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About six months ago our kids bought us an electronic device which is activated by one of us loudly saying Hey______ and in an instant questions are answered, music plays and the weather is offered for our convenience since we, like most folks these days are too LAZY to go outside for a few seconds to check weather conditions. Is it longs and longs, longs and shorts, shorts and shorts, jackets, hats, gloves, scarves, boots or not? Wait just asked the device experts.

Speaking of the electronic device, there has been an increase in those annoying, interfering and untimely phone calls, human and not human or is that inhuman. Is it a coincidence or is it because we have the new electronic device that knows when we are sitting down to a meal (where we often have topical conversations not about other people and their stuff but more of an intellectual, cerebral and spirited dialogue amongst us), on the land line, which we still have or more significantly on our way to the bathroom.

It knows when we are eating, it knows when we’re at work, it knows when we don’t want talk to them and it is hard to be good for goodness sake. We better watch out. We won’t cry, yet. Something or somebody is out there, like the X-Files truth. I have a big brother and I know he is not watching but perhaps somebody’s brother or like kind figure, human or not, is.


On a completely different topic, I have an update to a few of my previous BLOG Posts about kids of which, even at my advanced age, am proud to say,  I am one at least in spirit and heart not necessarily in abilities or technological knowledge. Remember, I still have and use a Flip-Phone!!!

The following has little, if any, relevance except that it all benefits kids. What follows is a statement about kids, learning and empowerment. It might be considered “out of the box thinking” but anyone who has ever worked with kids will understand and relate to the contents of this correspondence.

There are two unwritten and undocumented rules in business: Know Your Product, Know Your Customers. The same is true for education.

I know Kids and how they think, understand, learn, behave, respond and process the learning experience. Kids first. When you have their attention, trust and confidence they can be taught, guided, empowered, inspired and motivated to learn. When you listen to kids, rather than judge them, they are at the ready to proceed with learning and life in general.

PLAY. When PLAY is NOT in the plan the kids are being set up to meet with less success than those kids who are allowed, permitted and ENCOURAGED to PLAY. Many life lessons are learned on the field of play without yelling, screaming, hollering, badgering, annoying, embarrassing, parents in their space. Let the kids play. They know they need to PLAY. So please let kids PLAY!!!

The following is a brief list of Life Lessons Learned on the Field of PLAY:








Conflict Resolution

Social Interaction



Time Management


Decision Making

Critical Thinking








Getting Dirty which is just great!!!


One of the best teachers is the game of CHESS.

In addition to the Life Skills listed above CHESS teaches:


Critical Thinking


Quickness of Thought







Value (especially the Queen)

Controlling Emotions

Body Language Signals


Closing the Game





Teachers wear many hats and for many kids are a role model, parent, counselor, advisor, mentor and leader which actually is quite a burden and load for teachers to handle, manage and control. For many, that is why they are teachers because they get satisfaction, joy and reward by preparing the next generation for the challenges of the future. Keep in mind, there are just as many disappointments, frustrations and annoyances with teachers, however, most teachers will say that one success story far outweighs the many stories that are not as successful.

The basics of teaching: Know your stuff. Know your kids. It is that simple. Simple works best, which is why folks get along with me, since they like the simple things in life.

Empowerment: Kids love to be empowered and thoroughly enjoy actually doing the things they learned. Better yet watch as a kid teachers another kid what they have just learned. Kids become teachers to and for kids. WOW!!!

BOREDOM: When kids, and all people for that matter, are BORED nothing good happens. Not saying that kids have to be completely occupied and immersed in an activity all day every day. Just saying that kids need to have Things To Do To Fight BOREDOM, The Enemy Of Us All. By the way, a college research paper I completed over 40 years ago on Juvenile Delinquency (remember that label?) concluded that most negative, inappropriate and illegal behaviors occurred between the hours of school dismissal and midnight. Not much has changed except perhaps that the window has been expanded. The credentialed, certified and pedigreed experts have suggested many changes and alternative methods to teaching and behavior management and similar to fashion and hair styles most repeat themselves, with different jargon, over time. As with many things in life, the BASICS work. Perhaps, this is a good time to return to the BASICS rather than burdening the education professionals with yet another whimsical, research rich set of rules, regulations, encumbrances and failures.

G: Verb. Get Up Get Out Get Going. PLAY. PLAY. PLAY. PLAY is productive in so many ways and not just for kids

By the way, the three bold highlighted items just mentioned are titles of my three, as of yet, unpublished books so if anyone is reading this who can be of assistance in having my three books published please let me know at

Keep away from the “SCREENS”!!! Telephones, Computers, Tablets, I-Pads, Televisions and whatever else distracts kids from being kids. They need to have electronic access which is an empowering tool but teach the kids that it is just one tool of many that can make them strong, prepared, enriched and enlightened.

Examples are always the best explanations so here goes:


When our son was in summer day camp I would pick him up around noon. At home we would eat lunch and he would relax until 2 PM when he and I would ride bikes, swim or attempt to fish at the mud hole. This got old real fast and I knew I had to do something. I went back to the days of my youth. My wife and I got on the telephone and sent e-mails to the families of the kids from day camp who I knew were in town and probably struggling with the same boredom as my son and I. Our message was simple: Pick-up baseball at the park. Bring your glove, bat and water. The first day nine kids showed up and I did infield and batting practice with them. By the third day 26 kids showed up ranging in age from third to ninth grade. I appointed two kids as managers/captains. They had to choose teams fairly, make the batting order and assign field positions which were to be changed every inning or two so that each kid had the chance to play as many positions as desired. I did the pitching to keep the game moving. Kids came on foot, by bike, on scooters, and by car. Parents could stay or they could do whatever they had or wanted to do. I scheduled the game to go from 2-4 PM when parents would arrive to take their kids home. No one wanted to be first to take their kid home and many were the times that we played until 6 PM when I would take the initiative by shutting things down. The kids went home tired, hungry and ready for tomorrow. Often I would get calls at home from kids and parents wanting to know if the game was on for tomorrow. This is what kids should be doing. Playing without the yelling, screaming, hollering, structure, trophies, pictures and goodie bags. The kids were outdoors where they belong having fun, resolving their own issues, learning about life and just having fun at play. On the weekends if there was a game I let other Dads, who were busy during the week, get involved and be part of the action as I sat back and watched. At first they wanted to do everything but soon learned and were encouraged by me to back away and let the kids be kids. All those kids are now in college or working. When they around and we meet their first remarks are about the great time and fun they had playing “Pick-Up” baseball at the park and they always ask, “hey coach, game today”?


During the summer months I would take my 30 foot long jump rope to the park along with our two kids.

I would tie one end of the jump rope to a bench or tree while I took the other end and twirled the rope so the kids could do their jumping. The kept count and when they needed a break they would jump out get, some water, wipe their sweaty brows and jump back in.

As always the park was filled with kids most of whom were friendly with our kids. The other kids would come over to our jump rope spot and with a bit of curiosity watched for a few minutes and either they asked our kids if they could jump in or they would just look at me with a gesture or use their eyes to ask if they could jump in  All I  did was motion with my hand to jump in and jump in they did.

The kids were quite creative in their jumping. Some wanted to go it alone while others, after a few jumps by themselves, asked others to join them making a 2,3,4 and a few more kids jumping at the same time. I was so bold as to ask all the kids if they wanted to jump at the same time to see how many rotations they could. After multiple practice sessions I lined 22 kids in a single line all of varying ages and heights from 2nd graders to high school kids yes even high school age kids wanted to be part of the action.

The result of the kids’ tenacious efforts and my determination to have them achieve a goal was that those 22 kids managed to jump 18 consecutive rotations. Subsequently the same and even greater numbers were achieved. It was wonderful to see the older kids encourage the younger kids. By the way the younger kids in a family generally turn out to be the better athletes since they, the younger kids, are constantly playing with their siblings older friends.

Most of our jump rope evenings had a large number of kids jumping. Even more wonderful was number of “grown-ups” watching, (as grown-ups do these days and for the past generation or two), some even offering to turn the rope so I could get a drink for myself. It was quite heartwarming to see, especially the younger kids, run up to their parents yelling “I did it, I did it”.

A night of jump roping did not go by that most every grown-up, many of whom I knew from the school and local community, came to me and said “Thanks”.

The kids not only jumped rope they learned about themselves and what they could accomplish. They raised their confidence, awareness and self esteem. They learned that the big kids are fun to play with. They learned social skills. They learned patience waiting their turn to jump. They learned about life from PLAY.

Add to my narrative a ball to kick, bike to ride, hill to climb, puddle to splash in, tree to climb, swing to swing upon and all the other positive, healthy, productive, engaging fun things for kids to do and watch them excel in school.

The cynics, doubters and critics will rip apart my unsubstantiated, unprofessional and unworthy theory and process. That is fine with me.

When I was a kid I was taught: Those who can, do. Those who can’t, don’t and won’t merely talk. The talkers are experts knowledgeable in their field harnessing gathered data and transforming it into a rather substantial collection of research covering hundreds if not thousands of pages. Who reads, understands and uses the contents? Who can comprehend hundreds and thousands of pages of stuff such as The Federal Budget, The Mueller Report and The Mt. Laurel housing decision? Very few, if any, at all. But ask yourself, who can PLAY? EVERYBODY!!!

Keep it Simple Keep It Real


Power Up!!!




What Has Happened and Why Is it Happening?

Welcome to my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary.  There will be mistakes in spelling, grammar, word usage, syntax whatever that is and other mistakes as well. Not to worry since mitsakes are a part of the human condition. I know, I know, we don’t want our doctors, mechanics, tradesmen/women, repairmen/women, accountants, lawyers and others to make mitsakes but they are human too. The difference is when a mitsake is made who owns it and more importantly who are those who make the corrections out of pride and quality and not a threat? Hey, e.e. cummings writes in all lower case most of the time. Perhaps it is quality and content rather than being like everyone else. By the way, I am no e.e.cummings or anyone else, just me.

And here we go!!!

After my family I LOVE Basketball. Even at my age with arthritis, plantar facitis, bent toes, bunions, wounded ankles,malfunctioning knees, sore hips and aches and pains most everywhere I still mange to gimp around the basketball floor contributing the little I can by doing things that do not require skills that I never actually had.

I am the consummate lunch box, blue collar, working guy who sets screens, grabs an occasional rebound or two, hustles for the lose ball and plays defense. The guys are kind to the old and feeble and let me play even when I do bring a ball. I have my aches and pains but the pain of not playing is far worse than any pain I have learned to endure.

I coached our sons recreational basketball team when he was in the lower school grades. One year, since nobody wanted to do it I was League Commissioner which was a great gig except for those annoying, overbearing, rude, crude, yelling, screaming, hollering and badgering parents who behaved this way towards their kids at games and probably at home as well. No wonder so many kids are taking multiple medications for things that ail them. Too bad there is no cure for bad parenting.

I think it was during 6th grade. Our team was ousted in the tournament in the first game. When it was time for the championship game my son and I went the gym where he met up with and sat with his buddies. I, too, found a small group of guys with whom to watch and enjoy the game. One of my guys was the Dad of a player we have known for many years so naturally I was rooting for his team.

To make a long story longer The dad’s sons team lost. We were standing at the opposite end of a filled gym from where the players were leaving the plating area. Without hesitation after the whistle ended the game this Dad yelled across the packed gym telling his to hurry up, get his stuff and meet the Dad at the side entrance to the gym. Without hesitation the son yelled back to his Dad, “okay Dad but first i have to get my trophy”. The Dad exploded and went into a screaming frenzy saying, “you lost, you don’t get a trophy for losing. Lets get out of here”.

The stunned crowd went silent and a few parents quickly exited the arena. However most stayed and milled around discussing the scene and expressing their approval of the Dad’s commentary to his son.

That was about twelve years ago. Most certainly all have recovered and forgotten the event.

EXAMPLE: Around this same time our son’s school basketball team was playing their neighboring rival. It is sort of a big deal bragging rights game. Our son’s team had 10 players and all played even just a little. Their rival team had 35 kids on the team and only 7-8 kids played mostly all of the game. NOBODY GOT CUT FROM THE TEAM. Everybody made the team, got a uniform paid for by the parents) a team picture, a certificate of participation, post game snacks, goodie bags and of course invites to all those pasta parties and sleepovers, maybe even a trophy. How much of this stuff do still have decorating your room, basement or cave.

Now, how is this relevant to today. This is March Madness, the absolute best sporting season of the year, for me and many others, not necessarily you which is just fine. This past weekend I was glued to the tube, do they still use tubes? Anyway there were four of the most competitive, exciting, thrilling display of skills from the players to the coaches and everyone in between. The television game announcers got caught up in the Magic of March Madness.

As always happens the team that scores at least one more point wins the game. I am not a gambler but that is an easy win if there is anybody who would take action.

What is saw this past weekend was a group of young, talented, skilled, good guys reduced to tears because they and their team did not win which was, of course expected. What is not expected and kids may not be taught that there are times in life when you will not win whihc is called losing. With all the pampering, hype, fame, glory, glamor, chest bumps, constant hand touching sort of like a high five only lower especially at and during the free throw shooting choreographed ritual, stimulation, notoriety, reputation, image, expectations and dreams.

These larger than life outstanding young men, worshiped by kids, fans, media, sporting goods companies, agents, managers, marketing gurus, lawyers and leagues who see dollar signs flashing like Fourth of July Fireworks are reduced to tears hiding their faces in towels on national television in the spotlight with cameras affixed on their condition avoiding any privacy the kids may need or want to gather themselves before the parade to the podium where the victors are heralded and the losing team kids and coaches listen and respond ,with poise and grace, to awkwardly posed questions by a noisy media in very low unemotional voices, who hinges on every word the kid says waiting for a mistake or is it a misspoken moment as it is with the highly educated, worldly traveled, cultured and privileged small community. I hope the crying kids have an opportunity to let it all out in private without judgement, blame and criticism so they can regain their composure, spirit and just themselves. Maybe and hopefully the families in attendance are the ones to seek for consolation, a hug and of course The Love.

We are ripe for takeover. We are fat, obese, lazy, weak, apathetic, becoming more and more under educated except for the newest phone, computer and video game, remotely distant and uninvolved, in constant need of instant gratification, affirmations, nurturing and praise, electronically dependent, addicted to everything, legally drugged for every condition and ailment, illegally drugged to hide the pain and fight hopelessness, with nothing in moderation as the experts tell us we need which is what our parents told us though they were not experts.

Red ink indicates a kid did not do well on an assignment or exam. I hope schools do not use red ink. It is like white coat syndrome at the doctors office. See how they have changed. Lots of bright, subdued and calming colors so the blood pressure stays manageable and not in need of medications that are now being exposed as more dangerous that the condition they are suppose to be treating.

Learning comes from making a mistake. Ask anyone who cooks especially parents juggling all their kids stuff. Some nights dinner will not be as good as eating at the restaurant and that is simply okay. It is only a mistake if you do not learn from the mistake whihc is why it is called learning. It’s like losing. You have to lose and fail so that you can appreciate and graciously accept success, victory and wins.

How do you know what is good if you never have experienced bad. Your life is perfect with money, clothes, cars vacations and all the other success indicators. What happens and how to handle yourself when you wake up in the morning look in the mirror and see a cluster of facial pimples and maybe a few on your shoulders and back. Are you staying in bed all day or will you face the world imperfections and all. Test your character and make a decision especially one that offers you a chance to win and feel good about yourself.

Barcelona has its Ramblas which allows folks to leisurely stroll through an unimpeded path lined with vendors, restaurants, street folks and tourists all on a mission of something or maybe nothing at all

So this BLOG Post is my Rambling with a purpose for me and maybe nothing at all for the audience except for the chance to chuckle and think about some things heretofore not given much attention.

Keep It Simple – Keep It Real







Random Thoughts on a Soon to be Shoveled Snowy Saturday

Welcome to another BLOG Post from my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary.

Today’s message can be considered tidbits of useless information from my vast warehouse and storage facility.

In addition to shoveling some snow my BLOG Posts can be considered a bit of shoveling as well, manure that is!!!

If Pete and Repeat were sitting on a fence and Pete fell off, who’d be left?

If Pete and Repeat were sitting on a fence and Pete fell off, who’d be left?

If Pete and Repeat were siting on a fence and Pete fell off, who’d be left?

Get it?

Like a Penguin with Happy Feet

On the Street

Out to Trick or Treat

Moving forward, never to RETREAT.

Do I need to Repeat

Or is it time to click DELETE?


If you had three wishes and used the first two, what would your third wish be?


Three things have been happening for decades that are indicators that society is changing which can be good, however the following three things are a bit more hostile and volatile:

1. Language is in the “binjo” ( translate for urban Tagalog). We just don’t care what comes out of our mouths. Even George’s seven words are part of our everyday lexicon. Tis a shame. I am no saint but, after all, there once was a time and place (locker rooms, street corners,  neighborhood places to indulge in spirits, social clubs which were exclusive, oops I mean exclusionary like non-public golf clubs not golf clubs but the golf “club” itself) to use the various, formerly considered profane words to express our feelings and emotions to temporarily shock the world.

2. The gap between those with and those not with or “without” is widening as quickly as the icebergs are breaking apart and just as serious and dangerous to society.

3. No Trust in Leadership at all levels from small businesses to the big folks. Too many “TOXIC” workplace environments.


I never remember anything I forget nor do I forget anything I remember.

It is not good to eat or drink on an empty stomach.

In order to get there first you must leave.

I thought I was wrong once but I was mistaken.

When you forgive someone you give them permission to do it again.

I might not be the first to offer these Franklin like wisdom words but at least they are in one place for you to use to amuse yourself and others if you so choose to use them as “ice-breakers” during awkward business and social encounters.


The purpose of SOCIAL MEDIA:

Look at ME!!!

Look at ME!!!

Look at ME!!!


Most know their RIGHTS, but who knows their RESPONSIBILITIES?


Is everything we read on the Internet actually TRUE?

You read a story, then go to a hoax, myth or legend site to verify truth or falsehood. It’s like taking opioids which constipate you so the opioid folks make another pill to let it flow, let it flow, let it flow, like today’s and Christmas, oops I apologize I should have written Holiday time, don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Don’t forgive me since I may do it again. Time let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

If the TRUTH will set you FREE then why are there so many shackled, restricted and restrained. Perhaps we really can’t handle the truth. Oh those writers a re sooooooooooooo smart, intelligent, wise and maybe a bit lucky. Maybe we have been brainwashed to be certain we don’t hurt anyone’s feelings and if we do, well, just offer sincerest apologizes along with some thoughts and prayers which are amazing!!!


Enough for now. Here I have shoveled some of my stuff and now it is time to actually shovel the fallen snow.

Keep It Simple – Keep It Real



The ANSWER or is it a SOLUTION?

Welcome to my Limited By Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary. Be open and accepting on the unintentional mistakes that are embedded somewhere in the following narrative. Let the experts proofread. I am human. I make mistakes. I learn form failure, losing and mistakes. It builds character and if you ask folks who know me they will tell you I am a character just not sure what kind. I thought I was wrong once but I was mistaken.

The ANSWER is not blowing in the wind nor is it Alan Iverson who played college basketball at Georgetown and Professionally in Philadelphia for the 76ers.

Pound for pound Mr. Iverson was the most skilled, talented, dynamic, courageous, determined, relentless, resilient, exciting and thrilling basketball player to ever wear his uniform.  Watching him play the way he played the game he loves, the way it is supposed to be played, provided pleasure, enjoyment and excitement for most of us who live lives of quiet desperation though Mr. Iverson has made it known about his personal struggles which makes him human just like you and me except on the basketball floor where he lives out our dreams just like all artists do. To have Mr. Iversons passion for the game is not work but more of serious play.

The best source for ANSWERS to most any topic is to seek out the professional assistance of a Reference Librarian. They are the smartest people on the planet and probably beyond as well. Referees Librarians do not and cannot have all the ANSWERS, however, Reference Librarians KNOW WHERE TO LOCATE, FIND AND RETRIEVE THE ANSWERS!!!

Reference Librarians will give you all the information out there about “Blowin’ In The Wind” by Dylan or Peter, Paul and Mary, et. al. and Mr. Iverson as well.

What does”all of the above”, usually reserved for those dreadful standardized tests answer choices which I hated as I loathe all Standardized Tests since I do not test well thus unleveling (not unlevening) the level field, have to do with anyhting. NOTHING, except I have THE ANSWER for a multiple century old crisis in our country.

First, I will list a few songs that are cross cultural especially on the RACE Issue:

As in previous BLOG POSTS EXAMPLES are the explanations.

Most of The following EXAMPLES blend beauty from the heart and soul of African American and White artists. Remember we must always thank the ARTIST for letting us VISIT the place where they live ’cause most of us, the overwhelming majority of us cannot get there without their leadership, guidance, inspiration, motivation, invite and permission.

Some of you older folks will know and understand “Blue Eyed Soul”. For the younger folks ask your grandparents.

All of the following EXAMPLES can be found and listend on YOUTUBE.

EXAMPLE: The Pointer Sisters: 2002 I’m So excited. They sing accompanied by a symphony. Spectacular. Note the symphony, as well, as the thousands in the audience are White similar to many professional American Sporting Events that find most of the participants African American while those in attendance, as well as, ownership are White. I am not a data statistics guy but more of an observer like Seinfeld.

EXAMPLE: Joe Cocker singer Unchain My Heart again 2002 maybe not a coincidence with The Pointer Sisters. Anyway feel the Energy, Spirit, Heart, Soul and LOVE as Mr. Cocker sings with his raspy voice accompanied by African American and White talented Musicians and Singers. The cameras add to the mood.

EXAMPLE: Michael McDonald (Doobie Brothers) and James Ingram team up, in 1983, to enlighten us with their spiritual and moving son Ya Mo Be There. The richness and range in their voices just make you feel good. the message is POWERFUL if you listen closely. You are NOT Alone.

EXAMPLE: Steve Winwood “Roll With It” 1988. You must feel the music, glide and slide with the words, even Roll with the lyrics. The music, setting and sound will lift your spirits and energize you soul Blue Eyed or not.

EXAMPLE: Carlos Santana around 70 years old and Chad Kroger, maybe 35 years old joining talents singing “Into the Night”. Feel the energy, passion and spirit of the music, performers and dancers. Look at those happy faces. This could and SHOULD be you, me, and everyone.

EXAMPLE: The Commitments 1991 Movie and Band of passionate, emotion evoking and lively artists who sing a variety of songs with heart, soul Blue-Eyed and not, energy and COMMITMENT.

EXAMPLE: The MOTOWN sound of the 1960’s and beyond blended with the Movie / Musical Play of HAIRSPRAY. The RACES briefly become one through music, dance, emotion, love, creativity, understanding and compassion with a heavy dose of a reality check from those who have FEAR in their lives.

Most certainly there are more EXAMPLES but if you have not realized it by now, from reading my BLOG POSTS, I am somewhat limited. The only thing I can count on are my fingers. The only thing I know is what works which is why I am ending this BLOG POST with a repeat of my true, factual and historical story that occurred about 50 years ago. It is more relevant today than it was back then based on the multiple recent events in our country.

Remember simple works best which is why folks get along with me, they like the simple things in life, especially music that delivers universal messages of hope, understanding, compassion and FUN.

Here is my repeat BLOG POST: This is my answer which I know works because of its simplicity. Skeptics, doubters and cynics will disagree but that is what they do for everything. What a miserable existence. I know those folks go through life regularly CONSTIPATED which is quite irregular don’t you think.

Race – Culture- Diversity – Inclusion – Empowerment – Leadership – Success

In 1969 my first assignment after basic training and schooling was at The United States Air Force Clark Air Base in The Philippines. After a twenty six hour flight, with a few stops along the journey, I arrived on my 19th birthday, took a walk around the base and followed towering lights that illuminated a football practice field. Leaning up against a fence I watched until the end of practice and found one of the coaches to whom I spoke about my desire to play. He told me to come back tomorrow night at 7 PM which I did. That resulted in me being given a practice uniform which I used the following night. I was lucky to be stationed in The Philippines where, in addition to being a beautiful country with wonderful people, music, customs, traditions, folklore, history, culture and FOOD, I had the opportunity to learn, grow and prosper with education, awareness and knowledge not available in the traditional learning environment.

I planted myself on the defensive line where I stayed, started and played for two seasons making the all-star team both years. My life at Clark was filled with work, football, cards in the barracks on paydays. a bit of sightseeing and on occasion a visit to Angeles City for a San Miguel, food, music and participation in cultural and social activities. For many GI’s it was the chance to do things that were just reaching the middle class in America and which have always existed in the lower and upper class of the economic strata. Given the chance to go back guys would be lined up for miles to return to indulge in pleasures they probably never told anyone outside of those who had similar experiences.

The best part of my entire two seasons was that I was the only White guy on the starting defensive team which was quite spectacular for many reasons. Before each game we would change into our uniforms in a “hut” near the field. As we were changing a bottle of Thunderbird (what’s the word Thunderbird, what’s the price .60 twice) was being passed around by the starting defensive players, of which I was one as previously mentioned. The bottle came to me. All my teammates’ eyes were on me and with their eyes they were saying “Will he”? Without hesitation I lifted the bottle to my mouth and downed a big swig of T-Bird. The guys all cheered and we “high-fived” each other in brotherhood. We had two winning seasons and a few of us made the All-Star Team. We saw no color except our green uniform jerseys. We lived, worked, played and socialized together.  I miss the guys who often told me that “I had more soul than I could control”.  My life was enhanced, enriched and enlightened from the times I spent with the all the guys Black, White and everyone else.

The barracks in which I lived had been integrated the year before I arrived at Clark. Before this, the Black guys lived in remote barracks on the fringes of the base. I never saw where they lived but some of the old timers told me stories about the conditions.

My barracks was filled with Blacks, Whites, Islanders, Hispanics and two Jews of which I was one. We never had a problem. Even the guys from the South publicly adjusted to showering and sharing bathroom facilities and dining halls with guys unlike them. In private, though, their stories were quite inflammatory but they never let their emotions deter from their job performance and co-habitation with guys with whom they had nothing good to say.

In the integrated barracks next to mine there were Black Panther meetings several times a week.  Only the Black guys went and they did not allow their attitudes, feelings, emotions and everything else spread to the public community.

I may be naïve, stupid, ignorant, unaware or just plain old dumb but I never heard about of any violence, property damage or physical altercations during my 18 months on base at Clark.

There was an active and profitable Black Market at Clark which was NOT named Black Market because only Black guys were involved. Free Enterprise, Business is Business. For those involved the only color was Green as it is today. We had cigarette and liquor ration vouchers which a few entrepreneurial and enterprising guys used for profit by servicing their customers since in all businesses without customers to service you have no business.

Now customer disservice has trumped customer service and has become more of a customer self service and call 1-800-000-000 if you have a problem, issue or concern. (By the way, when calling 1-800 and prompted to press “1” for English only to wait forever to speak with a human, press “2” for Spanish since all the customer service folks speak English). One would sell their ration vouchers for a fixed price to the guys taking the risk and those guys would deliver the goods off base to downtown contacts who would sell the products to locals who were in the distribution business. Black Market Business just might be the second oldest profession.

Downtown Angles City was a divided town. Right outside the main gate was known as The Strip where anybody could roam the streets, participate in various offerings, indulge in the street food, and ride in a beautifully decorated Jeep leftover from MacArthur during World War II.

A couple of miles from the Strip was The Block where only the Black guys could congregate for their social interactions. It was well known by all non-Black guys that one did not venture down on The Block since many incidents occurred to those who visited who were not part of the community and culture. Twice I went down on The Block. Both times escorted by my football Black teammates who insured my safety and well being. While walking the streets, eating and drinking I was watched, visually screened and made to feel quite uncomfortable and unsafe by those Americans and locals who did not know my identity. Several times the table I was at with my Black Teammates was approached and my Black Teammates had to explain me. This is probably how Blacks feel when they walk around a store followed by staring eyes waiting for something to happen or Blacks who drive through neighborhoods unlike where they live as they face the onslaught of looks, doubt, concern, worry and fear from the locals.

Clark had a movie theater. I went a few times but couldn’t tell you what was showing. I do remember that it was custom, tradition and mandatory to stand at “attention” while the National Anthem was being played. The only guys who did not stand were the Black guys so please do not consider the 2017 protests as something new. Though I did feel awkward and a bit confused from my lack of knowledge I did understand after a few of my Black Teammates explained their plight and provided reasons for their non-involvement in the pre-movie ceremony. They all told me that until I walk in their shoes please do not pass judgment. A little knowledge, insight and wisdom go a long way to understanding. By the way, this was around the same time as the Black Comedy (nothing racial about Black Comedy, Black Ice or Black Friday) movie “MASH” was circulating. It was banned by the leadership at Clark because of its insubordination and inappropriate content which may have caused and influenced behaviors, attitudes and values to change since through the magic words of comedy, satire and mockery rests truth. And we all know truth should set us free but in today’s world it continues to hide and be hidden through manipulated obfuscation.

So, what does all this have to do with anything? Nothing much, if anything, at all. Only, perhaps, if we knew just a little about history, listen twice as much as we speak (two ears, one mouth, get it) and understood our own world we may just have the ability to focus on the important matters such as family, health, education, work, empowerment, critical thinking, communications, understanding, compassion, leadership, life-style, play, fun, laughter and everything else that has become an impediment to our society, culture and overall safety and well being.

By the way, the next time a Charlottesville event is scheduled anywhere in our country let’s have folks bring all the foods of their culture, nationality, ethnicity, religion and race and let the eating begin. Even those filled with hate will enjoy a good meal and leave wanting more of all that good stuff made, with LOVE, by those who they so ignorantly hate.

My solutions are all simple. Simple always works best. This is why folks get along with me since they like the simple things in life. Simply put: excuses explain failure while REASONS define SUCCESS.

Thanks for reading my story.

Unite and Conquer instead of divide and conquer.

Live in PEACE rather than rest in PEACE.

Keep It Simple – Keep It Real

Nobody more SIMPLE, Nobody more Real than ME and perhaps you!!!








How Many Times……………….

Time for more stuff from my vast warehouse and storage facility of tidbits of useless information, as are all my BLOG Posts!!!

It all comes to you from my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary and here is, yet, another sample of proof.

How many times do we need to be told, encouraged and informed:

How to cook a Thanksgiving Turkey? Just call 1-800 and our experts will make you an expert. Hang around home long enough to learn something so you can offer your insight, wisdom and knowledge to the next generation.

Diet and exercise are the keys to weight loss management and control.

Education is vital to success though the modern world is beginning to understand that college is not for everybody. We need folks who can build, make, do, create with their hands as well as their minds.

College is a euphemism for DEBT. Why are kids and their families encouraged to incur debt.

After high school graduation a year or two away from formal education will build character, teach life skills and prepare kids well beyond any classroom “learning” environment.

Play, unstructured PLAY, void of yelling, screaming, hollering, harassing and badgering parents (grown-ups?) without uniforms, trophies, goodie bags, snacks, team pictures and all the costly right gear, is a Good, check that, a GREAT thing for kids while in school, after school, on the weekends and during school breaks. Maybe the ADD/ADHD will disappear as abruptly as it has “medically been prescribed to appear”.

Having 500++++++ social media “friends” is not a good thing since loneliness is everything it is cracked up to be. All those “friends” and nobody to talk with, listen to me or have lunch with.

BINGE -BINGE – BINGE. There goes another day with no human interaction expect for my daily dose of trendy coffee.

Take Out – Take Out and more Take Out results in PUT ON – PUT ON -PUT ON. Alas yet another excuse (not reason) to go clothes shopping. One size up please. Oooops time to buy a membership at the newest, latest, hot gym.

Everything in MODERATION.

I keep meaning to join the procrastinators club but I keep putting it off.

Everything is GREAT  – SPECTACULAR – WONDERFUL – “AMAZING” until it is NOT.

Nobody has your back but YOU!!!

It’s easy. It’s simple. No problem. “If I can do it so can you”. Oh really. Just like when receiving driving directions inevitably the person giving the directions says: “You can’t miss it”. I miss it.  Even GPS makes mistakes or haven’t you experienced this yet?

Let me be honest with you. OR Let me be PERFECTLY honest with you. Uh oh. What have I been told prior to being told that the speaker is NOW, all of a sudden, going to honest or PERFECTLY honest with me. What should I do with all the stuff I was told prior to this update about HONESTY.

Celebrate any accomplishment. For some it is every thing they do that is believed to justify attention, affirmation and recognition. LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME.

I’ve got more but it is time to get dinner ready. Now where is that 1-800 number?

Keep it Simple – Keep It Real








Welcome to my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary.

If you like what you read and I make you think, laugh and smile then I did something good for you so why not do the same for those in your world by sharing my stuff with them!!!

When our kids were in elementary school field trips to the zoo, nature preserves and parks occurred one or twice a year.

Prior to the years when doing so would embarrass the kids, I volunteered to a tag-a-long parent accompanying the kids and staff on their journeys. I would never do this once they reached middle school age but as elementary school students it was still “fun” to have Mom or Dad be part of the occasion.

My first field trip found us gathering at the school about 7:30 in the morning. The kids were excited for the days travel and for most it was their first visit to a zoo.

The commotion at the school leading up to boarding the bus, equipped the all important bathroom, was quite startling. Clinging parents filling the backpacks with snacks, tissues and and extra inhaler, hugging and kissing their kids goodby as the parents shed a few tears which I always thought were tears of joy freeing the parents for the day to do whatever they do while their kids are learning their ABC’s and 123’s, socially interacting and learning life skills at the same time and let’s not forget the time spent in front of a screen. Alas, the screen.

This story occurred about twenty years ago as technology was in the beginning stages of what has become all consuming. Screens – Screens – Screens and MORE Screens. I screen. You screen. We all need, must have and cannot exist without our beloved SCREENS. It’s enough to make you SCREAM.

As the kids and chaperones got in the bus, not ON the bus, teachers were guiding the kids to their seats making sure that this kid can’t sit next to, near or anywhere close to that kid and making other similar accommodations to eliminate any possibility of hurting someone’s feelings. There was the expected and usual noise, chatter and tears from a few who cried at most anything.

The bus is getting ready for departure. Everyone is seated. Wait a minute. Time to buckle up. Oh we can’t since the bus does not have seat belts. How can this be? So much for consistency. Yet another mixed message just what kids need. Don’t smoke. Don’t drink? Don’t do drugs. Okay say the kids. But wait. Where is Ms./Mrs./Mr.__________. Oh the kids are told, Ms./Mrs./Mr.__________ is sick today and will not be going on the trip with. In fact Ms./Mrs./Mr.____________ failed the random drug test, has smokers cough and is drying out from a binge drinking weekend with college “friends”. Oh those mixed messages.

The bus is on its way with us somewhat safely secured inside yet there is still some restlessness on the part of the kids. Ah, the wisdom of experience. One of the elder teachers was prepared and brought along several VHS Movies which once inserted and “PLAY” was pushed quieted the crowd for the one and a half hour ride to the destination. It was calm, controlled and a comfort like macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese with tomato soup or your “jammies” and fuzzy slippers.

We had a fun, educational, eye opening day at the zoo.

For the bus ride back to school yet a different movie was used to calm and soothe the spirited and energized kids. Within fifteen minutes of departure from the zoo QUIET filled the air as all the kids, save one or two, were asleep exhausted from the fresh air, running around the somewhat open areas and in general having fun which is a missing ingredient in school, in fact, in the lives of most folks. Sad isn’t it. NO FUN. NO PLAY. Just MEDICATE the kids and they will calm down behave, perform, stay on task, focus and concentrate but in the long run pay the price of popping a pill to control and manage behavior, attitude, performance and PAIN which prior to all this they never knew they had. Screens with their savers, not saviors as advertised, continue to erode the fiber of ones self, ones being, ones soul and life in general.

Yes I know I am a hypocrite since if it were not for the screen upon which I am looking and writing my commentary mess I would have no way of making my message available to the masses, if in fact anyone ever reads my stuff.


Have you noticed the degreed, credentialed, certified, licensed experts who have all the answers for parenting, education, relationships, morals, ethics, making millions from your home computer, weight loss, exercise, dieting and all the other trendy topics thrust into our world are single, childless, heirs, fat, lonely, abusive, liars, frauds, cheats, scammers, hustlers bellowing their venom pointing their pointer finger at us as they point three fingers at themselves and who have never spent a day in the classroom but know how it “SHOULD” be done. Their claim to fame is their genius until they get caught. Everything is wonderful until it is not. Everyone is a winner until they lose. Everyone is THE BEST until they are not. Everyone is believable, honest, trustworthy, loyal, dedicated and respectful until they are not. Everyone is everything until the TRUTH comes out. Then they are NOT.

This is where I usually provide EXAMPLES which if you have been reading my BLOG Posts know, are the best EXPLANATIONS. No need to this here since all you have to do is find a screen which will undoubtedly provide you more than enough examples of this brief narrative.


There are two kinds of folks. Those in Recovery. Those in Prevention

EXAMPLE: Always the best.

There are two people. Person A. person B.

Person A has a heart attack and goes to the doctor who tells Person A:

Quit smoking. Eat a healthy diet. Exercise. Lose 50 pounds. Quit alcohol beverage consumption.

Person A takes the doctors advice. Person A joins a reputable, until they are not, gym.

While walking on the treadmill Person A reluctantly and hesitatingly begins a conversation with Person B who is also walking on the treadmill. No screens to watch. No buds in the ears. No headphones for distraction. Oh my goodness what shall be done. Oh well, though it is old fashioned and in person face to face conversation is frowned upon in fact avoided since we have all this a-social media at our disposal human interaction and conversation is an underused vehicle to help pass the time on the boring treadmill.

Person Asks Person B “what are you doing here. Well says Person B (just like President Regan who began most every response with a turn of the head,eyes looking down with the first utterance of “Well” preceding his answer).

Person B tells person A that he, Person “B” comes to the gym 4-5 times per week for a 1-2 two hour workout including cardio, free weights, yoga and a mile swim. “Been doing this for 40 years says person “B” explaining that he Person “B” wants to PREVENT health failures so he does not drink alcohol, gave up smoking before high school graduation, eats a healthy diet as recommended by the gym nutritionist, reluctantly ingests only prescription medications and plans his day around healthy and right living.

Person “B” asks Person “A’: “What’s your story”?

Person A proceeds to tell Person “B” his, Person “A’s story and lifestyle conditions that resulted in Person “A’s” heart attack and membership at the gym all at the suggestion of person “A’s” doctor/s.

Person “A” is in RECOVERY.

Person “B” is in PREVENTION.

When will all The Person “A’s” out there get it or will they, in fact, ever until it is too late causing the biggest of the biggest onions for their families.


Come on. Admit it. You watch and love the highlights. Top Ten. Top any number as long it is just the highlights and not all the filler. It’s just another numbers game.

In baseball a player who gets 20 hits out of 100 at bat opportunities is relatively unknown while a player who gets 30 hits out of 100 at bat opportunities win awards and will eventually be selected into the baseball Hall of Fame. In fact in today’s hurry up world announcers and media folks often refer to a player, in most any sport, as being a future Hall of Famer when that particular player is playing in his fifth season of competition. Hurry up. You’re six months old. Poop in the toilet, clean yourself, dress yourself and look at a SCREEN. Slow down folks. Enjoy life. The ride can be FUN if you let it.

In the highlights all the shots go in the basket, the ball finds the back of the net, the puck gets past the goalie and so on. Well, (thank you president Regan) life is not like that. The only way to succeed is to fail but screens do not like to show failures unless of course it is of catastrophic proportion like natural disasters, violence and crime which instills fear in the audience causing stress, depression, anxiety and visits to the doctor to get pain medication prescriptions eventually blaming the doctor for what ails ya. Always find somebody to blame rather than taking responsibility yourself. See the pattern and cycle here. Vicious and Wicked isn’t it?


Kind of serious today. Must end with a laugh, chuckle, giggle and smile.


Like a Penguin with Happy feet

Especially when its October and time for trick or treat

Moving to the drum with a different beat

Gotta work hard, there is no easy street after all it is concrete

Always move forward never retreat

Gotta learn how to take the heat

Need I repeat

You no like, just hit delete!!!











Example: This is What We Have Done to Our Kids

Have you done this “to” and not with / for your kids?

Have you heard this harmful utterance bellowed every time a kid does something, anything?

You know you have, please stop.

Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good job Good Job Good Job Good Job

And Sooooooooooooooooo On, Ad Infinitum and more significantly Ad Nauseum!!!

Break The Cycle-Break The Cycle-Break The Cycle-Break-The Cycle-Break the Cycle

Everything kids do is NOT, repeat, NOT deserving and worthy of a Good Job. Sometimes, yes even your gifted, talented, creative, athletic, artistic kid does something that IS NOT a Good Job. That is when learning takes place not from Good Job but from failure. Oh I apologize for using Failure since it has been erased from the dictionary of telling the truth.

Sooner or later, preferably sooner , kids who become adults must learn that need to EARN things in life not be given, entitled and praised for all they do or try to do. Failure is only a failure when learning does not take place. kids can’t do this which is why they have parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, elders, teachers, coaches, clergy, bosses, mentors, sponsors who can lead, guide, direct, motivate, inspire, correct, discipline and hold kids/ adults accountable and responsible. Kids/Adults know their rights but not their repsonsilbilites.

If you are reader of my BLOG you know it is not very good especially since I am limited by the truth and facts. However, knowing it is not very good I continue to write my stuff mostly for myself and hopefully for one or two out there who understand my messages.

Rid the Good Job cliche.

Be honest, truthful, delicate, sensitive, compassionate and most importantly tactful when telling someone that, hey, this is not a Good Job but you can make it a good job with some “WORK”.

Work is GOOD. It builds character, teaches respect for the dollar earned so kids can spend their own twenty dollars for a movie that will be on television, somewhere, in a few weeks and best of all work by putting folks in an interacting, engaging social environment where they can talk, listen, observe and learn the nuances of being human instead of having electronics, social media and screens do it for them. We have become an a-social society with 500 :friends” on social media and nobody to talk to or more importantly listen.

Perfect does not exist and I am proof of this. You can tell by doing a Good Job of finding and pointing out my mistakes whihc many like to do mostly for their own pleasure. Everyone is a critic. Critics usually talk and not do.

Keep it Simple – Keep It Real







It is TRUE, History Does Repeat Itself

Yes, History repeats itself and I am providing proof, actually an EXAMPLE, in this BLOG Post which is a good way to honor, acknowledge and respect Election Day. This is not a political statement in any way just a Serious, not too Silly, Story from my Civil Community of Common Commentary.

In May 1977 I graduated college and obtained my teaching certificate as well.

Two days after graduation I accepted a six week substitute teaching assignment in an inner city urban high risk neighborhood. In fact it was the same neighborhood where my Dad and his family lived, worked and went to school. When my Dad and his brothers attended this high school it had an excellent reputation for academics, attendance, athletics and all the other good things schools offered two generations ago.

Since my car was in the shop Dad took me to my first day of work at his former school. When he turned the corner to enter the parking lot he sighed with an, “oh my, look at what has happened to my school”. It had been 35 years since Dad was in the neighborhood and much had changed with the school building and parking lot all in dis-repair, unpaved streets approaching the school and abandoned row houses in need of everything. Dad told me it was always a rough rugged neighborhood but was disappointed to see his old neighborhood in such a blighted condition.

Dad went off to work as I entered the building searching for the school office. I found the office with ease being directed by a security guard. Once in the office I introduced myself and stated my purpose for being there to the secretary. I was given an attendance book which listed all the kids I would be teaching each class period of the day. Nothing else. Prior to the kids arriving to class I managed to scrounge some worksheets and pencils from other teachers just to get me through the day. During lunch I went to the office and asked for books, paper and supplies and was told there was some old books but for paper and supplies I was on my own.

The school day consisted of most all the kids arriving for homeroom and first period. By third period which was around 10:30 AM the population greatly reduced to single digit numbers from the class roster of between 20 -25 student per class. Once the kids ate, played with their mid-morning snack/ lunch or had food fights with the raisins there was not much reason for them to hang around in class. Off they went to destinations unbeknownst to me. The afternoon classes were occupied by one or two students at the most. Later I found out for many of the kids the mid-day snack might be the only food they eat for the day.

When the bell rang ending the last period of the day I gathered my “stuff”. By the way, I went to the school where I did my student teaching and knowing my mentor quite well professionally asked for paper and supplies which were graciously given to me. I had enough to make it until the last day of school. Actually I did not need much since there were not many kids in class.

At the office and prior to leaving for the day I had to turn in the attendance book to the secretary, who was responsible for maintaining such records which, I did. As I was exiting the school office I heard a “young man, can I see you for a minute”. I obliged and was asked what is this that I am handing in to her. I said it is the attendance book for each class for this day. She said, no it is not. You are wrong. I asked what she meant by telling me I am wrong? She told me that all the kids were in all the classes all day. I told her they were not and my attendance records indicated who was present and who was absent. She told me I was inaccurate with my reporting attendance and that I had to change the records to reflect her request of having every kid attend every class all day.

I told her that just last week I graduated college and earned my teaching certificate as well and I would not put myself and my earned documents in jeopardy. She told me I must comply or else. I asked or else what? She said. “You’ll see”. Just then a woman appeared from an office marked Principal. I asked if she were the principal and was told yes she is. I asked the secretary, who was telling me what to do, if I could speak with the principal. The secretary told me no but that she, the secretary, would tell the principal about this situation. The principal came to me and told me she respected my position and that the attendance would be changed and I should not be concerned with the matter. I asked about subsequent days attendance and the principal told me it will be taken care of but not by you (me). I asked if she wanted me to come back to teach for the remainder of the school year. She told me, “hell yeah”. Do you know how hard it is to get people to come here to teach? I finished the remained of my commitment and left teaching for about 25 years.

Let’s move to 2016.

We were staying at hotel for the purpose of attending a family wedding. I am eating breakfast with my family at one of the hotel that serves a full hot and cold breakfast when you are a guest at their hotels. This breakfast business and marketing plan is absolute genius. It is second only the the marvels of the WWE formerly The WWF. Just brilliant in concept, theory and implementation.

Before this innovation and when traveling with our kids we would have to search for  breakfast in unfamiliar territory and hope for the best which it usually was. Breakfast and coffee shop places are soooooo gooooooooooood. No computers, cell phones, GPS and YELP!!!

Back to breakfast. While the kids were making their own waffles and my wife was occupied visiting family I began a conversation with a young man more than half my age. He was there for a wedding but with a different family than ours.

With such an age difference it was difficult to find topics to discuss beyond breakfast, the weddings and weather. He told me he was living near the town where I was born and raised. He continued by telling me he worked in a school in a rough neighborhood. One thing lead to another and behold, he is working in the same school district about which I just wrote and you just read.

I told him the story you just read. He was somewhat aghast, bewildered and shocked to hear my historical tale. He could not believe that what I experienced over 40 years ago he was doing in the here and now. He was teaching as part of program to earn college credits. He had one year to go and he was Out of There.

History does repeat itself but in this case at what price and at what cost. As always and quite tragically it is the kids who suffer and struggle the most and so on and so on and skooby-dooby do on.


Keep It Simple – Keep It Real

This BLOG Post is the best EXAMPLE of the line above.






Our Kids, What Have We Done?


I am writing this from off the top of my aging cranium.

No proofreading. No editing. No final draft. I am not perfect and neither are you so stop faking it. Admit your frailties, mistakes and failures. More importantly learn from them and teach your kids to do the same. Perfect does not exist so stop trying to get your kids to be perfect.

We have ruined a generation of kids who grew up being enabled and coddled thinking and believing they are actually as good as we have been artificially telling they are foe decades. Everything they did was a “win” with Good Job, Good Job, Good Job echoing in their mind, body and soul.

You don’t learn from winning. You learn from losing, making mistakes and “failure” which is why it is called learning. Every kid does not have to make the team, be given (not earned a trophy with goodie bags, pasta parties, uniforms, team pictures and pods of grown-ups yelling, cheering, hollering, screaming, cursing, badgering, harassing and embarrassing the kids especially their own.

I took our son to the championship basketball game in the town’s recreation program. Our team were spectators, however a few of his friends were playing in the championship game. His friends team lost. I was standing with the one of our son’s friends father the entire game. When the game was over this father yelled across the gym,”hey Joey, hurry up, lets go, we have to get to grandma and grandpas house. His son replied back, “okay dad but first I have to get my trophy”. The Dad went orbital and yelled back, “trophy, what trophy, you lost you don’t get a trophy for losing. About 60-70 other parents were in attendance and were in awe of this fathers response. Most were astonished but those same folks nodded their heads in agreement and approval. In fact, the school gym in which this championship game was played had its own school team with 32 kids on the team with only 7-9 who played. Nobody got cut from the team. They all got uniforms and could say they made the team. What have done to a generation of kids.

I will tell you.

Those same kids go off to college unprepared to face the stress, anxiety frustration and eventual achieving less that the A’ and B’s “earned in school. Blend this with being away from home, constantly being asked by parents if they are getting good grades and enjoying the college experience and the recipe for let down, emotional, physical, biological, psychological and the social life of drinking and drugs and the result is an unprepared kid not ready to meet the rejection world that awaits, in debt, confused and having to live with failure in their minds. What have we done to our kids.

Go back to that same middle school of the championship game. A friend did some substitute teaching at the school. I was that everyday between 8 and 9 AM more than half the school lines up at the nurses office to receive their prescribe medications for ADD/HD, aniety, depression, mood stabilizers and who knows what else (thank you confidentiality) that burden the kids progress in school and well beyond the classroom.

PLAY is absent from kids lives. We have taken PLAY from our kids for many excuses and no reasons. Reasons define success while excuses explain failure. Kids just don’t know how to learn about which I could write volumes but will summarize by providing an example, which, as you have read in my previous BLOG Posts,  is the best explanation, of something I did with our son and kids in our town. I am not tooting my own horn, seeking affirmation or anything else. I am just providing proof of what works for kids by letting them be kids empowering them by teaching them life lessons through play and, hopefully work, as well. There is no limit of thy good one can as long as they care not about getting the credit.

Here’s one of my stories: Kids and Play!!!

When our son was in summer day camp I would pick him up around noon. At home we would eat lunch and he would relax until 2 PM when he and I would ride bikes, swim or attempt to fish at the mud hole. This got old real fast and I knew I had to do something. I went back to days of youth. My wife and I got on the telephone and sent e-mails to the families of the kids from day camp who I knew were in town and probably struggling with the same boredom as my son and I. Our message was simple: Pick-up baseball at the park. Bring your glove, bat and water. The first day nine kids showed up and I did infield and batting practice with them. By the third day 26 kids showed up ranging in age from third to ninth grade. I appointed two kids as managers/captains. They had to choose teams fairly, make the batting order and assign field positions which were to be changed every inning or two so that each kid had the chance to play as many positions as desired. I did the pitching to keep the game moving. Kids came on foot, by bike, on scooters, and by car. Parents could stay or they could do whatever they had or wanted to do. I scheduled the game to go from 2-4 PM when parents would arrive to take their kids home. No one wanted to be first to take their kid home and many were the times that we played until 6 PM when I would take the initiative by shutting things down. The kids went home tired, hungry and ready for tomorrow. Often I would get calls at home from kids and parents wanting to know if the game was on for tomorrow. This is what kids should be doing. Playing without the yelling, screaming, hollering, structure, trophies, pictures and goodie bags. The kids were outdoors where they belong having fun, resolving their own issues, learning about life and just having fun at play. On the weekends if there was a game I let other Dads, who were busy during the week, get involved and be part of the action as I sat back and watched. At first they wanted to do everything but soon learned and were encouraged by me to back away and let the kids be kids. All those kids are now in college or working and when they around and we meet their first remarks are about the great time and fun they had playing “Pick-Up” baseball at the park.

Life Lessons Learned: Organization, Sharing, Conflict Resolution (out- safe, out safe, you guys work it out), Promptness, Leadership, Management, Teamwork, Thinking, Listening, Discipline, Structure, Rules, Consequences, Behaviors, Anger, Frustration, Patience, Socialization, Culture, Diversity, Inclusion, Age Differences, CONFIDENCE and all the other things parents send their kids to head jockeys to get a prescription and learn coping skills when all they have to do is PLAY. Recess at school is a good place to start where kids can yell, scream, holler, jump, kick a ball, climb, slide and get dirty which is okay. They are kids. Stop trying to mess with their ages. Let kids be kids and they will be great adults doing the same things for their kids and so on and so on just like multi-level marketing and that shampoo commercial from 50 years ago.

Go out and play even if it is cold, damp and rainy. Mud and dirt are good, clean, healthy and fun. It is like sweating. It shows you have done something productive, healthy and FUN which is what PLAY is all about.

Go home, shower, warm-up with a cup of hot chocolate wand marshmallows and relax with your kids. Put the electronics away as well if just for an hour or two.


Keep It Simple – Keep It Real!!!






Between Game Report

The end of the early game and the beginning of the mid-afternoon game so now is a good time to post. I can watch the late game until around halftime when sleep is upon me. By the way do you look at or watch television.?

Three signs that a society / culture are falling and failing are:

1 No respect for language and the spoken word.

2 The gap between the have’s and have not’s is increasing.

3. Lack of, or worse yet, no trust in leadership.

There is hope that things may be changing.

1. Some schools, it’s a start, are reintroducing recess for the kids since it was discovered and published by the experts that play is actually good for the kids and beneficial for the teachers as well. Kids perform and behave better when they have a chance to let go of excess energy bu running, yelling, screaming, hollering, climbing, chasing, kicking a ball, throwing a ball, shooting a ball, jumping rope, hula-hooping and in general just being kids enjoying play. Playing is an easy way to teach verbs if that is still done. Spell check anyone? All the excess energy is accumulated by constantly being in front of a SCREEN. Oh those EMF’s.

2. Television shows are being reintroduced that were very successful in their day which was about 20 years ago. Once the media gets involved the general public usually agrees and follows. All you have to do is look at the television offerings to see how poor those offerings are. 900 channels and nothing to watch. 500 friends and nobody to talk with and listen to as well as having someone who will listen to me and my woes.

We have a long way to go but these are two good things that can be increased to develop and create a society / culture of human humans as opposed to what we have become as we watch disasters, the”news”, corruption, scandal and all the bag ’em up, blow ’em up and shoot ’em up programs that are mindless, repetitive and conditioning.

This is not an overnight fix. It may take a generation or two to do a 180 degree reversion. We do not want to do a 360 since that will put us back where we started which is in the here and now. It is more like recovery where serious and genuine folks in recovery know they are in it for the rest of their lives which is good for them, their families and society.

Learn form the past, live in the present and prepare for the future. Who would have thought that recess and television would be the places that began the movement to recover our way of life, values and perhaps the repair / rehab and building of a strong family unit foundation.

Trust is in bold above since without trust nothing good will and can happen. Look what has been produced by those in positions of trust who violated that trust and ruined countless lives and families as well.

Keep It simple – Keep It Real