You Try It!!!

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I am most certain there are spelling and grammar mistakes but life is not perfect since perfect does not exist. This is probably the least of my imperfections.

I have been unable to post a blog due to technical issues resolved by the fine folks at Word Press. I must have clicked too many of the wrong buttons to mess up a fine running system. The Word Press folks must be scratching their collective heads in utter fear whenever they receive an e-mail for help from me.

You ‘Bout Ready? I am. So here goes.

Remember Mikey not Mickey but Mikey who “likes it” from the cereal commercial way back?

Time for you to try it.

Try what?

Walk in the shoes of a teacher. Better yet, sit in on a class and watch performance art in motion and action controlling and managing not only the academics but the behavior, questions, personalities, parents, state and local inspectors, supervisors, superintendents, principals, administrators, official observers and everyone else stepping in the business of a teacher.

The performance art only lasts about 45-55 minutes not a long time unless, of course, you are the one on center stage, 5-7 times per day everyday, circulating throughout the classroom monitoring, assisting, questioning and responding to every need imaginable and then some more that appear.

In college, again way back, we were told that for every hour class is in session it will require three hours of out of class studying, researching, reading, writing and preparing for whatever is on the syllabus.

Ask any teacher how much time they spend preparing just one lesson for one class. Before school, after school, during school, nights, shopping, spending their own money not reimbursed, weekends and most all other “free time ” a teacher has is spent on gathering and preparing for the next several weeks of lessons all of which must be tailored to meet the common core curriculum requirements.

Take a look around the classroom. Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff. Not many textbooks. Why. Kids walk around all day with own computers which are kept in the room for overnight charging.

TIME MANAGEMENT: Come in, put your stuff down, get out your notes and notebook, sharpen your pencils, go to the bathroom,  go to the nurse, have a snack, get a drink, use a tissue (throw it in the trashcan please), turn on your computers, access the website, complete the assignment. This has a clock of about 1-2 minutes.

Now begin your work. You have 4 minutes to complete the three tasks and be sure to stay on task. Okay two minutes to go. Now switch to your folders and take out your homework for me to check and sign. While I am checking your homework begin working on the first page on the packet I have placed on your desk. Please pick up the packets that are on the floor. Wait, quiet. Listen to the announcement. Okay everybody got that announcement. No chicken nuggets for lunch. Just fruit, yogurt, veggies and mac and cheese. I feel your disappointing pain.

You now should be on page two of the packet. Wait for my instructions. Lets go. Lets go. We are eight minutes into the class and falling behind. We have to complete all these assignments before the bell rings.

Now that I have presented the instructions using the smart-board, white dry-erase board and projector you are able to complete pages 2-3-4 of the packet. You have six minutes.

Time for stations. Take a clipboard. Place your work under the clip and start at any station making certain you show all your work, complete the task, solve the riddle and create your own unique finished product. You must complete all 10 stations to arrive at your final answer on which you will be graded. You have eight minutes remaining in this class so work as quickly as possible without negatively impacting (like wisdom teeth) the integrity of your work.

Two minutes till the bell rings. Gather all your stuff. Place your completed packet on the desk next to the door on your way to your next class.

Permission slips are due tomorrow for next weeks field trip. Remember to bring in your food donations to help those who need some help. Be kind to everyone. See you tomorrow.

That was one class, one day for fifth grade. There are about 180 days of school.

Is it any wonder why kids walk around with stress toys.

Is it any wonder why kids are on medications.

Is it any wonder why teachers go to sleep at 9 PM and are lucky if they can watch Jeopardy and Wheel.

And you think it is difficult to answer the daily question of: What’s for dinner? How many times have you ordered pizza as the pacifier?

Soon every kid with have an IEP, becuase we are manufacturing special Kids or at least we are leading them to believe that. Oops! I don’t know how to handle rejection, disappointment, failure and losing and every “adult” will see a therapist just to keep up!


The closest I got to walking in the shoes of a Law Enforcement Officer was when I was in the military where everyone got to work security. I got the Main Gate armed with an M-16. That combination was not the best of Military Intelligence and I have quite a funny (now) story but will save that for another time since this is serious. Remember my blog is about the Serious and Silly.

Go about your day, employed in Law Enforcement where you are watched, inspected, ridiculed, questioned, abused, cursed at, on the front line and carrying on your body pounds and pounds of gear. Some of the gear is more lightweight than in the past but just as cumbersome especially when its need to be accessed and used.

How would you like to be filmed, recorded, photographed and taped every time you make a move. I wonder if law enforcement folks live with the fear of the fart not for soiling clothes but for the embarrassment of the sounds of the not so silent.

How would you like to work in an environment where you are constantly analyzed, critiqued and observed all day everyday. I know, some of you out there work in toxic workplace environments with a supervisor, boss or manager who makes your life and everyone else’s life miserable because they, the bully boss, are most miserable and figure with their power they can make their subordinates feel lower and weaker than they feel about themselves.

It is similar but not the same with law enforcement who everyday lives in risk and fear of what waits for them around the corner, as they approach a vehicle, respond to a call and what is going on at their homes.

There might be a rush on living on the edge facing the unknown but when your life is on the line everyday all day it must wear you down physically, emotionally, spiritually, and domestically.

Law enforcement is a prime example of:

What we do good nobody remembers and what we do bad nobody forgets.

Of course, if you watch the local news occasionally there will be a story about an officer doing something noble for others. This story usually comes at the end of the news broadcast with a bit of news hosts utterances as they get ready to remind us to log onto their website for more details as the theme song erases their voices. These type of good stories also happen after about 10-15 minutes of news reporting of serious “bad” things happening in the law enforcement community.

Two of the most important and influential jobs in our country, who get paid according to scale and time which if you factor in the variables that are becoming the norm, amounts to a little more than minimum wage, struggle everyday with the unknown and who are generally un-thanked, un-noticed and un-appreciated. Unless of course, something goes wrong and the cycle begins.

It’s not the glamour portrayed in a half hour or hour of carefully crafted words and scenes.

It’s like my blog name: Keep It Simple -Keep It Real

You Try It.

Then we’ll listen to your story and do a before and after analysis.

Hopefully, with a little insight, information and knowledge you and all of us will have a better understanding on how and what some folks do to feed their families.















A New Low or IS IT?

Welcome to my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary BLOG.

I hated it back then and loathe it today: the dreaded TUNNEL. Look at ME. Look at ME. Look at ME. That’s the parents not the kids. Kids, and parents as well,  can’t spell tunnel which is one of those confusing “le or el words like angel and angle. With only 26 characters English is perhaps the most difficult language to learn. I read the red book which I also read yesterday. Huh?

Last week at a youth soccer game a coach / parent of 12 year old kids impaled a ten foot pole into the ground and mounted a video camera on top of the pole in order to record the game.

The purpose of this maneuver was to create a video history of the game not for distribution to the team, families and grandparents who could not get to the game.

The purpose was to gather the kids in the coach’s home to review, critique, point-out flaws, mistakes and errors and ultimately embarrass the kids in front of each other for their lackluster and LOSING performance. Eventually some form of cheating will occur, not by the kids, but by and for an “adult” in need of winning at any cost and for the gratification that comes with winning.

Who out there, with the exception of leadership, has attended mandatory Ethics seminars and signed Ethics agreements with severe penalties for violations. It is for we the people while “leaders” receive, receive and receive more until the greed makes them known. Their punishment. No electronics for a fortnight.

You can’t win unless you CHEAT:

EXAMPLE: School Scandals where grades are changed by leadership who threaten subordinates if they don’t play the cheating game.

EXAMPLE: Sports Cheating which is why coaches cover their mouths with the play card preventing opponents and spies from reading their lips.

EXAMPLE: Insider Trading. Oh wait that doesn’t happen or does it?

EXAMPLE: Read and listen to the news stories where, on an almost daily basis there is a report about Cheating Scandals not sandals. See one letter makes a difference. Move the vowels and Taxes becomes Texas.

EXAMPLE: What was on that last expense account you submitted?

Here again, bad coaching, parenting and role modeling.

Kids are exposed to horrific events on a daily basis since they are electronically connected to the instant, well beyond microwave, world in which we exist where bad stuff takes precedent over good stuff. Fear is real. Fear leads to ailments requiring kids to be treated with medicine, counseling, therapy and an IEP for school. In a few years every kid will have an IEP and every “adult” will be in therapy. Fear is powerful, controlling and an impediment to life. From where does Fear come? Who controls Fear? Who is charge of Fear? Like most things, if you see and hear about it enough times you believe it. Is it like laundry that needs to be washed? Are our brains the laundry?

Once I drove several kids who were friends and teammates of our kid. I could do this since I was not their coach just a parent with a station wagon transporting kids from their first game which they lost 20-3, to their second game about 15 miles away from the first game. I anticipated a quiet, emotional and perhaps tearful ride but to my delight the kids were laughing, joking, singing and being kids on a ride to their next event. They completely strayed from the first games embarrassing loss. The kids could care less. Some of the parents, who live thought their kids, carried the first game loss well into the second game even though the team was winning.

Who are these “experts’ who usually don’t have kids to raise, telling we the parents, cooks, schedulers, drivers, advocates, cleaners, nutritionists, coaches, science project doers, organizers and worst of all enablers not empowerment teachers, reciting case studies on proper parenting. Look at the data and the new word, analytics. That’s where to find answers not necessarily the truth. Most recently the polls were wrong almost every poll out there was wrong. But he experts explained so intelligently, expertly and convincingly relying on obfuscation to relieve and explain why. But we still don’t and never will know the truth as is the case in most controversial issues and some that are not so controversial. Gotta win. Cheat? Just a little. What could be so bad?

They are the same “experts” who are overweight telling us how to lose weight and keep it off. Look at ME. I did it. So can you. But for how long? The Yo-Yo affect eventually wins. Can we see the actual,  not altered like school grades, of the success rates for the weight loss industry. Same for smoking, drinking, drugging, etc.

The same “experts” hustling child raising, parenting, marriage, spirituality, faith, relationships, addictions most of whom don’t have kids, are single perhaps with multiple divorcees and hooked on the appeal they get from folks who listen to them the “experts”. Just send your money to the “legitimate” hustler hiding behind whatever facade is their mission. Even Dorothy and Toto uncovered cheating and fraud. Books, tapes and videos will cost extra. No money today. That’s okay. Next week you will get your Social Security check which you can use for payment. Get fresh food with your leftover money.

Kids are told how great they are, how wonderful their performance was and how much everyone likes what they do.

Results of this rather limited child raising can be seen by watching sports, where on every play there are multiple high fives, fist taps, daps, chest pumps and celebrations for doing what they are suppose to be doing. On every play!!! Watch a game and the proof is right there.

Coaches can’t coach, they must coddle and affirm their players even when they are not deserving of praise.

Teachers? I don’t know how and why they do what they do. The kids are never in the wrong. When a teacher should be proving discipline, teaching respect, honesty and building character and integrity they, the teachers, are subject to ridicule and even banishment for doing the things parents are suppose to be doing. Why? Because school leadership comes in for 2-3 years, messes up what works, endures staff exodus and then the leaders leave to repeat the process in another school district and for more money. Does anyone check references? If a leader is so good and valued would it not be incumbent of the school to retain such a valued leader? Oh wait. What exactly is Leadership?









Knowledge about the kids, staff, families and community



I guess all of the above is hard to sustain and maintain which is why it is difficult to retain LEADERS except like many of our elected leaders many of whom have the job for life but without the rituals, uniforms, ornaments, and head coverings of leaders who lead with immunity from cheating or they pay boo-koo bucks to make it go away which it does not, proof of which can be found by listening to the families and more importantly the kids.

Keep an open mind.

Keep It Simple – Keep It Real






I Think, Therefore???

Listen – Listen – Listen PLEASE LISTEN!!!

When listening to your favorite talk radio / television, podcast, news program or just about anyone who talks or is a guest offering their expertise write down the number of times you hear the words “I Think” spoken by an individual, panel, host, guest or even the delivery person with today’s take out meal eliminating the need to shop, prepare, cook and oh yuck: Clean-up.

Status symbols once were displayed by the bag containing your purchases at well known and soon to be obsolete brick and mortar stores. Status is now derived from the food facility bag displaying from where you bought your meal or better yet from where the delivery originated.

Everyone is saying “I Think” because they just don’t know. If the knew they would say “I Know” or “I Know for a Fact”. But be careful when listening to someone say “let me be perfectly honest with you” which means everything they said prior to making this exclamation is subject to being untrue, dishonest or a blatant lie. What is said and meant is to keep talking to seek agreement, affirmation and confirmation of convincingly spoken words thought to be accurate, perhaps true, yet doubt is cast among us since trust is nowhere to be found.

I suppose if we hear stuff often enough we tend to believe it whether it is true or not. I Think it is true but I Just Don’t know.

The truth may be out there, but where? Actually truth is and begins with you, me, us we, them, they, he, she, I and everyone else I overlooked. The most difficult thing to face – head on – is the truth, Our Truth which is painful, damaging and suppressed leading to all sorts of unhealthy conditions that can be reduced and eliminated if we could just face and conquer our own truth. Who can look in the mirror while washing your face or brushing your teeth? Can you look into your eyes and like who and what you see and what you have become? I Think you can, I Know you will someday soon!!!



Why Didn’t I Think of This? I Did!!!

An overlooked demographic for employment is the “Senior Citizen” market.

In addition to being prompt, professional, courteous, respectful, thorough, wise, intelligent, knowledgeable, team players, role models, conscientious, flexible, organized, communicative and otherwise nice to have around Senior Citizens of age to receive the earned privileged to which they contributed during the income earning years, relieve a huge economic and financial burden to corporations, businesses and agencies by not requiring health insurance since they, the Senior Citizens, usually receive their Healthcare Insurance form the Medicare System which, by the way, is very good.

This is a double winner for the hiring organization since they benefit from the value added Senior Citizen employee and they, the hiring organzaition, do not have to pay the high costs for Healthcare Insurance for their corps of Senior Citizens who also add value by being ready, willing and able to mentor the younger generations offering life skills and lessons learned and earned during their previous employment careers.



People Power, We Have It!!!

Good Monday Morning and welcome to my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary Blog where you can learn, grow, prosper, laugh and maybe think, just a little, about the world in which most of us exist.

Decades ago, at the four corner intersections of locations throughout our country stood four different gas stations all selling the same products and what were one services such as washing the windshield, checking the oil and offering to pass the time engaged in conversation especially if you knew the attendant servicing you and your car, which many of us did. If you stretch your imagination you may consider this “Social Behaviors”.

During the manufactured and controlled gas crisis, and for the next generation or two, gas prices have been controlled by the same small group (perhaps 1-3%) of the people who control almost all the money and finances of the world. Control, not just in Maxwell Smart and Agent 99.

Everyday, almost hourly, gas prices would rise. I believe a law was enacted stating that a gas station could only raise their gas prices once per day which may still be applicable today.

The People had the Power to influence and control gas prices.

All four corner gas stations priced their gas within a penny or two of each other. The simple way to affect change would be for the majority, if not all drivers, to purchase their gas from only one of the four corner options. The other three non-used gas stations would eventually lower their prices to reduce their inventory and keep their staff employed. The expert, certified, experienced, educated and worldly economists, theorists and strategists, more than likely, have a name for this to include in their college textbooks that kids must purchase (yet, more debt) and to which the scholarly elite must publish and contribute to keep their employment status. For me simple works best. You should know this if you read my Blog Posts, where you will find I am a simple guy which is why folks get along with me. They like the simple things in life.

To maintain the constant price reductions or until the price was set and maintained at an affordable and not confiscatory (like taxes) price then the process could continue until a more stable market was established.

Back then this was circulated among drivers who thought it to be a good plan, however most opted-out for convenience purposes and most likely, did not participate is this easy simple economic plan. We can be a lazy bunch, correct. Proof of our laziness can be found on one of your screens offering you an exact hour and minute count of how much time you spend (waste) on all your electronic devises. Go out and play, will ya!!!

Today we are presented with a situation built on convenience but the hidden agenda is economics, isn’t always. Plus, this is an addition to the “A-Social” world in which most of us exist.

Please take notice at supermarkets and the big retail brick and mortar stores which soon may be going the way of the neighborhood ruining malls.

You don’t have to search too far but will soon discover upon physical “check-out” that people are being replaced by yet another scan and screen combination.

Humans are being replaced by electronics with no personalities, charm, character, familiarity and a welcoming smile and a closing thank you very much have a nice day (see my Blog Post about cliches).

This is another form of conditioning and controlling the human species. Soon electronic check-out will replace but a few of the humans who offer more than their service. Many of the well known big store retailers began this many years ago offering merchandise with no human with whom a customer can interact . Grab and go just like food. Reduce the staff, load the racks with stuff and let the customer fend for themselves. It was once the hallmark of successful businesses to provide the very best customer service since without customers to service you have no business. I learned the value, importance and significance of customer service and many life lessons working as an eleven year old paperboy learning and honing my skills with my brother as my role-model and our parents advice and support.

In conclusion – Not Really-  (don’t just love those words especially when you are attending a lecture, seminar, training, forum or symposium where you learn about things you will never use in your work) let us gather our energy, engage ourselves with purpose and use only human staffed “check-out” lanes leaving the electronic check-outs vacant, bare and void of us.

The best thing to come out of this is perhaps, just perhaps, a job or two or more (yours) will be saved so folks can earn a few bucks for the basics no not food clothing and shelter but more of internet, phone and cable. But only for a brief period until elimination of brick and mortar, employees and customer service are upon us in full force, actually reduction / elimination.

By the way, Customer Service has been replaced by “Surveys”. See my previous Blog Post.

Also, if you read a bit carefully you will notice that my Blog Posts, though written on many different topics, are elementary and universal in their messages but you have to read my Blog Posts with an open mind and, more importantly, an open heart. Like our bodies everything is related, connected and has a purpose. So, too, does the body of my Blog. Yeah, I know the same is true for all the electronic devices out there except they don’t have the human touch.

See you in the check-out lane waiting to receive some good old fashioned, not yet obsolete, customer service.

Wouldn’t you like to know what the experts have planned for us next? It’s out there. We might have to look under a stone or two since we can’t move the boulders where this stuff is actually hidden waiting for release for control purposes.


Just like Colombo there’s one more thing.

Yesterday I was at a social event. I went up to the beverage station for a glass of water. The staffer serving had a unique combination of finger nail polish colors. It was tastefully done and not necessarily a Look at Me – Look at Me – Look at Me moment.

There was time when I would have made mention of the nail polish colors offering some comments about their appearance. However, in today’s world I held my words, backed away and left with my glass of water. Later during the event I went for a second glass of water only this time another guest was engaged in conversation about the the nail polish colors. When this guest was served and returned to their seat I asked for a glass of water and took a brave, bold and courageous step venturing into risky waters as I offered my affirmation to the young lady explaining I was reluctant and hesitant to do so on my first visit to her due to “societal” concerns we have been brainwashed to feel based on the many recent well known and highly publicized scandalous situations among leaders with leverage, influence and power (men) and women (subordinates). I explained my concerns and the young lady was most gracious in accepting my compliments. Her comforting words eliminated my fear of having an ulterior motive instead of being honest, trustworthy and appropriate as most of us are.

We must be cautious and careful in what we say, how we say it and to whom is the intended recipient of our words. I just don’t want to be wrong and hurt someones feelings though I have no intention ever of doing so. But, you never know how things will be received and interpreted. This is an apologetic world and thought must be given prior to words being spoken. That is, unless of course, if you are a leader contributing and part of the root cause of the toxic, venomous and poisonous world in which many of us are forced to exist.

Keep It Simple – Keep It Real


Power Up!!!













DEBT and , As Always, A Little Bit More, Perhaps Too Much Some Might Say!!!

Welcoming to my world: My Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary world where things come right at you to make you think and perhaps even laugh.

DEBT: Why do kids and families have to pay for college? I am not talking about “free college for all” as is uttered on the campaign trail.

No-No-No. I am writing about colleges and universities with endowments large enough to tear down and reconstruct all their buildings with money left over to pay for travel, vacations, theater, meals and other stuff to which leaders have been conditioned to believe they deserve and are “entitled” to (the same folks who reduce or eliminate “entitlements” to those in need) while some kids on campus are hungry.

How do kids begin their lives after “high”er education when they can only get “hired’ for low paying jobs or un-paid internships.


We love Heroes including the Hero sandwich also known as a Sub, Hoagie, Zeppelin, Torpedo, Poor Boy and Grinder.

Our manufactured heroes, the ones who bring us onion (see previous ONION Post) opportunities, provide, protect and serve for which we as a county ought to be collectively grateful and thankful which most of us are. That is until it is time for pay.

How many Military Veterans and First Responders are in need, right now, for medical services of all kinds. And where are we to provide for them, our Heroes? What happens to the money? Why are Homeless numbers and life taking incidences on the rise and growing everyday? Where is LEADERSHIP when needed the most? Folks were once there for us and would do it again but without money for medical care they will not have the chance to again serve or do much else except struggle, suffer and strain to survive.

Funding was given to the Veterans Administration. Where and to whom did the money go? Why has “Leadership” changed several times in the past few years? Why can’t the Veterans be served with pride, dignity and professional care?

Why does it take one “celebrity” endorsement to have voices heard?

Why can’t the right thing be done? Spike is right as always.

We can explain that “Y” is the 25th letter in the alphabet. We can explain that “Y” is the first letter in YMCA, YWCA and all the other “Y’s”. But we cannot explain “why” when it comes to having leaders not leading in the best interest of those they lead.

It is like business: Customer Service is the hallmark of successful ventures. Without customers to service there is no business. The same is true for “non-profit” type organizations. Service those in your care and to whom you are responsible.

Leaders: Do YOUR Job!!! That is YOUR only platform. Yes, you can golf, travel at our expense, send your kids to private schools, maintain your privacy which you will do regardless, but not until you Do YOUR Job. Have your share, cut, portion and consideration but put the rest into Doing Your Job. Take three dollars, keep your one and put the other two back into and for the people you lead.


Everything is great until it isn’t.

Everyone is wonderful until they are not.

Everything is the best until it is not.

Everything and Everyone are AMAZING (see previous Cliche Post) until it is not.

EXAMPLES: Are all over and abundant. Look into your world. Look at the world outside. You will be AMAZED!!!


COLOR: There is no Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Red or any combination of the color chart.

Green is the only color with universal representation.

I’d like to go to that restaurant, movie, event, etc but I don’t have the money- GREEN.

I love you I can’t afford you – GREEN

I want to travel, buy new stuff, but more stuff, join that group- club – organization: GREEN

I envy you: GREEN


Make a doctors appointment, travel arrangements or schedule your vehicle for service. Yes it can be done on-line and “in person” using your phones.

After you make the initial appointment you receive:

E-mail Conformation almost immediately

E-mail Reminder to Confirm the appointment a few days before the appointment

Voice Mail reminder: Press 0 to select your language. Press 1 to confirm. Press 2 to cancel. Press 3 to change. Press 4 to speak with a human. Press 5 to listen to the message again. Press 6 if you forgot to Press any of the other numbers. Say Yes not only to The Dress but to confirm the confirmation. And you thought only kids go through Confirmation.

Text message reminder of your appointment with a phone number to call with the same stuff I just wrote about in the Voice Mail reminder.

Reminder Message sent to your Patient Portal. Now what’s my password?

Now for the SURVEY or SURVEYS asking: How am I doing? Were you satisfied? Please take a few moments, not minutes, moments are brief minutes can be eternal according to the survey experts. Think about it. When someone asks, “Hey you gotta few minutes, this will just take 2 seconds”. You know you will be there for more than just a few moments.

Surveys ask deep probing questions wanting to extract from you the type of quality care, service and performance you received. Do you go right to the columns, either on the extreme left or right margins where the highest scores appear and just click, or is it check all those boxes not wanting to tell the actual truth in case someone may be at risk for losing their job and you don’t want to be the cause or are you, with the power of the mouse, one of those who read, analyze and ponder each question then proceed to sow your might.

Surveys after service. More of the same with space for comments, sort of subjective and objective balance except for the Power of Definition which you have as the Survey Filler Outer.

Surveys are like the recycle bins. Eventually everything ends up in the same place.

Everyone wants to know how they did which is a form of Look at me – Look at Me – Look at Me similar to 5 year old kids who show Grandma and Grandpa they can tie their sneakers which many elders have trouble doing: Velcro, loafers and slip-ons for Elders.

Do you complete tour surveys immediately while thoughts and events are easily gathered or do you wait a day or more when there is nothing else in your inbox and when when time has allowed wounds to heal, egos to be tempered and facts to be jumbled?

Remember and Don’t Forget. I never remember anything I forget and I never forget anything I remember!!!

Keep It Simple – Keep It Real


Power Up!!!










More Random Stuff!!!

Welcome to yet another Post for my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary BLOG

What has often been written, spoken and worth repeating here at my BLOG Command Center.

I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.

The difficult takes some time, the impossible takes a little longer.

In order to get there first you must leave.

What we do good nobody remembers, what we do bad nobody forgets.

I never forget anything I remember and I never remember anything I forget.

Folks like the simple things in life which is why they get along with me.


College Tuition aka DEBT:

DEBT: The worst of the worst “four letter words”.

Why does any kid have to pay for college.

Let’s have an Senior Investigative Reporter or a Junior Investigative Reporter or better yet a novice who can find their way through the myriad of distractions to investigate colleges and their ENDOWMENTS. All that is needed is full disclosure (right!!!) and a following of the money trail. There must be more than enough money to relieve the burden of kids attending college, learning and working beyond the classroom and incurring DEBT for those who pay the bills.

Where does all that donated money go?

Who is living off the expense account? Not spending my money, spending OPM. I’d never do that if I had to pay for it. _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Speaking of Colleges and Universities, why are some schools known as University of______________ while other schools are known as ____________ University?


Colleges / Universities are great places to retire. Being around young folks keeps you vibrant, engaged, aware, involved, active, as well as, young in mind, body, spirt and soul. Dynamic rather static. You don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing.

Think about it: Colleges and Universities offer Art, Theater, Music, Concerts, Sports, Classes, Travel, Street Fairs, Lectures, Gym, Community, Festivals, Libraries, Connection to Causes, Events and more, as well as, perhaps shuffleboard, water aerobics, bingo, book clubs, cards and dinner at 4 PM


If you think about it we have been negatively conditioned since youth, maybe birth. A brief sample list includes the following and much more I am not thinking of right now but I am sure you can add to my DON’T List.

DON’T go outside with wet hair, DON’T swim after eating (must wait an hour), DON’T talk with your mouth full, DON’T sit like that, DON”T crack your knuckles, DON’T wear THAT!!!, DON’T drink from the hose, use filtered water like we have in the house since we DON’T know what is in the tap water nor do we know what is in the bottled and /or filtered water though we must TRUST somebody.

A rebellious, I’ll show you, I’m doing it my way not yours and Watch Me or is it the Look At Me, Look At Me, Look At Me generation taking all the DON’TS and making them DO’S. That’s just nature at least in our civilized society and culture.


There is my way, your way, his way, her way, their way and ways coming at you from many sources and of course there is the RIGHT WAY which you create by using YOUR Power of Definition

When you read the internet, whether truth lurks, you will find you are doing soooooooooooooo many things WRONG such as:

*Raising Kids*Managing or is it mismanaging money*Laundry *Folding Clothes *Holding a drink*Eating a Cupcake*Storing Peanut Butter*Eating Pizza*Eating most everything else*Cleaning*Baking Potatoes*Ironing*Slicing Food*Sleeping*Cooking especially your thanksgiving turkey which for some reason still offers an 800 number to call for cooking instructions or maybe that has been replaced by internet info. I can’t remember so I’ll just wait until November*Storing Stuff (just throw it in the drawer)*Pumping Gas*Getting Dressed (do you out on your shoes then your pants?*Shaving*Exercising: one trainer says this way another says that way* PLACING THE TOILET PAPER????

Usually whichever way you do something is fine until you meet and worse live with someone who corrects you having it their way just like a burger. Regardless of how you do things there will always be someone suggesting you do it their way. For Peace, be a little flexible even to the point of anticipating their moves which is why learning the game of chess is so vital. Perhaps leaders should play chess instead of playing with our stuff even though we know sharing is satisfying, gratifying and just plain good.


Keep It Simple Keep It Real





Hint for today’s BLOG: Change-Thank You

Good Thursday Morning and welcome to another edition, or is it addition of, or is it, to my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary brought to you by, paid for and sponsored by me.

Today’s Post is brief  which is a change from previous Posts. More about change as you read.

SYK which means So You Know instead of the more familiar FYI. See I Changed something. You will know when it is time to change because your world my be filled with contents of a diaper that needs to be changed. There is no better place for change than there unless of course you have never done this loving task for babies and those in the more advanced years in need of assistance in the most personal situation. I think it is called LOVE even if your hire someone to do it for your loved ones.

By the way, I have known guys who bragged that they never did or would they ever change their babies diapers. “That’s why I have a wife” was their cry. Same guys never leave a Tip at a restaurant, golf course or for those who provide services such as delivering the mail, collecting the garbage, protecting the public and way back paperboys like me and my brother. Oh, we got tips from about 95% of our customers but there were always a few who never tipped and demanded more and more services which of course we provided knowing that we just cannot please those who live miserable existences complaining all the time. Oh yeah, the tips were always given to us using change (coins) and we were happy to receive the tips.

Speaking of change. You just don’t find much, if any, change (coins) on the ground anymore. REASON: Credit Cards. No need for cash resulting in change (coins).

The goal of this Post, like all my Posts, is for readers to raise their awareness, open their eyes, minds, hearts and thoughts while taking notice of the ever changing world in which we exist.

When did we begin referring to folks as their title Chef, Doctor, Nurse, Coach, Officer followed by their first name. It must be the warm fuzzies all grown up.

Example: Nurse Gwen – Coach Don, Doctor Chris, Chef Pierre, Officer Dave, etc.

I was introduced to my parents friends, aka, Mr. Davis, Mrs. Walker, etc. When I became an adult (though many question this transition) I met these folks it was still Mr. Davis, Mrs. Walker and so forth. I have heard kids refer to their parents using their parents first name. Like the world of creativity, art and music I just can’t get there.

Example: Watch for it. Listen to it. Decide to become part of it. It is your choice.

Please take notice of the almost, but not yet though it is circulating throughout the world of all forms of communications, ever present in opening remarks by a speaker, guest, host and facilitators of most every panel, discussion and presentation.

It is becoming custom, ritual and will be a tradition (unless of course change takes over) to have the opening remarks and commentary begin with “Thank You” and if you stay until the end you will hear the obligatory Thank You’s repeated.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you taking your time from your, I know, your very busy schedule.

Thank you for being here.

Thank you for having me on your show / program.

Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for thanking me /us.

Often the Thank You is followed by an explanation, purpose and cause to attend whatever it is folks are attending or in which they are participating.

I know none of this is new or even worthy of thought or discussion but I just want folks to take notice of one small part of their world that is changing forever or at least until the next time change is upon us.

Change is, of course, the one constant that is always changing. To what, we won’t know until it is part of our culture. We will wait and see if it is worthy of change because, as we have been told by the certified, credentialed, educated and worldly experts, the more things change the more things change. I’ll bet you were anticipating the more cliche of cliches which I will not put here.

Does anyone write Thank You notes / letters? Nah, maybe send a Thank You using text, e-mail, emoji or other impersonal method to extend your thanks. Or do we let our  Thank You’s go the way of our Dreams.

Finally, for those who do, Thank You for reading my BLOG Posts!!!

Keep it Simple – Keep it Real




Yes, Then What and Other Random Thoughts!!!

Welcome to my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary where you will read, think, grow, laugh, prosper and perhaps raise your awareness about life, your life, in general.

By the way, I hope you can get past my speling and gramar misstakes.


Yes!!! Yes !!! Yes!!!

No this not about biological and physiological fulfillment. It is about events that occur when you get a “YES”.

EXAMPLE: I want to preface this POST by informing readers that although I am using generic gender references I am including all identities.

There is a young man who wants to go to a movie. He asks a girl who tells him, “No I can’t go because it is my Grandparents anniversary which I will be attending. Okay. Fine. He asks a second girl and is told that she and her girl friends are having a “Girls Night Out”. Okay. Fine. He asks a third girl who says, ” yes, I will go out with you, thanks for asking”. See, what guys still don’t know, especially with all the social movements that have occurred the past 50 years and more,  is that girls still, even in modern times, like to be asked. It makes one feel important, noticed, worthy and a whole bunch more including just being thought about. I know what you are thinking. Yeah, why wasn’t the third girl asked first. Well (Ronald Regan) stop second guessing everything. Take life as it comes by making good things happen for yourself and others as well.

Now the “fun” begins. It is decision making time, The following are encumbrances, perhaps impediments, that must be overcome so the time together can be simple, enjoyable and fun.

What movie do want to see? There are three I like. What about your choices? Here again there are too many choices which affects the decision making similar to deciding which ice cream to order, what to watch among the 900 channels and which pair of shoes to choose.

What time do you want to see the movie? I like the 7 PM show but if you want to see the 10 PM show I am okay with that.

Which movie theater? I like the one with those comfy reclining seats, unobstructed views and clean bathrooms. Yes, everyone cares about clean bathrooms except at outdoor events where the portable toilets overflow with folks walking in puddles for relief.

Do you want to eat before or after the movie? I prefer before since eating late at night keeps me awake. What kind of food do you prefer? I’m open to anything? It’s your call.

Shall I pick you up at your home? Do you want to meet at the movie? Depending on what time and where we choose I can do either except that if we choose the movie across town from where I work then it is best if we meet at the movie theater. What do you think?

What to wear? Nuff said!!!

You get the idea. When you get a “No”it’s over. Nothing more to say, think and do. But when you get a “Yes”, oh my, the things that must happen to make it happen.

The same scenario occurs during the job search, buying a car, the college journey, finding a place to live and of course everyone’s all time favorite: “What’s for dinner”

We get rejected more than we get accepted. We “lose” more than we win”. Learning and growing from a loss is actually a WIN!!! Success comes so infrequently we don’t know how to handle it. There are those who run from and deny themselves success. By the way, denial is the longest river in the world, I think. I should fact check with a search engine or listening device. Too much to handle including stress, tension and anxiety. I’ll settle in my comfort zone of mediocrity. Why risk more rejection? We make excuses for failure instead of providing REASONS for SUCCESS. What are your REASONS?


Oops!!! I forget my lunch, keys, papers, raincoat, etc. etc. etc.

With all the conveniences of reminders we have such as daily – weekly – monthly planners, alarms, notices, calendars (manual and electronic), post it notes magnetically attached to the fridge, white boards with color coded markers for the names of those who need to do whatever (I’m the blue, no I’m the blue and thus the day begins), next to the front door, notes on torn pieces paper left on the kitchen counter-top or whatever other methods you use, to remind yourself, to have everything in place to start your day or leave home for an outing we still FORGET Stuff. I never remember anything I forget and I never forget anything I remember.

Maybe, just maybe, we have too much stuff to remember (no, I am not going to write that we have too much on our plates. Oops I just did. Oh those nasty cliches). This happens using only about 10% percent of our cranium capacity according to the experts. Same is true for computer usage or so we are told. Ten percent. We can do better. Let’s challenge ourselves. Go for 11%. Double numbers are known to be lucky but I can’t remember who wrote and said that and worse I can’t remember where and when I first learned this tidbit of useless information of which there are many to choose. Yet another decision!!! Yet another need for reminders!!! Yet more time sent on remembering and reminding that actually DOING!!!


‘Tis the season. Not the holiday season though if you check your calendars you will find that every month has a day for recognition, observation, celebration, no school /work and 50% off at the stores. Except August which is reserved for summer vacations with no need to be around to buy flowers, gifts and sit in restaurants for hours at long tables which are socially weak since you cannot listen and often see those at the other end. Round tables are better. Maybe the Knights were Right to keep everyone in Sight which can cause a Fright especially at Night even in areas away from Blight when it should be a Delight with no need to Fight.

The warm weather season gives us freedom from the bundles and layers of clothes needed to keep warm, outdoors time since we have been existing indoors in the warmth of our homes except for the unfortunate street folks who we dismiss. It’s their choice. They don’t want help. REALLY. Maybe it’s our choice not to help. Too busy trying to remember all the stuff I forgot.

It is time for the rude, crude and socially unacceptable to spread their wings and fly into our space with their loud music coming from their vehicles, late night on the back deck over imbibing and indulging and just plain thoughtless selfish attitudes and behaviors not caring about those around them focusing on their own belly buttons. It’s all about me. What other guy? Does anyone exist but me? Look at Me!!! Look at Me!!! Look at Me!!!

Have you ever had someone, over the phone, yell, scream, holler, accuse, curse, harass and badger you about an issue they believe is larger than life? If you are one of those people who does this please refrain. It is ugly, nasty and without cause. Please do not disrespect those wanting to provide help. Please do not shed your miserable existence on us by causing misery. Please do not bully someone in an attempt to make you feel good about yourself and to elevate your position from the bottom step or lower on a ladder. One of the words in the opening of this POST is Civil. Can you be that?


Whenever someone tells you, “it’s easy anyone can do it” be prepared to keep asking for help until you finally get it and then find yourself telling someone,” it’s easy anyone can do it”. This is similar to following directions. I listen understand and comprehend. Yet I still seek help to get to the destination.



In the 1960’s our country was in recovery from World War II. Prosperity was in vogue and folks were enhancing their positions at work and at home. Residential and commercial suburban development and sprawl was in fashion and offered an option (choice) from bulging cities.

Television was gaining momentum and with it conditioning of habit forming behaviors was upon us. Subliminal messages are not so subliminal or are they?

There are three things that occur to indicate society is in jeopardy (without Alex and Contestants).

First, language is disrespected. We just don’t care what we say. Example provided below.

Second, the gap beteween the haves and have-nots is greater. Take a look around.

Third, no TRUST in leadership. Listen to the NEWS. Observe at work. Look in your backyard.

EXAMPLE: On prime time network, pre-cable television, Hell and Damn were delivered to a nation of viewers. The country was infuriated. Boycotts of sponsors happened. The fall was inevitable. A country in moral crisis.

Today with all the outlets available hell and damn are the least of concerns. Kids are exposed to not only language usage flaws but images of violence, crime, disaster, human behaviors and much more all indicating that these are normal, acceptable and proper values. Adults are exposed to the same stuff only it is called NEWS.

When we hear and see the same images and events over and over we become DESENSITIZED which is why language and the timeliness of inappropriate usage abounds. We seem not to care what we say and to whom we say it. When you hear Lenny and Georges words repeatedly those words become un-empowering since after all they are just words and why not use them for emphasis, affect and shock. Like most things in life there is a time and place for them as well. Maybe in a more selected forum and arena. Strength and power come when you have an opportunity to do something and choose not to. I hope you have enough money to buy a luxury car and then choose to buy a less luxurious car while satisfying and rewarding yourself for your achievements without the need for others to Look at Me!!! Look at Me!!! Look at Me!!!

DESENSITIZED: The word was used this mourning (no need for spell check here) on the  morning news when the reporter was reporting on another mass shooting. Does this word need to be added to my list of Cliches. Let us all think and believe otherwise.

Keep It Simple – Keep It Real













This BLOG Post is called the ONION because ONIONS make you cry . There are tears of happiness, joy and of course sadness.

ONIONS became popular about 30-40 years ago when talk type television shows had guests tell their “STORIES” all of which made the audience and viewers cry.

Modern day network news programs present their shows with disasters, corruption, crime, murders, horror, and so forth but they always seem to end with a 30-40 second ONION story that makes you forget all the terrible events just presented.

While ONIONS make you cry nobody ever felt good when slicing and dicing (sorry Clyde) ONIONS as part of meal preparation.

EXAMPLE: Many are times when an ONION story is told showing an elementary school kid engaged in elementary school stuff when all of a sudden out of nowhere (at least to the kid) their parent arrives either from behind a door, in a costume or mostly in full Military Uniform. The parent and kid have not seen each other in months since the parent has been deployed overseas protecting our country. The reaction by the kids is usually hands to face in shock, tears flowing, an embrace and jumping into the awaiting parents arms squeezing and hugging  never wanting to let go. These scenes are most often delivered without dialogue or conversation but just the soft, soothing and comforting voice of the reporter delivering the ONION story. The camera zooms in for a close-up and then fades away as the scene for television purposes is over just in time for more reality, or is it, tv.

This type of scenario is presented in various ways but the message is always the same: ONIONS – Tears- Heroes.

Growing up in Philly I always ate a hoagie which is also known as a torpedo, poor boy, grinder, zeppelin, sub, and of course HERO.

Currently the search for heroes is never ending. The Military and First Responder’s are cast as Heroes but they will say they are not the Heroes but with our desire and thirst for a HERO we have chosen the sacrificing, caring, passionate folks who wear all the different kinds of uniforms which in today’s world offer a resource, status, recognition, appreciation, except of course, for those who develop life threatening illnesses that create strained and difficult times for their families especially when claims for insurance coverage are delayed or worse denied.

I am no HERO, probably the furthest thing from a HERO however the word is defined. Definition is where power lives and if you have the power to define, such as naming your kids, you have power. You may not be EMPOWERED but for briefest of moments you have power even if it is just for 30-40 seconds which for many of us is a long time, especially with a world where attention spans have been reduced, eliminated and “cured” with medication.

I am no HERO but I do have a story outdated, obsolete and remote as it is.

I served in the Military for just under four years. It was, for me an awakening, eye opening and rewarding time which came when I needed something, I just didn’t know what.

I was stationed overseas for over three years and was briefly home for a week or two between assignments. After a couple of days home and with none of the neighborhood kids around I awaited my return to duty with eagerness.

This is not about my time in service but about my ONION Story of coming home.

Many of the guys with whom I was stationed talked about going home to parades, fanfare and celebration. I was fortunate to have access to a vehicle and drove many of my buddies to the airport as they prepared to return home. I listened to their stories of expectations and never knew if those expectations were realized.

All their stories made me think and plan for my return home. I figured I have one chance (not the rapper) at going home and I want to make it a bit different though I knew I was not alone is this desire.

Letters home and back to me never contained information about my impending return home. On my part this was intentional. For my family, they never asked. I knew they wanted to know but it would have to come from me. Their only hope was that I came home in one piece and alone just like at birth with 10 fingers and 10 toes. My family empowered me. I made the decision and choice not to tell them.

When time came I flew in a airplane (not on the airplane, thanks George for making us think) for what seemed like an eternity all along knowing my Military service was just about complete and it was time to move on.

After a 20 or so hour flight I arrived in The United States on the West Coast. It was about four PM local time. I was directed to a barracks for transient folks entering and leaving our country.

I laid on the bunk for a few hours but the energy and anticipation of the event made it difficult to sleep. Besides my scheduled flight across the country to the East Coast was set to depart around 11 PM so falling asleep at 4-5 PM was quite difficult sort of like trying to get kids to nap in nursery school at 10:30 in the morning. Even with warm milk and graham crackers there was no way I was going to sleep back then. Recess was better since I could run, yell, scream, holler, play with a ball, swing on the swings and let out all the energy sleep was supposed to diffuse. Wrong. Let’s get RECESS back in the schools and watch the kids reduce their anxiety and stress, eliminate the medications and focus and concentrate on their work even with all the electronic distractions.

At 11:30 PM the plane departed for the 6-7 hour non-stop flight home. Like most things in life, especially in modern times, waiting is a big part of the PROCESS. PROCESS has become a popular word: The PROCESS. Lets PROCESS. Know The PROCESS. Do you have anything you want/ need to PROCESS? Add it to the list of cliches from a previous BLOG Post.

In full uniform I arrived in my hometown airport. I gathered my “stuff” which consisted of a bulky cumbersome duffle bag, garment bag for uniforms so they would not get creased, though I don’t know why I did this since I would not be wearing them anytime soon and what was once called a “ditty bag” used for smaller stuff. I guess it is part of discipline and respect for the uniform and myself.

I labored to the outside and took a taxi from the airport to the subway, aka, The El short for elevated train or subway if you will. The train took me to the bus station where I took a bus to Dad’s office. By the way, I stood in the train watching as commuters hid their eyes and faces behind their morning newspapers. Nobody made eye contact, nobody offered a seat (which I would not have accepted because that is who I am, even today), nobody said hello, nobody said welcome home, nobody did anything which was and still is fine with me. All this is in direct contrast to what ONIONS are today. Times change. Impressions change. Opinions change).

Dad was Civilian Commander of the local Army Base. The bus let me off at the front gate where I proceed to sign in telling the guards my coming home story. The all knew The Chief, as Dad was known. I called Dads office in hopes that his secretary Mary, who I knew, from our days of visiting Dad at work though we spent most of the time at the swimming pool. Once dried off from the pool and changed into “civies” (civilian clothes) we always stopped by Dad’s office for visit and our ride home since Mom took my brother and I on two buses to get the Army Base. We loved seeing Dad but we enjoyed Mary since she always had a candy dish ready for our awaiting grasp which usually contained Mary Jane candy appropriately named for Mary. Mary did answer the phone and I told her of my arrival and to please not tell Dad I was there.

Back at the Main Gate Guard House a jeep arrived to transport me to Headquarters Office where Dad worked. My “stuff” stayed at the Guard House allowing for ease of movement.

I climbed the steps, opened the front door and entered the building. I was told Dad’s office was on the second floor. I got there and don’t remember if my feet touched the ground. I went around a corner through a doorway and saw Mary standing, holding her hands to her face (like the kids on television in the ONION) and she was crying. She pointed me to Dad’s office. When I got there I hugged the wall easing my way into the open door. I said, “Dad”. Dad picked his head up from his work and said “my son”. We hugged, embraced and shed a tear or two. We talked for a few minutes and then it was off to the mess hall, aka cafeteria, for breakfast with Dad and some of the guys. I knew Dad was proud even without his words, Dad’s smile could illuminate even the darkest of space, time and hour. I always called Dad “The Rock” because of his strength of character, priced, dignity and compassion. My Dad is my HERO and role model even though he is not with me.

After breakfast Dad gave me the keys to his car and told me to go find Mother. Here again I had no plan only to surprise Mom. Mom’s daily ritual and routine included a walk to the neighborhood stores to visit folks, get her hair done and buy dinner for that evening.

I parked the car in front of our home. The front door to our home was closed so I thought Mom may be occupied in the house. Wrong. The car keys included the house key and I entered our home, took a deep breath, felt the love and yelled for Mom. No response. Mom must be out at the neighbors or at the stores. I called my brother who lived about a mile away. He happened to be working from home well before today’s fashionable trendy world of tele-commnute, work from home and remote working arrangements. Within a few minutes he was home. We hugged, shook hands and simultaneously said lets find Mom. My brother drove his car as I was shotgun peering out the windows looking for Mom on her route to and from the neighborhood. No luck. I went into all the stores she patronized which were all of them. Mrs. Feldman at the bakery gave me a cookie. The deli where my brother and I both worked while in high school offered lunch, “Come sit down for a while and we’ll catch-up”. I told them I’ll be back in a day or two.

Brother and I got back in his car and headed home where we hoped Mom would be. Brother parked behind Dad’s car. From the street I saw Mom standing in the doorway behind the screen door with a troubling, puzzling and confused look on her face which I later learned was fear due to Dad’s car being home and he wasn’t.

I got out of brothers car, stood in the street and looked at Mom. She started to shake, tremble and cry holding onto the door safety bar. As I got closer I saw her face which pained me at first but relief came upon me as Mom opened the door, said nothing and held me like a newborn for what seemed like an eternity but was only a few minutes. Mom did not want to let go which she finally did since I told Mom with all this excitement I needed to go the bathroom.

We immediately went to the kitchen table, the hub, the universe, the center of our world, the statement of our home. Mom made tea, and of course a cookie or two, for the three of us and calm soon came upon us. The kitchen table where life was discussed, decisions were made, comfort was lived, feelings let out, meals were consumed, love was spread, homework was done and the table where the weekly Pinochle card game was played with its own cast of characters.

I was HOME. On my terms. My Definition. My Empowerment. My Decision. Not like most but for me it worked as is evident by the tears or is it The ONION?

The strength of a society and culture is family however it is defined for you.

Like most things in life you don’t miss it until you don’t have it.

Keep It Simple  Keep it Real