. We are eight minutes into the class and falling behind. We have to complete all these assignments before the bell rings.

Now that I have presented the instructions using the smart-board, white dry-erase board and projector you are able to complete pages 2-3-4 of the packet. You have six minutes.

Time for stations. Take a clipboard. Place your work under the clip and start at any station making certain you show all your work, complete the task, solve the riddle and create your own unique finished product. You must complete all 10 stations to arrive at your final answer on which you will be graded. You have eight minutes remaining in this class so work as quickly as possible without negatively impacting (like wisdom teeth) the integrity of your work.

Two minutes till the bell rings. Gather all your stuff. Place your completed packet on the desk next to the door on your way to your next class.

Permission slips are due tomorrow for next weeks field trip. Remember to bring in your food donations to help those who need some help. Be kind to everyone. See you tomorrow.

That was one class, one day for fifth grade. There are about 180 days of school.

Is it any wonder why kids walk around with stress toys.

Is it any wonder why kids are on medications.

Is it any wonder why teachers go to sleep at 9 PM and are lucky if they can watch Jeopardy and Wheel.

And you think it is difficult to answer the daily question of: What’s for dinner? How many times have you ordered pizza as the pacifier?

Soon every kid with have an IEP, becuase we are manufacturing special Kids or at least we are leading them to believe that. Oops! I don’t know how to handle rejection, disappointment, failure and losing and every “adult” will see a therapist just to keep up!


The closest I got to walking in the shoes of a Law Enforcement Officer was when I was in the military where everyone got to work security. I got the Main Gate armed with an M-16. That combination was not the best of Military Intelligence and I have quite a funny (now) story but will save that for another time since this is serious. Remember my blog is about the Serious and Silly.

Go about your day, employed in Law Enforcement where you are watched, inspected, ridiculed, questioned, abused, cursed at, on the front line and carrying on your body pounds and pounds of gear. Some of the gear is more lightweight than in the past but just as cumbersome especially when its need to be accessed and used.

How would you like to be filmed, recorded, photographed and taped every time you make a move. I wonder if law enforcement folks live with the fear of the fart not for soiling clothes but for the embarrassment of the sounds of the not so silent.

How would you like to work in an environment where you are constantly analyzed, critiqued and observed all day everyday. I know, some of you out there work in toxic workplace environments with a supervisor, boss or manager who makes your life and everyone else’s life miserable because they, the bully boss, are most miserable and figure with their power they can make their subordinates feel lower and weaker than they feel about themselves.

It is similar but not the same with law enforcement who everyday lives in risk and fear of what waits for them around the corner, as they approach a vehicle, respond to a call and what is going on at their homes.

There might be a rush on living on the edge facing the unknown but when your life is on the line everyday all day it must wear you down physically, emotionally, spiritually, and domestically.

Law enforcement is a prime example of:

What we do good nobody remembers and what we do bad nobody forgets.

Of course, if you watch the local news occasionally there will be a story about an officer doing something noble for others. This story usually comes at the end of the news broadcast with a bit of news hosts utterances as they get ready to remind us to log onto their website for more details as the theme song erases their voices. These type of good stories also happen after about 10-15 minutes of news reporting of serious “bad” things happening in the law enforcement community.

Two of the most important and influential jobs in our country, who get paid according to scale and time which if you factor in the variables that are becoming the norm, amounts to a little more than minimum wage, struggle everyday with the unknown and who are generally un-thanked, un-noticed and un-appreciated. Unless of course, something goes wrong and the cycle begins.

It’s not the glamour portrayed in a half hour or hour of carefully crafted words and scenes.

It’s like my blog name: Keep It Simple -Keep It Real

You Try It.

Then we’ll listen to your story and do a before and after analysis.

Hopefully, with a little insight, information and knowledge you and all of us will have a better understanding on how and what some folks do to feed their families.















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