Random Thoughts on a Soon to be Shoveled Snowy Saturday

Welcome to another BLOG Post from my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary.

Today’s message can be considered tidbits of useless information from my vast warehouse and storage facility.

In addition to shoveling some snow my BLOG Posts can be considered a bit of shoveling as well, manure that is!!!

If Pete and Repeat were sitting on a fence and Pete fell off, who’d be left?

If Pete and Repeat were sitting on a fence and Pete fell off, who’d be left?

If Pete and Repeat were siting on a fence and Pete fell off, who’d be left?

Get it?

Like a Penguin with Happy Feet

On the Street

Out to Trick or Treat

Moving forward, never to RETREAT.

Do I need to Repeat

Or is it time to click DELETE?


If you had three wishes and used the first two, what would your third wish be?


Three things have been happening for decades that are indicators that society is changing which can be good, however the following three things are a bit more hostile and volatile:

1. Language is in the “binjo” ( translate for urban Tagalog). We just don’t care what comes out of our mouths. Even George’s seven words are part of our everyday lexicon. Tis a shame. I am no saint but, after all, there once was a time and place (locker rooms, street corners,  neighborhood places to indulge in spirits, social clubs which were exclusive, oops I mean exclusionary like non-public golf clubs not golf clubs but the golf “club” itself) to use the various, formerly considered profane words to express our feelings and emotions to temporarily shock the world.

2. The gap between those with and those not with or “without” is widening as quickly as the icebergs are breaking apart and just as serious and dangerous to society.

3. No Trust in Leadership at all levels from small businesses to the big folks. Too many “TOXIC” workplace environments.


I never remember anything I forget nor do I forget anything I remember.

It is not good to eat or drink on an empty stomach.

In order to get there first you must leave.

I thought I was wrong once but I was mistaken.

When you forgive someone you give them permission to do it again.

I might not be the first to offer these Franklin like wisdom words but at least they are in one place for you to use to amuse yourself and others if you so choose to use them as “ice-breakers” during awkward business and social encounters.


The purpose of SOCIAL MEDIA:

Look at ME!!!

Look at ME!!!

Look at ME!!!


Most know their RIGHTS, but who knows their RESPONSIBILITIES?


Is everything we read on the Internet actually TRUE?

You read a story, then go to a hoax, myth or legend site to verify truth or falsehood. It’s like taking opioids which constipate you so the opioid folks make another pill to let it flow, let it flow, let it flow, like today’s and Christmas, oops I apologize I should have written Holiday time, don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Don’t forgive me since I may do it again. Time let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

If the TRUTH will set you FREE then why are there so many shackled, restricted and restrained. Perhaps we really can’t handle the truth. Oh those writers a re sooooooooooooo smart, intelligent, wise and maybe a bit lucky. Maybe we have been brainwashed to be certain we don’t hurt anyone’s feelings and if we do, well, just offer sincerest apologizes along with some thoughts and prayers which are amazing!!!


Enough for now. Here I have shoveled some of my stuff and now it is time to actually shovel the fallen snow.

Keep It Simple – Keep It Real



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