Tuesday Tidbits

Only a few Tuesday Tidbits Today from my Civil Community of Common Commentary.

I always thought the next big required rehabilitative medical treatment would be for folks damaging their digits from use and overuse of the electronic devises. Oops!!! So far I am wrong which happens more often than being right. Once I thought I was wrong but I was mistaken.

Actually, the doctors who will seeing an increase in business will be Plastic Surgeons. Why? With all the malicious miserable managers, lousy leaders and bad bosses spewing their venom in toxic workplace environments it will be the recipients of the rudeness and unprofessional behaviors who are constantly biting their lips to avoid reacting to the daily onslaught of savagery, stupidity and sarcasm delivered by the weak, warped and  and worthless wastes who sincerely believe they have power to hurt, harm and hate that will need the surgeons services.



Have you ever tried to decide which pair of footwear to buy? It is not easy. You find the right size but the wrong color. You find the right color but the wrong accent decorations. You find the right fit but not the name brand. And so on. And so on.

Stress, anxiety, fear and panic comes from indecision or second guessing your decision. Think a bit. Consider your options. Be open to change. Make the call. Decide and let it ride. Changes can be made. Kids transfer from school to school. Folks change their minds about lunch selections. Some labor over which clothes to wear. It’s endless, like the book I am writing abut things I do not know.

When you come to a place where you can only go left, right or turnaround, make your decision. If you are correct then fine. If not, go one of the other two ways or consult your GPS or read a map but not while driving and in motion. Park the vehicle for a few minutes, gather yourself, regain your composure and make a change altering your original decision.

Worry, doubt and confusion come form not having trust, faith and confidence to make a decision any decision. When playing cards some of the guys would say, “Think Long Think Wrong”. An oversimplification? Perhaps, but there is substance. Often we agonize over our thoughts, feelings and emotions worrying more about what others will think about us based on our decisions than we are concerned for ourselves and our well being.

Society is disintegrating because we cannot think for ourselves. We need to be told what to say, think, do and feel by experts or by someone who may not have our best interest in mind but has the need to offer their opinions which as we know are like a belly buttons, everyone has one.

Example: A popular long running television game show has a segment where the contestant must make a decision, a choice of a some kind. Invariably from the stage the contestant looks to their crew in the audience who are all barking, hollering and gesturing their advice, opinions and suggestions which the on stage contestant usually takes rather than making their own decision. Is it fear of failure or taking the initiative to decide for oneself. Is it having and needing someone to blame for our failures as is the case with our current culture. Not my fault. Whose fault? Your fault. Default. Asphalt!!!

Fear has tremendous power. Once it was used to motivate and inspire. Do this or this could happen to you. I trusted and respected my coaches but I also feared some of them since they were truthful, honest and most often correct. They led with their knowledge, experience, preparation, accessibility and personalities. Unlike today where intimidation, retaliation and blame are at the forefront of leadership.

Fear is an impediment to progress. Fear brings with it many negative components such as dismay, trepidation, anxiety, panic, angst, worry, doubt, confusion and many more than you can find on GOOGLE. Fear just might replace a different more well known and overused word (perhaps considered vulgar and inappropriate in reputation but used in abbreviated forms such as WT?), as the four letter word most feared.

We have made fear real and given it credence. Instead of using fear to motivate and inspire we use it to bring us down when actually most of what we fear and worry about never happens. We have been conditioned by the many forms of “actively passing” time using electronics and have been witness to innumerable amounts of negativity in the course of our day. We see and listen to horror stories all day. Plus, we talk about these events as conversation rather than sincerely asking  “hey, how are doing to day?” Well not good. I am going through ___________________. We don’t do that. Why? Because we are consumed with things that only happen to others.

Example: When The Weather Channel first came on the scene folks in Florida loved watching the big snow storms smother their home towns “Up North”. Wow, that looks terrible. How awful, no power, roads closed, everything closed. I hope they got to the grocery store to load up on toilet paper. I hope the plumbing still works. I better call my neighbors to get the scoop, no not the scoop they use for their dogs.

Just like blame, it’s not my fault, so to is it I am glad it is them and not me /us. Let’s get to the restaurant before the early bird is over. And bring the coupon. Did ya see the weather report. There’s a hurricane out there heading our way. After dinner we better go to the grocery store for essentials. Bring the leftovers. Better buy lottery tickets while we are there as well.

It is all related, decision making or lack there of, fear about making the wrong decision, fear itself which is the only thing we have to fear (FDR for those who need a history lesson) blaming others for our frailties (when you have one finger pointing at someone you actually have three fingers pointing back at YOU) and gaining comfort in others misery and suffering though there is no comfort from the misery of the miserable leaders out there. You know who you are. I’ll wager you get a perverse pleasure from making those under your control and dominance miserable. Get some help. Better yet be open to karma since what goes around comes around.

Example: There might be one person responsible for this wave of indecision that permeates throughout our world. This person had one flavor of food and almost 30 flavors of ice cream. The business dotted the highways and could be seen from afar as the bright pumpkin like colors of the buildings welcomed weary wayward travelers. Little was know back then of the affect and yes impact, of the tooooooo many choices would have on us in modern times.


This will summarize what your have just read:

Good Judgement Comes from Experience and Experience Comes From Poor Judgement


Time for you to decide. You can read my BLOG Posts which is fine. You can decide, choose, to spread the word of my BLOG to those in your social communities. All I am doing is asking you to do so. The choice, decision, is yours.

Keep It Simple Keep It Real.








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