The Power Of ONE!!!

The “Power of One” Can CONTROL even for a little bit!!!

While driving along the raceway, highway and speedway erratically maneuvering through and about the multiple lanes of Interstate 95 between Dade County and Palm Beach County I noticed at a few points along interstate traffic would slow quite abruptly in a sea of red tail lights illuminating even the brightness of a sunny Florida day. Why, you ask. Here’s why.

Example: Positioned on the shoulder of the road was a parked marked police vehicle. As I drove past the parked vehicle I noticed there was no officer inside the vehicle. Just the police vehicle itself was enough to slow the speed and daring moves of drivers who needed to be slowed down. Of course, once past the parked police vehicle most resumed their race, pace and chase to their destination since they did not want to be late for something so important it required increased speed and risk, fueled by adrenaline, to reach their goal.

By making TIME your friend you can avoid the need to rush, hurry and take chances you normally might not take. When time is your friend you WIN in the game of life.


Say you get up late. You need to shower, shave and relieve yourself. You’re rushed which leads to perhaps a cut or two while shaving, not being patient enough to allow time for the water temperature to reach your desired level and you miss the bowl. Of course you never lift the seat or if you do lift the seat you do not return it to the down position. Sorry ladies.

While getting dressed a button falls off your shirt, you can’t find your belt, now where’s the other shoe and when you zip up, OUCH. Guys have all done this and it is a big OUCH.

You make it to the kitchen where there is only a sip remaining in the milk container so you search for an alternative beverage. No time to make coffee which could have been  prepared the previous night. What about lunch. Last night, as well, was the time to make it. I’ll get something at work. Oops no cash. I think there’s some crackers in my desk. Gotta stop at the ATM. Wait, no time. I’m running late.

Out the door. Cloudy sky. Better get the umbrella if only I knew where it was. In the car. Where’s the keys. In the house. I can’t get in. No keys. They’re all on the same key chain, fob or lanyard. Garage door. What’s the code? Have to call my wife. Where’s my phone? Got it. Down to 2% charge. One call is all I need. Hello. She’s doesn’t hear my call. I’ll text. She texts back with the code. In the house. Got the keys and wallet, too, which I forgot to take in my haste to Get Up!!! Get Out!!! Get Going!!!.

Off to work. School bus, trucks, construction, rain (no umbrella which I did not get since I was distracted looking for the keys), red traffic lights. Oh no. I forget my briefcase with all the papers for my important meeting.

In the parking lot. Loads of rain. No close by parking spot only far away from the door. No umbrella. Soaking wet. At the office greeted by “Meeting cancelled” until tomorrow.

The greatest gift you can give someone is TIME. Give TIME to yourself.

Back to the POWER OF ONE:


In towns all over our country you will find the daily ritual and routine of getting to and going home from school.

In one town the daily schedule finds traffic proceeding smoothly during the morning dash and rush to work. Around 7:15 AM and 2:30 PM the CONTROL person arrives on the scene to maintain order and CONTROL of the multiple vehicular and pedestrian travelers.

The road is two lanes, one east bound and the other west bound. There is a turning lane in each direction and a cross walk for pedestrians. In addition to cars, trucks and buses there are parents pushing and some running behind their baby filled strollers, walkers and kids riding bikes. Even in today’s world you will find a kid or two riding a bike to school. Isn’t that great!!!

ONE person is in control: A Police Officer who manages everyone’s movement. No honking horns. No pointing fingers. No screaming out of windows. No erratic driving habits. No inappropriate behavior. Only CONTROL by the POWER OF ONE.

The Police Officer is in CONTROL. He directs the turning the lanes into and exiting the school. He motions for east and west bound traffic to stop and resume. He stops all vehicles when the crosswalk is in use. The Police Officer CONTROLS all this movement in a synchronized, choreographed, efficient and timely ballet of motion. The Power of One.

I have provided two examples but I am most certain you have your own but prior to now you may not have given it any consideration or thought. Perhaps Law Enforcement does theses type of CONTROL procedures not only to CONTROL traffic flow but to save us time, money, lost time at work and all the other inconveniences we can encounter by not allowing TIME to be our friend.

The Power Of One. You are the ONE. You have the POWER.









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