Healthcare: Bought and Paid for by US!!!

My plan will raise the money to pay for Healthcare for all legal United States Citizens.

United States Population: +/- 300,000,000

Guesstimate of people of 21 years of age:  150,000,000

Change the law to age 18 and the eligible numbers rise.

Limited weekly bet $10.00 per person

Limited yearly bet $520.00 per person

Gross Income:            $78,000,000,000.00

Expenses (15%):        $11,700,000,000.00

*Net Income:              $66,300,000,000.00 (before winnings paid)

Overhead including salaries, benefits, rent, utilities, insurance, furniture, fixtures, equipment, telecommunications, supplies, maintenance: 10%-15% or less of the Gross Income. Keep it simple, streamlined and solid!!! This is a high percentage but I would rather start this way since it is easier to come down than go up.

Weekly Guaranteed Payout:             $25,000,000.00

Total First Year Gross Payout:         $1,300,000,000.00

*Total First Year Net Income:       $65,000,000,000.00 (after winnings paid)

Registration by subscription can be completed by mail or ON-LINE.

Subscription Registrations can be for 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years. This way all the money is collected up front and even with a modest investment return of 2%-3% revenues will increase steadily even if subscriptions decrease.

Using similar State Lottery models the National Lottery can make payouts for matching all 6 out of 6 numbers which results in one top prize winner of $25,000,000.00 for that week. If there is no 6 out of 6 winner then the top prize money gets divided among those with 5 out of 6 winning numbers, then 4 out of 6 winning numbers and down the line until all $25,000,000 of the weekly prize money is distributed.




National Lottery drawings are held on Wednesday nights at 10:00 PM right in the middle of the week.

On a quarterly basis, create a two or three page newsletter updating the people with accurate information as to the whereabouts of their money and what benefits they are receiving for their inclusion in the National Lottery. Have the newsletter available at local Post Offices throughout the country.

By the way the name of the National Lottery is “To Your Health Lottery” since that is the purpose of its creation. Instead of quenching your thirst and toasting to your health let us quench ourselves with a safe bet not a gamble. You can raise a glass of something (preferably water) when you see your winnings statements

That is my plan. Plain and simple just like me. A bit different, somewhat unique and certainly not just another “Me Too” band-aid type solution to a very serious national problem. The critics, doubters and cynics will certainly disagree and find faults and flaws in my plan. I expect this and have encountered these attitudes my entire life personally and professionally. But at age 67 I still play full court Pick-Up Basketball 2-3 times per week with many of the players a decade or two or three or four younger than me.  I, also, play Pick-Up Soccer 3-4 times a month with a different group of guys. Both groups are kind to the old and feeble and let me play even if I do not bring the ball.  My skills and abilities have diminished but I am out there doing the little things to help my team. I have my aches and pains but the pain of not playing is far worse than any pain I have learned to endure.

There are a million and one excuses why my plan will not work and only a few reasons that it will, which is all that is needed. Please note that excuses explain failure and reasons define success.

What has to be done is to work the numbers and sell my plan to those in positions of influence and power who make the decisions that affect us all. Adjust all the variables and create models for each adjustment that will result in the elevation of the actual net dollars available to pay for National Healthcare. For example, by raising the maximum wager to $25.00, or higher, per person instead of $10.00 per person and setting the minimum age to participate to 18 years old then the numbers become even more staggering than those I have presented.

I would like to be included in this project and part of the team that makes this a reality. I have 40 years business, management, sales, marketing, promotions, public relations, fundraising, writing, education and self employment experience to contribute to this venture, as well as, a college degree and Teaching Certificate from Temple University which I received after four years of military service in the United States Air Force. By the way it all began for me as an 11 year old paperboy.

Finally, please realize that gambling is part our culture as is evident from Bingo Halls, Racetracks, Sports Gambling, The Stock Market, Raffle Tickets, Lotteries, and Casinos. So why not provide a way to help quench America’s thirst to gamble while at the same time providing a solution that so many of us worry about on a regular basis whether we have health insurance or not. My plan is a prime example “Of The People”, “By The People and For The People”.

Someone reading this is the person who knows the person who can make my plan work. Remember you are usually just two calls away from getting to the person with whom you need to speak.


Marty Ford

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