DEBT and , As Always, A Little Bit More, Perhaps Too Much Some Might Say!!!

Welcoming to my world: My Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary world where things come right at you to make you think and perhaps even laugh.

DEBT: Why do kids and families have to pay for college? I am not talking about “free college for all” as is uttered on the campaign trail.

No-No-No. I am writing about colleges and universities with endowments large enough to tear down and reconstruct all their buildings with money left over to pay for travel, vacations, theater, meals and other stuff to which leaders have been conditioned to believe they deserve and are “entitled” to (the same folks who reduce or eliminate “entitlements” to those in need) while some kids on campus are hungry.

How do kids begin their lives after “high”er education when they can only get “hired’ for low paying jobs or un-paid internships.


We love Heroes including the Hero sandwich also known as a Sub, Hoagie, Zeppelin, Torpedo, Poor Boy and Grinder.

Our manufactured heroes, the ones who bring us onion (see previous ONION Post) opportunities, provide, protect and serve for which we as a county ought to be collectively grateful and thankful which most of us are. That is until it is time for pay.

How many Military Veterans and First Responders are in need, right now, for medical services of all kinds. And where are we to provide for them, our Heroes? What happens to the money? Why are Homeless numbers and life taking incidences on the rise and growing everyday? Where is LEADERSHIP when needed the most? Folks were once there for us and would do it again but without money for medical care they will not have the chance to again serve or do much else except struggle, suffer and strain to survive.

Funding was given to the Veterans Administration. Where and to whom did the money go? Why has “Leadership” changed several times in the past few years? Why can’t the Veterans be served with pride, dignity and professional care?

Why does it take one “celebrity” endorsement to have voices heard?

Why can’t the right thing be done? Spike is right as always.

We can explain that “Y” is the 25th letter in the alphabet. We can explain that “Y” is the first letter in YMCA, YWCA and all the other “Y’s”. But we cannot explain “why” when it comes to having leaders not leading in the best interest of those they lead.

It is like business: Customer Service is the hallmark of successful ventures. Without customers to service there is no business. The same is true for “non-profit” type organizations. Service those in your care and to whom you are responsible.

Leaders: Do YOUR Job!!! That is YOUR only platform. Yes, you can golf, travel at our expense, send your kids to private schools, maintain your privacy which you will do regardless, but not until you Do YOUR Job. Have your share, cut, portion and consideration but put the rest into Doing Your Job. Take three dollars, keep your one and put the other two back into and for the people you lead.


Everything is great until it isn’t.

Everyone is wonderful until they are not.

Everything is the best until it is not.

Everything and Everyone are AMAZING (see previous Cliche Post) until it is not.

EXAMPLES: Are all over and abundant. Look into your world. Look at the world outside. You will be AMAZED!!!


COLOR: There is no Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Red or any combination of the color chart.

Green is the only color with universal representation.

I’d like to go to that restaurant, movie, event, etc but I don’t have the money- GREEN.

I love you I can’t afford you – GREEN

I want to travel, buy new stuff, but more stuff, join that group- club – organization: GREEN

I envy you: GREEN


Make a doctors appointment, travel arrangements or schedule your vehicle for service. Yes it can be done on-line and “in person” using your phones.

After you make the initial appointment you receive:

E-mail Conformation almost immediately

E-mail Reminder to Confirm the appointment a few days before the appointment

Voice Mail reminder: Press 0 to select your language. Press 1 to confirm. Press 2 to cancel. Press 3 to change. Press 4 to speak with a human. Press 5 to listen to the message again. Press 6 if you forgot to Press any of the other numbers. Say Yes not only to The Dress but to confirm the confirmation. And you thought only kids go through Confirmation.

Text message reminder of your appointment with a phone number to call with the same stuff I just wrote about in the Voice Mail reminder.

Reminder Message sent to your Patient Portal. Now what’s my password?

Now for the SURVEY or SURVEYS asking: How am I doing? Were you satisfied? Please take a few moments, not minutes, moments are brief minutes can be eternal according to the survey experts. Think about it. When someone asks, “Hey you gotta few minutes, this will just take 2 seconds”. You know you will be there for more than just a few moments.

Surveys ask deep probing questions wanting to extract from you the type of quality care, service and performance you received. Do you go right to the columns, either on the extreme left or right margins where the highest scores appear and just click, or is it check all those boxes not wanting to tell the actual truth in case someone may be at risk for losing their job and you don’t want to be the cause or are you, with the power of the mouse, one of those who read, analyze and ponder each question then proceed to sow your might.

Surveys after service. More of the same with space for comments, sort of subjective and objective balance except for the Power of Definition which you have as the Survey Filler Outer.

Surveys are like the recycle bins. Eventually everything ends up in the same place.

Everyone wants to know how they did which is a form of Look at me – Look at Me – Look at Me similar to 5 year old kids who show Grandma and Grandpa they can tie their sneakers which many elders have trouble doing: Velcro, loafers and slip-ons for Elders.

Do you complete tour surveys immediately while thoughts and events are easily gathered or do you wait a day or more when there is nothing else in your inbox and when when time has allowed wounds to heal, egos to be tempered and facts to be jumbled?

Remember and Don’t Forget. I never remember anything I forget and I never forget anything I remember!!!

Keep It Simple – Keep It Real


Power Up!!!










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