***Among other things I am flawed so be patient and understanding rather than critical when you come upon mistakes in my Blog posts**.

Here’s a good way to begin your day and more importantly your weekend.

It’s about TIME which, according to the Chambers Brothers, has come today.

Read along with my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary Blog that follows. Take / Make some TIME to read about TIME. It won’t take a long TIME only about the same amount of TIME used to locate saved files, e-mails and documents that are suppose to save us TIME.

TIME: I don’t have the TIME. I can’t afford the TIME. TIME, like land, is a wasting asset.

I wish I had more TIME. you’ll appreciate and understand this as you progress in life.

I don’t know many, if any, who would say. “Ya know I wish I had spent more TIME at work”.

If you think one second of TIME has no power, impact and influence and cannot make a difference in your life then please watch the video of Iron Bowl Football Game of November 30, 2013 between Auburn and Alabama. In one second history was created, lives were alerted for both teams and the money folks who thought they had cash in hand were now reduced to a lost payoff.

TIME: Hey you gotta, a sec?

TIME: Yo, you got a minute?

TIME: Listen, this will only take a minute or two.

It is similar to when someone tells you:

Let me be honest with you which implies that everything previously uttered is subject to not being true. The warning signal and check language light should illuminate in your cranium. Same for TIME.

TIME: We just don’t have any. But how come? We have all the gadgets, excuse me DEVISES that save time such as electronics, calendars, planners, schedules, recipes, procedures, scripts, smart phones, smart cars, smart houses (not homes), smart appliances, smart furniture, smart watches and just about anything can be made to help us Get Smart who is actually Agent 86. All this Smart TIME Saving Stuff used by many, especially me, who are less than Smart.

With all the Smart Stuff at our disposal, about which we only use, at the most, 10% of the collective capabilities, we revert to doing something which has become lost in our society. We ask someone, a human, for help even though that human will refer to a smart device to solve our issue, claiming “see it’s easy”.

TIME: Make TIME your friend (from a previous post somewhere on my Blog) and you WIN which is a good thing. Please don’t deny yourself the pleasure, joy and comfort of WINNING. It’s a good thing that will EMPOWER you to feel good about yourself, if you so choose to experience those feelings.


TIME brings change. I see that in my loss of and graying of my hair.

There was TIME when subliminal messages flashed across the movie theater screen resulting in most of the audience getting up, walking / stumbling in the dark, opening the exit / entrance door flashing light into the dark movie theater, so we could buy more popcorn, soda, food and candy. oh those Goobers!!! Brainwashing 101. George has his Brain Droppings which are much more entertaining, enlightening and educational than my meager attempts to be and show intelligence and awareness.

The way to sell. Create a product: Cigarettes. Place attractive ladies dressed appropriately yet inviting. Give the ladies a container loaded with four pack samples of cigarettes with an attached belt which goes around the neck and shoulders to support the container freeing her arms to distribute, unlimited, those four pack samples of cigarettes. Place her on street corners on the big cites during rush hours in the morning and evening when folks are scurrying to work and on their way home. By the way the same cigarette containers were used by ice cream vendors on the beaches during the summer months when people are there. TIME or is it TIMING.

She works for a few weeks doing this. Then she is nowhere to be found sought out not for her, but by those who have become accustomed to free stuff and more significantly “hooked”, “dependent” uh oh and oh no, “addicted” on whatever is in cigarettes which back then was tobacco, unlike modern times, where the Periodic Table from science class can identify the ingredients. TIME in this case and most cases is MONEY. In TIME, we’re gonna getcha ya’s one way or the other similar to Blondie’s (not Dagwood Bumstead’s wife for you old timers) lyrics.

Who loves free stuff. All of us. Go to your mailbox and see what comes your way in the form of Samples and Coupons starting with, around the same TIME as the cigarette give-a-ways, the mailman (this is well before the generic term Postal Worker was in introduced along with all the other neutral terms and phrases in our present day lexicon) delivered our bills, bank statements and samples of cereal, toothpaste, shampoo, detergent and most of the consumer products avaible at the grocery store. Try it. You’ll like it. Just ask the cereal kid Mikey. Car dealers let us “Test Drive” to sample the cars capabilities and features. People live together to sample the goods and to see how long it takes before they can’t stand to be together. Those who make it together have a 50-50 chance of success and longevity.

Every town has a house or building that has been for sale FOREVER. However, in TIME, eventually, everything sells.

TIME will tell Grannies, Moms and Teachers often said, usually ad nauseum.

Now it is TIME get back to work and focus on making the most, highest and best use of the precious TIME we have to do what we do best and a little bit more. Tonight we can Binge Watch our favorite shows as we say “I just don’t have the TIME to workout, go shopping (yeah delivery services, boo all the extra, extra extra (like paperboys once said) charges, call my Mother, hand write a Thank You letter to those who gave me a present, volunteer anywhere or do something good for someone which is actually, not selfishly doing something good for ourselves, so say the experts.

TIME to close.


Keep It Simple Keep It Real.









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