Throw Mud Against a Wall, Some Will Stick

Welcome to my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary Blog intended for you to raise awareness, elevate critical thinking and perhaps, just perhaps, cause a smile, laugh or chuckle to come your way with ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION of Hurting Anyone’s Feelings.

SYN, which means So You Know rather than FYI, my Blog Posts contain errors of all kinds. My brain moves faster than my fingers and one can only do so much editing for accuracy. In the past I would offer apologizes. For here and now pleases accept me as Popeye said, “I am what I am and that’s all that I am”.


Is the word pronounced Gala or Gayla. Perhaps an event planner can provide definition. Tomato – ToMAHto, Potatoe- PoTAHtoe!!!


Who said these? Perhaps, someone you know. Certainly not me. To be creative language must first be invented. Things said and written today were made known in the past. It’s called History which, if more of us were aware, there would not be the constant repeating of History’s mistakes, However, we keep doing the same things expecting different results. What’s that called. I am sure you know.

It’s not who you know, but who knows you.

In order to get there, first you have to leave.

I’m so slow I have to speed up to stop.

I never remember anything I forget and I never forget any thing I remember.

It is not good to eat or drink on an empty stomach.

I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.

What we do good nobody remembers, what we do bad nobody forgets.

The difficult takes some time, while the impossible takes a little longer.

Everything is great and wonderful, until it is not.

Everyone is great and wonderful, until they are not.


I don’t know what all the fuss is about Social Distancing. I have had Social Distancing as part of my everyday life since my youth. Folks naturally stay back, away or avoid my presence. Perhaps, I offend their olfactories, appall by appearance or disgust by design. Who knows but  being aware of the three former “distances” could help folks understand the need to be more diligent with their distancing. It is not a new phenomena. We have been doing it “for-ev as described below:

Social Space: Three feet or so apart. Close but not too close. You may have just been introduced to someone and want to keep apart, folding your arms, clutching your belongings and not making much eye contact.

Personal Space: Three feet and closer depending on your comfort level, trust, confidence and knowledge of the person.

Intimate Space: Reserved for those in your world you can reach out and hug, embrace, kiss, perform any of the multiple hand contacts such as Old Fashioned Handshake, Modern Day Handshake using all kinds of creative, unique movements, High Five, Tap, Dap, Pound, Fist Pump, Finger-Interlocking Maneuvers, Chest Pump and other forms of human contact upon which you and your Intimate Space “friends” agree.

Perhaps you have been made to feel uncomfortable or you made someone feel uncomfortable by using a “space” you thought was acceptable when it was not. Don’t feel rejected. Learn about the people in your life and what works with each one. Knowing a little about Body Language can remove awkwardness. Where are all the Body Language experts today when need the most to tells us about and interpret the Body Language (non-verbal communication for those from the 60’s) of those in positions of power, influence and leadership? They may expose Truth. Cant’ have that now or can we?

Suppose you are attending a lecture, seminar or group instruction (classroom setting). The facilitator walks around the room lecturing and is getting closer to you. You don’t know each other outside the room and you may feel awkward, anxious and uncomfortable as the facilitator gets closer to your “space”. It is more than likely not intentional on the part of the facilitator who may be releasing nervous energy walking around the room unaware of how their behavior could be perceived or interpreted. There are those, most certainly if you follow the “news”, who do things like this deliberately because they actually believe their position gives them leverage and permission to act and behave inappropriately, that will cause your defense to be heightened. These types are bully’s and will eventually “mis-step” in their own minute world exposing their true selves and be escorted from the field.

Put  yourself in a library setting, alone at the head of the table studying, reading or checking your phone. A stranger comes to the table. Your first thought is, “I hope they don’t sit next to me”. Perhaps they will sit at then other end of the table at the other head of the table seat. When they do, you focus on your work to avoid eye contact.

If a person comes to your table and you know each other you two can sit adjacent to each other on the diagonal or opt to sit part to maintain focus on your work rather than be tempted by distractions.

There are many more choices here. Things like seating available, location of the available seating, gender, time of day and familiarity. I have provided a start which you can further pursue or not.

Watch people behave in public places such at bus stops, train stations and waiting in line three days, in 90 degree temperatures with no Port-A-Potty available, for concert tickets, the newest Phone or 80% off at the big box stores. All kinds of stuff happening here. Observe. Think. Learn.

When I came from Military Service I flew in the “red-eye” airplane, took a taxi, subway and bus to my destination. In the airplane everyone slept or read. In the taxi, the driver silently drove to my requested destination. In the subway and bus all the passengers covered their faces with their newspapers to avoid contact of any kind especially a Military Veteran coming home in 1973. I maintained my standing space carrying my duffle bag, overnight bag, garment bag and medium size suit case that was a bit wounded from the international return flight home to The USA. No regrets.


What is the Caucasian Obsession of basting at the beach, tanning indoors and outdoors, applying creams, salves, ointments and spray products to their skin so they can get darker?


Changes are happening everyday all day. Social, Personal, Work, Play, Racial, Entertainment, Educational, Business, Dining Out, Shopping and whatever else is a “victim” of modern times.

Perhaps science can cure, heal and provide relief.

Perhaps science can also develop “Seedless Cherries”. Science has given us Seedless, Grapes, Seedless Watermelon, Apples that won’t turn brown after you take a bite, leave it on the counter and come back later to finish eating your apple and scores of other food altering products. If it comes from Nature it is usually good for us but not everything. Be careful when hiking. Learn to recognize poison ivy. Although Nature has provided goats that have been used to eat poison ivy, without the same affect poison ivy has on humans,  in public places where folks once gathered and hopefully soon be able to return to parks and playgrounds to enjoy Natures greatness. Don’t mess with Nature, nature wins all the time, eventually.

Proof: Go the ocean with a broom. Try to sweep away an ocean wave. Better yet, read Maggie, Millie, Molly and May by e. e. cummings. It will make you feel good about yourself, being a kid, having fun, playing and energizing your spirit and soul. Also, “being” at the beach is the best form of “Exfoliation”. No need to buy all the expensive skin care products. Just go some form of beach, bathe in the breeze, play in the sand, swim in the water and let Nature Exfoliate.

Cherry Pits can be the PITS especially for us older folks whose teeth are a bit more brittle and susceptible to chipping, cracking and breaking.

By the way, what does everyone leave behind when exiting the beach or any sandy area? Yes, I know garbage, trash, soiled diapers, etc. But that’s not everyone. We all leave our footprints behind!!! Ha-Ha. Maybe here is where you chuckle or shake your head in disbelief or disgust.


Why is it soooooooooooo difficult, cumbersome, corrupt, scandalous, and challenging to VOTE. Is this not yet another example of “You can’t win, unless you cheat” to be added to education, business, politics, sports?

If “States Rights” of using their own Voting Methods and systems is not efficient  why not change the process to a National Voting operation so all the states can use the same voting machines and processes to accomplish the goal and reduce, lessen and maybe even eliminate fraud, cheating, scandal, costly and time consuming investigations that produce little if anything except jobs and work for a select few, bribery and all the tactics used to suppress citizens votes even though mass marketing and advertising encourages folks to register, turn out and vote even in the rain which shrinks the voting numbers.

Is WAM (walking around money still used?) Will “polling places” continues to be closed conveniently on election day? Will the deceased still Vote?

As mentioned above changes are happening all around us. Why not change the way Votes are cast and counted. One Vote. One System. Success. Change is good. Do a little research and you will find a well known former leader of our country was against the legalization of marijuana about 10 years ago. Now he sits on the Board of Directors of a huge marijuana company. If he can change so can everything else. Only we, more than likely, will not financially benefit from our changes but we will sleep good.


When someone says to you, “let me honest (or perfectly honest)” with you, please be aware that this can interpreted as everything they told you prior to their “honest proclamation” is not quite true.

And be careful how you dole out forgiveness since that can be interpreted as you giving them permission to do it again.

I many cases, kindness can mistaken for weakness which as you hopefully know from reading through my Blog, is the Modus Operandi” of the bully.


Have you ever seen a school, amateur and professional athlete NOT complain or argue with the authority who has called a foul or other form of infraction of said athlete. Nobody ever does or did anything wrong. Nobody breaks the rules, Granted the authorizes sometimes get things wrong but technology has proved them correct most of the time.

The negative reactions to authority decisions of, foul or no foul, influences the behavior and attitudes of young athletes who model, idolize and worship their hero athletes.

Hey kids, your family who supports, you, feeds you, teaches, you, provides you, fills out all the forms, sacrifices for you, drives you, washes your uniforms and all your clothes, coordinates all you “activities”, enables you rather than empowers you in most cases, tells you “Good Job” all the time even when it is not true, pays for your phone and internet, waits up for you late at night, leaves a light on for you and worry’s about you all the time, those are your heroes. An athlete or anyone else about whom you know nothing except their team , position and uniform number is not your hero. You can aspire to their achievements even exceeding their results but until and unless you know them as a person stick with those who love you, unconditionally. How do they teat people? What do they give back to the communities? What is their family life like? You can tell what kind of a person is by the way the act, behave and function on the field of play. Beyond that, there is little you can know unless you have personal contact and connections to you hero.

TIDBIT of USELESS INFORMATION: Lastly about this, a hero like a sub, hoagie, Cuban, grinder, torpedo, zeppelin and poor boy is a sandwich with its origins in sandwich shops many years ago when the Mom and Pop store owner used the “ends” of deli meats and cheesees added lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, onions, oregano, mayo and put it together on a long roll creating the sandwich which has grown to six feet in length.


Have any disappointments?

Here’s mine.

While engaged in conversation with a person of “Personal Space’ status, we approach the dessert table carefully eyeing the goodies.

Without losing focus, concentration and spatial contact with each other I reach for the tray of what I am most certain are Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Taking a cookie without directly looking at the selection I raise it to my mouth, take a bite and think to myself: Oatmeal Raisin which is confirmed upon ocular examination.





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