What Has Happened and Why Is it Happening?

Welcome to my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary.  There will be mistakes in spelling, grammar, word usage, syntax whatever that is and other mistakes as well. Not to worry since mitsakes are a part of the human condition. I know, I know, we don’t want our doctors, mechanics, tradesmen/women, repairmen/women, accountants, lawyers and others to make mitsakes but they are human too. The difference is when a mitsake is made who owns it and more importantly who are those who make the corrections out of pride and quality and not a threat? Hey, e.e. cummings writes in all lower case most of the time. Perhaps it is quality and content rather than being like everyone else. By the way, I am no e.e.cummings or anyone else, just me.

And here we go!!!

After my family I LOVE Basketball. Even at my age with arthritis, plantar facitis, bent toes, bunions, wounded ankles,malfunctioning knees, sore hips and aches and pains most everywhere I still mange to gimp around the basketball floor contributing the little I can by doing things that do not require skills that I never actually had.

I am the consummate lunch box, blue collar, working guy who sets screens, grabs an occasional rebound or two, hustles for the lose ball and plays defense. The guys are kind to the old and feeble and let me play even when I do bring a ball. I have my aches and pains but the pain of not playing is far worse than any pain I have learned to endure.

I coached our sons recreational basketball team when he was in the lower school grades. One year, since nobody wanted to do it I was League Commissioner which was a great gig except for those annoying, overbearing, rude, crude, yelling, screaming, hollering and badgering parents who behaved this way towards their kids at games and probably at home as well. No wonder so many kids are taking multiple medications for things that ail them. Too bad there is no cure for bad parenting.

I think it was during 6th grade. Our team was ousted in the tournament in the first game. When it was time for the championship game my son and I went the gym where he met up with and sat with his buddies. I, too, found a small group of guys with whom to watch and enjoy the game. One of my guys was the Dad of a player we have known for many years so naturally I was rooting for his team.

To make a long story longer The dad’s sons team lost. We were standing at the opposite end of a filled gym from where the players were leaving the plating area. Without hesitation after the whistle ended the game this Dad yelled across the packed gym telling his to hurry up, get his stuff and meet the Dad at the side entrance to the gym. Without hesitation the son yelled back to his Dad, “okay Dad but first i have to get my trophy”. The Dad exploded and went into a screaming frenzy saying, “you lost, you don’t get a trophy for losing. Lets get out of here”.

The stunned crowd went silent and a few parents quickly exited the arena. However most stayed and milled around discussing the scene and expressing their approval of the Dad’s commentary to his son.

That was about twelve years ago. Most certainly all have recovered and forgotten the event.

EXAMPLE: Around this same time our son’s school basketball team was playing their neighboring rival. It is sort of a big deal bragging rights game. Our son’s team had 10 players and all played even just a little. Their rival team had 35 kids on the team and only 7-8 kids played mostly all of the game. NOBODY GOT CUT FROM THE TEAM. Everybody made the team, got a uniform paid for by the parents) a team picture, a certificate of participation, post game snacks, goodie bags and of course invites to all those pasta parties and sleepovers, maybe even a trophy. How much of this stuff do still have decorating your room, basement or cave.

Now, how is this relevant to today. This is March Madness, the absolute best sporting season of the year, for me and many others, not necessarily you which is just fine. This past weekend I was glued to the tube, do they still use tubes? Anyway there were four of the most competitive, exciting, thrilling display of skills from the players to the coaches and everyone in between. The television game announcers got caught up in the Magic of March Madness.

As always happens the team that scores at least one more point wins the game. I am not a gambler but that is an easy win if there is anybody who would take action.

What is saw this past weekend was a group of young, talented, skilled, good guys reduced to tears because they and their team did not win which was, of course expected. What is not expected and kids may not be taught that there are times in life when you will not win whihc is called losing. With all the pampering, hype, fame, glory, glamor, chest bumps, constant hand touching sort of like a high five only lower especially at and during the free throw shooting choreographed ritual, stimulation, notoriety, reputation, image, expectations and dreams.

These larger than life outstanding young men, worshiped by kids, fans, media, sporting goods companies, agents, managers, marketing gurus, lawyers and leagues who see dollar signs flashing like Fourth of July Fireworks are reduced to tears hiding their faces in towels on national television in the spotlight with cameras affixed on their condition avoiding any privacy the kids may need or want to gather themselves before the parade to the podium where the victors are heralded and the losing team kids and coaches listen and respond ,with poise and grace, to awkwardly posed questions by a noisy media in very low unemotional voices, who hinges on every word the kid says waiting for a mistake or is it a misspoken moment as it is with the highly educated, worldly traveled, cultured and privileged small community. I hope the crying kids have an opportunity to let it all out in private without judgement, blame and criticism so they can regain their composure, spirit and just themselves. Maybe and hopefully the families in attendance are the ones to seek for consolation, a hug and of course The Love.

We are ripe for takeover. We are fat, obese, lazy, weak, apathetic, becoming more and more under educated except for the newest phone, computer and video game, remotely distant and uninvolved, in constant need of instant gratification, affirmations, nurturing and praise, electronically dependent, addicted to everything, legally drugged for every condition and ailment, illegally drugged to hide the pain and fight hopelessness, with nothing in moderation as the experts tell us we need which is what our parents told us though they were not experts.

Red ink indicates a kid did not do well on an assignment or exam. I hope schools do not use red ink. It is like white coat syndrome at the doctors office. See how they have changed. Lots of bright, subdued and calming colors so the blood pressure stays manageable and not in need of medications that are now being exposed as more dangerous that the condition they are suppose to be treating.

Learning comes from making a mistake. Ask anyone who cooks especially parents juggling all their kids stuff. Some nights dinner will not be as good as eating at the restaurant and that is simply okay. It is only a mistake if you do not learn from the mistake whihc is why it is called learning. It’s like losing. You have to lose and fail so that you can appreciate and graciously accept success, victory and wins.

How do you know what is good if you never have experienced bad. Your life is perfect with money, clothes, cars vacations and all the other success indicators. What happens and how to handle yourself when you wake up in the morning look in the mirror and see a cluster of facial pimples and maybe a few on your shoulders and back. Are you staying in bed all day or will you face the world imperfections and all. Test your character and make a decision especially one that offers you a chance to win and feel good about yourself.

Barcelona has its Ramblas which allows folks to leisurely stroll through an unimpeded path lined with vendors, restaurants, street folks and tourists all on a mission of something or maybe nothing at all

So this BLOG Post is my Rambling with a purpose for me and maybe nothing at all for the audience except for the chance to chuckle and think about some things heretofore not given much attention.

Keep It Simple – Keep It Real








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