Leadership, Is It? + Stuff to Think About

Welcome to my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary Blog where you can learn, laugh, think, ponder and wonder, where does he get this stuff? Truth: Much of it arrives late at night when I scramble to find pen and paper because I will never remember any of the late night / over night thoughts.

My goal is just to make your day a teenie bit better.

I was taught and firmly believe that leaders lead by example. Leaders don’t ask others to do things they would not do themselves. Leaders are open, honest, accessible, polite, respectful, available, accountable, responsible, responsive, communicators, trustworthy, reliable, dependable, listeners, truthful, have an open mind and provide solutions rather than point fingers and blame others. By the way, when you point your finger at someone you are actually pointing three fingers back at yourself. Reasons define success while excuses try to explain failure which is what excuses do, they fail.

EXAMPLE: Does a baseball manger / coach ask a home run hitter “swing for the fences” type player to “bunt” which is more than likely a skill not well practiced for by the big hitters. Most certainly, when asked to do so the big swing type hitter will not be successful in the attempt to bunt thereby sacrificing his turn at bat, literally taking the bat out of his hands and most significantly causing the player to think about what was asked of him when he may be thinking “just one swing, I’ll hit it out of sight”. What an experienced manager / coach, who knows his players, will do is “pinch-hit” for the big swing hitter and have a skilled, experienced  and efficient bat control hitter who has proven over time he can “bunt”. Sacrifice: Key part of Leadership.

Assets of a Leader include, but are not limited to, their knowledge of people, the ability to recognize strengths and weaknesses, the ability to make those around the Leader better than they were before in terms of their Leadership, performance and their ability to surround themselves with trustworthy, flexible, personable, knowledgeable and skilled staff to whom a Leader will listen, comprehend, understand and act on their professional expertise, advice and suggestions instead of dismissing those qualities and the people who offered them.

Leaders create a warm, welcoming, inviting, pleasant, productive, structured, disciplined, respectful, rewarding, opportunistic workplace environment void of the pandemic type toxins, poison and venom found in places with high turnover, higher anxiety, FEAR, stress, frustration, threatening, intimidation and retaliation.

Laws of Leadership: (Mentioned in a previous Blog but worth repeating here).

*On a Mission with Purpose

*Paid Well

The Leader / manager / coach knows his players. Their likes. Their dislikes. Their skills. Their character. Their preferences, professionally speaking. Their ego. Their tolerances. Their comfort zone. Their Leadership.

EXAMPLE: Who or what is in the LEAD here.

After many unsuccessful attempts to become “on the family way”, you seek and get advice from medical professionals who have been down this road many times before.

Here’s the plan.

Female: Regularly checks her biological indicators to determine the “right time”.

Female: calls Male and says, “we have a two hour opportunity beginning in one hour. Please come home”

Male: Either it is “I’m on my way” which is the same response the Power Rangers gave when the were called, on their communicators, to get to the scene NOW. Because of this we now have immediate response and gratification on steroids. Microwaves, next day delivery, same day delivery, etc. OR the Male says “I can’t get away from my current responsibilities”. Sorry, let’s try next month.

FEMALE: I am YOUR responsibility. Frustrated, FEMALE returns to her responsibilities after a good cry or maybe not so good but at least she let it out not like Males who hold feelings and emotions inside their suppressed soul unless, of course, they are requested (actually commanded) to show their baby making skills. In any other situation for pollination the Male is seemingly always at the ready.

This scene or similar scenario may go on for a few months when finally:


MALE: Oh my GOD. I have to get home. Beginning right now the Male Mind thinks, “How am I going to do this”? “Yeah, I can get home but how am I going to perform”.  All those fabricated and embellished MALE tales of conquests are of no use here. This is game on, showtime, Prepare, Produce, Perform time. You got game?

The mind is the most powerful organ. It controls everything including causing performance impediments due to lack of morphing Herm the One Eyed Worm a small, shrunken, hiding, reclusive bald headed critter into a vehicle that can drive home the delivery.

FEMALE: Good Your Home. Let’s Go

MALE: Oh the pressure. It’s not working. Can’t rise to the occasion let alone gain comfortable entry to close the deal. A variety of stimulus enhancements don’t work. What the body wants and needs in the next hour or so the mind will not permit until finally enough of a push is obtained through the miracle of nature. Imagine that completing the mission with a less than complete tool of a one tool tool box, yet the end result was enough to seal the deal. Only ONE is needed.

FEMALE Okay, you can go now. I’ll just lay here with my legs up so noting escapes the entry. We can cuddle tonight or wait for the results come in. (no pun intended with these two words).

Now the wait begins. If the target was hit we won’t have to go through this ordeal again, until the next time we want to build our family. Best of all we can resume our passionate pleasures (which ill ebb and flow) but not for long. Nine months is can seem forever until that wonderful time when your cultivated garden, that has taken root has grown into  your next generation.

MALES: Be in the delivery room. Cut the cord if asked and allowed by the hospital. Change diapers willingly. The reward is the bond you form with your kid and the smiles on their faces when the are “cleaned”. You’ll never know the differences in the four types of bay cries (feed me, hold me, change my diaper, put me in my crib for a nap) so listen when asked to respond. You can watch the game on demand. Do the laundry, clean the toilets, offer “space” for shopping (not groceries but personal indulgences to feel good about yourself shopping), lunch with Mom, talks with friends, HAIR and NAILS, time together often just looking at your kids. Make time for yourself: your guys, playing some ball, watching your teams, showering everyday!!!

A simple, beautiful, loving gesture on both parts, reduced by time restrictions and performance obstacles mostly caused by our brain the LEADER


Are Eminem, aka Marshall Bruce Mathers and “The Beaver”, aka  Jerry Mathers somehow related?


Which do you use:


Thanks a Lot

Thanks a Whole Lot

Thanks a Bunch

Thank You Very Much

Thanks, but no Thanks.

Thank You, No

Thanks So Much

Thank You So Much

Thank You Soooooooooooooooooo Much


Hey, thanks for reading this part.


It’s nice to be important but more important to be nice.


Smart Phones

Smart Homes

Smart Televisions

Smart Cars

Smart most any and everything.


How does the same cup know how to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot?

If so many things are Smart and getting Smarter why are we so stupid? Nothing personal. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and I apologize if I did.


When is it time and how is it scientifically calculated for medicine to be released if taken in one pill, capsule or gel cap?


The only way to be creative is to invent language. The “Smart” thing we can do is use language to clearly communicate our messages not be heard as much as to be understood.


Keep it Simple – Keep It Real






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