Example: This is What We Have Done to Our Kids

Have you done this “to” and not with / for your kids?

Have you heard this harmful utterance bellowed every time a kid does something, anything?

You know you have, please stop.

Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good Job Good job Good Job Good Job Good Job

And Sooooooooooooooooo On, Ad Infinitum and more significantly Ad Nauseum!!!

Break The Cycle-Break The Cycle-Break The Cycle-Break-The Cycle-Break the Cycle

Everything kids do is NOT, repeat, NOT deserving and worthy of a Good Job. Sometimes, yes even your gifted, talented, creative, athletic, artistic kid does something that IS NOT a Good Job. That is when learning takes place not from Good Job but from failure. Oh I apologize for using Failure since it has been erased from the dictionary of telling the truth.

Sooner or later, preferably sooner , kids who become adults must learn that need to EARN things in life not be given, entitled and praised for all they do or try to do. Failure is only a failure when learning does not take place. kids can’t do this which is why they have parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, elders, teachers, coaches, clergy, bosses, mentors, sponsors who can lead, guide, direct, motivate, inspire, correct, discipline and hold kids/ adults accountable and responsible. Kids/Adults know their rights but not their repsonsilbilites.

If you are reader of my BLOG you know it is not very good especially since I am limited by the truth and facts. However, knowing it is not very good I continue to write my stuff mostly for myself and hopefully for one or two out there who understand my messages.

Rid the Good Job cliche.

Be honest, truthful, delicate, sensitive, compassionate and most importantly tactful when telling someone that, hey, this is not a Good Job but you can make it a good job with some “WORK”.

Work is GOOD. It builds character, teaches respect for the dollar earned so kids can spend their own twenty dollars for a movie that will be on television, somewhere, in a few weeks and best of all work by putting folks in an interacting, engaging social environment where they can talk, listen, observe and learn the nuances of being human instead of having electronics, social media and screens do it for them. We have become an a-social society with 500 :friends” on social media and nobody to talk to or more importantly listen.

Perfect does not exist and I am proof of this. You can tell by doing a Good Job of finding and pointing out my mistakes whihc many like to do mostly for their own pleasure. Everyone is a critic. Critics usually talk and not do.

Keep it Simple – Keep It Real








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