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Welcome to my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of   Common Commentary Blog where today you will find a “mish-mosh” of items that blend into an incoherent combination of  “stuff”. However, just like my “mish-mosh” soup, there is taste, flavor, spice, texture and substance in the individual and collective ingredients.

And I’m Off, which is true depending on who, or is it whom, you ask!!!

Word on the street is that leaders will be urging schools to open for the upcoming school year.

Where do these leaders send their kids to school? If they lead by example, the hallmark of leadership, they will send their kids to the same schools they, the leaders, are requiring everyone to send their kids such as public, private, charter, religious and all other kind of schools.

This will test the overused and hyped cliche that circulates throughout the country, are we really in this together?


I was taught and firmly believe that leaders lead by example. Leaders don’t ask others to do things they would not do themselves. Leaders are open, honest, accessible, polite, respectful, available, responsible, trustworthy, reliable, dependable, listen, truthful, have an open mind and provide solutions rather than point fingers and blame others. By the way, when you point your finger at someone you are actually pointing back at yourself. Reasons define success while excuses try to explain failure.



e.e. cummings had it right. lets get rid of upper case letters especially when typing on a tablet or lap top. at the same time let’s modify spell check to be less sensitive inserting erroneous words and letters conditioning and brainwashing us to proofread even a one sentence correspondence.


In six months or so will it be very difficult to get an appointment with any kind of eye doctor based on the increased screen time that work from home folks are doing.

PTSD. The “P” in PTSD means Post when in fact it means “Present”. Appointments for “therapy” will be filled as fast as the eye doctors appointments.

The lines to get to see a professional will be longer than the lines to buy the newest phone.


Has “just go to the website” replaced the response to a question?


The same folks, while at a restaurant, who drool when selecting their live lobster for dinner from the tank, run, shriek, hide and scream, for someone to get, when sighted, “that cockroach out of their house and call the exterminator”.


Nice to see that at the slightest suggestion of re-opening folks are retreating to some old driving habits such as tailgating, speeding, cutting in and out and horn honking while the traffic lights are red impatiently waiting for the green light.


The most sophisticated, worldly, educated, credentialed, international traveler, epicurean, who speak multiple languages, knows which fork to use, can quote anything from any source and a renaissance person morphs into a kid when given bubble wrap to occupy their time. Perhaps the world could use some bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is fun, entertaining, therapeutic and much more. For the tightly wound constipated folks bubble wrap is somewhat annoying most likely for those void of humor, fun, laughter and play.


With all the “look at me, look at me” and “thank you for your service” moments I am reminded of what Pop told my brother and I which was: There is no limit to the good one can do as long they are not concerned about receiving credit. It is called “Heart”. You play with talent and win with Heart.


It takes a lifetime of hard work, dedication, commitment, concern, responsibility, accountability, determination, laughter, compassion, involvement, knowledge, sacrifice, empathy and much more to build a dependable, reliable, trustworthy, trusting and consistent REPUTATION. It takes about five minutes or less to ruin / lose it.


Time heals all wounds. Time wounds all heels.


It’s happening now. Time to shift into reverse.

Language is in the septic tanks and where the those Youthful Mutant Aggressive Turtles inhabit. We just don’t care what comes out of our mouths which, of course, is poor role modeling for kids.

The gap between the “have’s” and have not’s is expanding exponentially specifically Economics and Education.



Where are all the camera folks located for the filming or picture taking of animals, ocean residents and all of natures creations in remote, isolated and somewhat desolate locations around the world?

How long is the wait until the subject is found and doing the things that the photographers / camera folks want to capture as it happens such as the birth of next generation, feeding times, mating rituals, showing colors and fighting for turf?


Never have I ever (yet):

Here’s two, though there are countless others like stars in the sky or grains of sand at the beach.

What does everyone leave behind when exiting the beach?

Been able to throw a curve-ball in baseball.

Been able to roll a curve right into the “pocket” while bowling.

Been original.


Find and play the following on YouTube. Listen and learn the words:

Smiling Faces: The Undisputed Truth

War: Edwin Starr

Money Machine: James Taylor


What does everyone leave behind when exiting the beach?

Wanna wait until my next Blog Post or is an immediate answer necessary.  I know the answer.

I’ll give in: FOOTPRINTS



Keep it Simple – Keep it Real









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