People Power, We Have It!!!

Good Monday Morning and welcome to my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary Blog where you can learn, grow, prosper, laugh and maybe think, just a little, about the world in which most of us exist.

Decades ago, at the four corner intersections of locations throughout our country stood four different gas stations all selling the same products and what were one services such as washing the windshield, checking the oil and offering to pass the time engaged in conversation especially if you knew the attendant servicing you and your car, which many of us did. If you stretch your imagination you may consider this “Social Behaviors”.

During the manufactured and controlled gas crisis, and for the next generation or two, gas prices have been controlled by the same small group (perhaps 1-3%) of the people who control almost all the money and finances of the world. Control, not just in Maxwell Smart and Agent 99.

Everyday, almost hourly, gas prices would rise. I believe a law was enacted stating that a gas station could only raise their gas prices once per day which may still be applicable today.

The People had the Power to influence and control gas prices.

All four corner gas stations priced their gas within a penny or two of each other. The simple way to affect change would be for the majority, if not all drivers, to purchase their gas from only one of the four corner options. The other three non-used gas stations would eventually lower their prices to reduce their inventory and keep their staff employed. The expert, certified, experienced, educated and worldly economists, theorists and strategists, more than likely, have a name for this to include in their college textbooks that kids must purchase (yet, more debt) and to which the scholarly elite must publish and contribute to keep their employment status. For me simple works best. You should know this if you read my Blog Posts, where you will find I am a simple guy which is why folks get along with me. They like the simple things in life.

To maintain the constant price reductions or until the price was set and maintained at an affordable and not confiscatory (like taxes) price then the process could continue until a more stable market was established.

Back then this was circulated among drivers who thought it to be a good plan, however most opted-out for convenience purposes and most likely, did not participate is this easy simple economic plan. We can be a lazy bunch, correct. Proof of our laziness can be found on one of your screens offering you an exact hour and minute count of how much time you spend (waste) on all your electronic devises. Go out and play, will ya!!!

Today we are presented with a situation built on convenience but the hidden agenda is economics, isn’t always. Plus, this is an addition to the “A-Social” world in which most of us exist.

Please take notice at supermarkets and the big retail brick and mortar stores which soon may be going the way of the neighborhood ruining malls.

You don’t have to search too far but will soon discover upon physical “check-out” that people are being replaced by yet another scan and screen combination.

Humans are being replaced by electronics with no personalities, charm, character, familiarity and a welcoming smile and a closing thank you very much have a nice day (see my Blog Post about cliches).

This is another form of conditioning and controlling the human species. Soon electronic check-out will replace but a few of the humans who offer more than their service. Many of the well known big store retailers began this many years ago offering merchandise with no human with whom a customer can interact . Grab and go just like food. Reduce the staff, load the racks with stuff and let the customer fend for themselves. It was once the hallmark of successful businesses to provide the very best customer service since without customers to service you have no business. I learned the value, importance and significance of customer service and many life lessons working as an eleven year old paperboy learning and honing my skills with my brother as my role-model and our parents advice and support.

In conclusion – Not Really-  (don’t just love those words especially when you are attending a lecture, seminar, training, forum or symposium where you learn about things you will never use in your work) let us gather our energy, engage ourselves with purpose and use only human staffed “check-out” lanes leaving the electronic check-outs vacant, bare and void of us.

The best thing to come out of this is perhaps, just perhaps, a job or two or more (yours) will be saved so folks can earn a few bucks for the basics no not food clothing and shelter but more of internet, phone and cable. But only for a brief period until elimination of brick and mortar, employees and customer service are upon us in full force, actually reduction / elimination.

By the way, Customer Service has been replaced by “Surveys”. See my previous Blog Post.

Also, if you read a bit carefully you will notice that my Blog Posts, though written on many different topics, are elementary and universal in their messages but you have to read my Blog Posts with an open mind and, more importantly, an open heart. Like our bodies everything is related, connected and has a purpose. So, too, does the body of my Blog. Yeah, I know the same is true for all the electronic devices out there except they don’t have the human touch.

See you in the check-out lane waiting to receive some good old fashioned, not yet obsolete, customer service.

Wouldn’t you like to know what the experts have planned for us next? It’s out there. We might have to look under a stone or two since we can’t move the boulders where this stuff is actually hidden waiting for release for control purposes.


Just like Colombo there’s one more thing.

Yesterday I was at a social event. I went up to the beverage station for a glass of water. The staffer serving had a unique combination of finger nail polish colors. It was tastefully done and not necessarily a Look at Me – Look at Me – Look at Me moment.

There was time when I would have made mention of the nail polish colors offering some comments about their appearance. However, in today’s world I held my words, backed away and left with my glass of water. Later during the event I went for a second glass of water only this time another guest was engaged in conversation about the the nail polish colors. When this guest was served and returned to their seat I asked for a glass of water and took a brave, bold and courageous step venturing into risky waters as I offered my affirmation to the young lady explaining I was reluctant and hesitant to do so on my first visit to her due to “societal” concerns we have been brainwashed to feel based on the many recent well known and highly publicized scandalous situations among leaders with leverage, influence and power (men) and women (subordinates). I explained my concerns and the young lady was most gracious in accepting my compliments. Her comforting words eliminated my fear of having an ulterior motive instead of being honest, trustworthy and appropriate as most of us are.

We must be cautious and careful in what we say, how we say it and to whom is the intended recipient of our words. I just don’t want to be wrong and hurt someones feelings though I have no intention ever of doing so. But, you never know how things will be received and interpreted. This is an apologetic world and thought must be given prior to words being spoken. That is, unless of course, if you are a leader contributing and part of the root cause of the toxic, venomous and poisonous world in which many of us are forced to exist.

Keep It Simple – Keep It Real


Power Up!!!













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