Mental Health and Overall Well Being *Serious* and somewhat Lengthy!!!

As customary and worth mentioning again there are spelling, grammar and language skills errors of all kinds. Results outweigh methods.

Welcome to my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary Blog where today you will find  very little silliness and mostly the Serious by nature of the topic.

It is a topic that is avoided like the multiple pandemics, kept hidden, discreetly or not, and stuffed inside our souls where is does no good and does not belong. It belongs out in the open offering folks faith, hope, time and love.

The economy is not the only thing that is depressed. In time and the economic cycles not related to economics but to emotions and control, the economy will eventually rebound and recover. This is somewhat predictable especially by those certified, educated, credentialed, experienced, licensed, scholarly, published experts who appear on television being it Zoom or SKYPE interviewed in their homes where the bookshelves are filled with books further indicating their credibility though the polls have been proven to be inaccurate.

Mental and Overall Health and Well Being is a delicate, sensitive and personal topic. If it is not now, soon it will be in the forefront of the worlds attention. The “P” in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) will no longer be refereed to as “Post”. It will morph into “P” for “PRESENT”. The here and now.

Fear is REAL. Uncertainty is told to us everyday all over the screens. Doubt, Worry, Trepidation, Anxiety, Stress, Nervousness, Crying, Frustration, Economics, Tension, Itching, Sleeplessness, Anger combined or individually are the Tsunami of emotions and are REAL as well. As you know the name of my Blog is keepitsimple-keepitReal. There is nothing more REAL than the Human Condition and nothing more challenging than to obtain, retain and maintain control of our lives.

Contributing to the current conditions will be the on-set of the upcoming school year. Do the schools open or not. Who will want to go to a building with 15-20 people in one room circulating throughout the building for 6-7 hours per day? Please note, that July has begun and the advertisements, promotions and marketing for school supplies has not yet arrived. Christmas is easier to sell. This is just pre-school, nursery and grades 1-12. College is in a different arena with similarities. Can kids and adults actually be expected to maintain social distancing, wear face masks all day and NOT:

Sneeze into the air
Sneeze into their hands

Cough into the air

Spit into the trash can

Blow their noses, wipe their hands on their shirts and throw the tissues into the trash can

Touch everything around them without sanitizing their hands

Don’t always use hand sanitizer

Use the bathroom, not sure how many wash their hands

Pick at their noses in an unsanitary way

Usually get close to each other especially when working on a calls group project

SHARE: Supplies: you never know where the supplies have been especially chewed pencils. Food: Can I have a bite? Beverages: Can I have a sip? Taste this, isn’t it good?
Now for the UN”s: Uncertainty, Unknown, Unreliable, Unpredictable, Unnecessary, Unsure, Unclear, Unexpected, Unfortunate, Unprecedented, Unforgettable and the UNIVERSAL Response, used more often than the word ammmmazzzzing, ” I don’t know, We don’t Know, Can’t say, Not sure and other non-committal type responses, not answers which we so desperately need. We are not accustomed to not having answers.
Teachers, staff, parents and kids may not want to go to the school for a variety of reasons all legitimate. How does leadership accommodate and satisfy each unique situation that will arise? Here again, there are no answers, as of the Present, which is the key word here as mentioned before in PTSD, where the “P” means “Present”
Just as there are multiple and plentiful supportive resources available to help with coping, they are only as good as what is put into them. To whom do you put your TRUST. From where will you receive what is needed to maintain your focus, concentration, stability, balance, motivation, inspiration and YOU. Here again, “Don’t know is part of the response but it doesn’t have to be as you will read below.
What follows is my rather extensive narrative about Mental Health and Overall Well being. It accompanied an artwork I developed and the two, when blended, offer a refreshing, motivating and inspiring account of this most sensitive and personal topic. The more the topic is openly discussed, interpreted and acted upon the more success will be experienced by those who, heretofore, perhaps had no idea of the condition, though it affects us all.
SYK (which is”So You Know” instead of FYI). Hey, many things are changing, why not this. My artwork and narrative have been submitted to an international art prize event. The event award has been extended to the first quarter of 2021 but that could change like most everything else. I am confident, not so much about winning though I am a competitive spirit, it would be more of an affirmation of my work. I believe my submission will be the only one with the theme of Mental Health and Well Being.

“I am Nobody, Who Are YOU?

Are YOU Nobody Too?”

The Pandemic of Pain. YOUR Pain.

Mental Health Pain does not stand alone. It is part of the whole YOU and includes YOUR physical, emotional physiological, and spiritual self.

It’s worldwide, global, universal and in your backyard. Everyone is subject to this PAIN. The wise, and lucky folks know this for themselves. They have had someone trustworthy tell THEM to seek help whether from a hair dresser, cab driver or friend. Additionally they will tell YOU to seek a certified and experienced professional for YOU.

The first step is the most difficult. In order to get there, first you must leave. It is YOU who will make the determination that yes, I need help. That’s more than half the battle. You’ll be surprised how many are willing to provide, and more significantly, how many are walking in your shoes as you reach out. COLOR.

MOTIVATION: My motivation comes from an experience in high school art class where I was told by the teacher that I was the first student in her 20 years of teaching Art that could not draw a straight line between two points using a ruler. She was a wise woman and set a course and path for me to succeed.  With permission from school officials and my parents, she gave me a small knife and the old fashioned bar of Ivory Soap. My assignment was to create. No instructions, no guidance nor plan to fulfill. Just carve and create; which is what I did. I carved, carved and carved some more. It was akin to “whittling” as the country folks might say. I created dozens of pieces, all unique and all of which were displayed on the classroom window sills. I earned a “B” grade for the class and had the cleanest hands in the school. While my classmates drew, sculpted and painted I carved.

Fifty-five years later I am carving again only this time with a new meaning, purpose and definition. I am doing it as my way of letting you know that I feel your pain at this time in life.

There is a darkness which becomes overwhelming but can be conquered by the LIGHT. Look at, around and eventually through each piece of cleansing soap and you will find that the smallest ray of LIGHT can grow and mature into a new YOU, filled with Hope, Faith and Love, turning all the negatives in YOUR world into success, achievement and victory. There’s a well known song asking you to Accentuate the Positive and Eliminate the Negative, allowing you to accomplish more than you ever thought possible.  Free yourself of distractions, of pain and thank God that YOU are Free at Last.



They are strong words that go beyond their definition based on our YOUR experiences and feelings. Proportionately the negatives far outweigh and outnumber the positive and healthy ways to manage and control our situations. YOU know this since YOU have applied for scores of jobs, receiving many negative or no responses. This is soon forgotten when the ONE YES response comes YOUR way, which it will, when YOUR attitude is positive, healthy and aware.

YOU need to give yourself TIME to listen YOURSELF. Deep down YOU have the answers and solutions; YOU just need permission and confirmation that YOU are doing what is right and proper for yourself instead of what others are doing. When everyone is turning right, please turn to the left. The fact that you applied to a job shows that you have HOPE.  That YOU believe you can do the job shows that you have FAITH.

The time will soon be upon us when the number of folks struggling with issues brought on and exacerbated by the current global health crisis will far outnumber those who are not in this position, YET.

Soon the world will be aware that everyone is fighting their personal battle with the invisible evil that lurks among us, not in the form of a global virus but in the unique self-condition that invades our personal world, often impeding and preventing OUR growth, progress and eventual success. The darkness will appear to be overwhelming but there is strength to be found in character, determination, awareness and most important, in PREPARATION to offset, and manage the invasion of self-doubt.  Preparation takes TIME – that most precious of gifts. YOU have the power to succeed through and past struggles, overcoming obstacles and conquering concerns given HOPE, FAITH and LOVE.

YOU are EMPOWERED by preparing YOURSELF to enjoy the journey to YOUR success.

There is LIGHT in the form of opportunity and accomplishment. It will take WORK – focused, centered and concentrated on YOU. And YOU will need COLOR from support, assistance, guidance, inspiration and direction since YOU CANNOT DO IT ALONE!!!

YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  Loneliness is everything it is cracked up to be to.

PROOF: A One Person Show is never only one person.  It is singers, dancers, musicians, bus drivers, roadies, publicists, marketing, agents, promotions, lighting, staging, carpenters, food service, medical staff, coordinators, lawyers, accountants, administrators and scores of other professionals working in harmony, with their own personal and career issues, that makes the One Person Show happen.

The LIGHT and COLOR are always there, visible and illuminated. Both must be seen and made known to YOU that it, the LIGHT and COLOR, are in fact attainable, available and AT THE READY to welcome YOU when the time is right.

Admitting to YOURSELF that you need HELP opens the way and leads YOU to your goals. Having HOPE, FAITH, and TIME on your side provides the vehicle to power your energy.

The greatest gift YOU can give YOURSELF is TIME.

TIME to Understand YOU.















This is NOT about me, this is about and for YOU!!!

There is Color and Light. It is there. Find YOURS.


Reference and Tribute to Emily Dickinson, Voltaire and Martin Luther King, Jr.



Keep it Simple – Keep it Real.



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