How Many Times……………….

Time for more stuff from my vast warehouse and storage facility of tidbits of useless information, as are all my BLOG Posts!!!

It all comes to you from my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary and here is, yet, another sample of proof.

How many times do we need to be told, encouraged and informed:

How to cook a Thanksgiving Turkey? Just call 1-800 and our experts will make you an expert. Hang around home long enough to learn something so you can offer your insight, wisdom and knowledge to the next generation.

Diet and exercise are the keys to weight loss management and control.

Education is vital to success though the modern world is beginning to understand that college is not for everybody. We need folks who can build, make, do, create with their hands as well as their minds.

College is a euphemism for DEBT. Why are kids and their families encouraged to incur debt.

After high school graduation a year or two away from formal education will build character, teach life skills and prepare kids well beyond any classroom “learning” environment.

Play, unstructured PLAY, void of yelling, screaming, hollering, harassing and badgering parents (grown-ups?) without uniforms, trophies, goodie bags, snacks, team pictures and all the costly right gear, is a Good, check that, a GREAT thing for kids while in school, after school, on the weekends and during school breaks. Maybe the ADD/ADHD will disappear as abruptly as it has “medically been prescribed to appear”.

Having 500++++++ social media “friends” is not a good thing since loneliness is everything it is cracked up to be. All those “friends” and nobody to talk with, listen to me or have lunch with.

BINGE -BINGE – BINGE. There goes another day with no human interaction expect for my daily dose of trendy coffee.

Take Out – Take Out and more Take Out results in PUT ON – PUT ON -PUT ON. Alas yet another excuse (not reason) to go clothes shopping. One size up please. Oooops time to buy a membership at the newest, latest, hot gym.

Everything in MODERATION.

I keep meaning to join the procrastinators club but I keep putting it off.

Everything is GREAT  – SPECTACULAR – WONDERFUL – “AMAZING” until it is NOT.

Nobody has your back but YOU!!!

It’s easy. It’s simple. No problem. “If I can do it so can you”. Oh really. Just like when receiving driving directions inevitably the person giving the directions says: “You can’t miss it”. I miss it.  Even GPS makes mistakes or haven’t you experienced this yet?

Let me be honest with you. OR Let me be PERFECTLY honest with you. Uh oh. What have I been told prior to being told that the speaker is NOW, all of a sudden, going to honest or PERFECTLY honest with me. What should I do with all the stuff I was told prior to this update about HONESTY.

Celebrate any accomplishment. For some it is every thing they do that is believed to justify attention, affirmation and recognition. LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME.

I’ve got more but it is time to get dinner ready. Now where is that 1-800 number?

Keep it Simple – Keep It Real







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